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From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 21 April 2016

TV Asahi

One morning, Sakisaka Kento, a high-flyer and partner of the law firm, Jinguji, is using the time before work to scour a stylish fashion boutique to choose a present for the president of a company where he serves as legal adviser. At that moment, a rookie lawyer Atami Yusaku assumes a post at Jinguji. He is told about the lawyer who will be his mentor by the boss Jinguji Kazuhiko. Besides Sakisaka, there are the partners Natsume Yoshie and Nekota Junichi; their respective associate lawyers Akahoshi Gen and Jonouchi Mari; and the paralegal Tsukumo Osamu. Atami will learn the ropes as a lawyer under Sakisaka, but Sakisaka seems displeased in some way. He gets a request to defend Shigekuni Yuko, the company president of Mami Design, in a copyright infringement lawsuit. She was commissioned by Teito Advertising, the largest advertising agency, to create a character design for a soft drink. But the design was rejected because it did not suit the sponsor’s image. Several months later, she had just used that design for a character in a separate town renewal event project, Teito Advertising sued her for copyright infringement. Shigekuni talks about their demand for 100 million yen in compensation. There is an official purchase order between the two companies and it contains the clause “Assign the copyrights for the character design to Teito Advertising”. Despite the overwhelmingly unfavourable circumstances, the attitude of the legal adviser of Misaki and McKinley, which is Teito Advertising’s attorney, makes Sakisaka declare a full scale battle to Jinguji, “Mami Design won’t have to pay a cent!” Jinguji who treats Misaki and McKinley as an enemy, instructs Yoshie and Nekota to support Sakisaka and orders them to win this all-out fight. Yoshie and Nekota glance through the complaint from Teito Advertising and unanimously pronounce that he has no chance of winning. Nekota abandons Sakisaka. In response, Yoshie indicates that she will continue. However, after she hears about the that he has been secretly formulating a counterplan, she finds herself at a loss for words at the reckless plan … … Sakisaki is regarded as the ace of the law firm, but his only weak point is a lawyer at the same firm who also happens to be his ex-wife Natsume Yoshie. He has been raising their daughter Mizuki as a single father since their divorce. A stylish lawyer who holds her head high, Yoshie is down-to-earth and a perfectionist. These two rival lawyers often have well-reasoned legal arguments regarding the cases of their clients. However, when they wander off topic, they will call each other “papa” and “mama” the moment they lose their cool and start quarreling like a couple.

Takenouchi Yutaka as Sakisaka Kento
A partner at the law firm, Jinguji. After graduating from university, he joined another top law firm, but he was headhunted by Jinguji Kazuhiko and is now its ace. He seems cool and handsome, but he is a zealous person who will confront things that are unreasonable and wrong head-on. There are times when he values the words of a single person and not a lawyer. Natsume Yoshie is his ex-wife. They divorced last year and he lives with their 12-year-old daughter Mizuki. He is thrown off his stride by her and the new associate Atami Yusaku every day.

Matsuyuki Yasuko as Natsume Yoshie
A partner at the law firm, Jinguji. She is an upright lawyer and a down-to-earth perfectionist. She was married to Sakisaka Kento, but they divorced last year because there cannot be two lawyers at home. She constantly competes with Sakisaka at work and has no intention of trying to being friendly. She naturally flatters herself that she is the law firm’s ace. She has an impatient character and sometimes enters the room of their boss Jinguji Kazuhiko without even knocking. She is always strict with associate Atami Yusaku.

Kaku Kento as Atami Yusaku
A rookie associate at the law firm, Jinguji. He is quickly assigned to work under Sakisaka Kento, but he is frequently bewildered by Sakisaka’s personality and way of doing things. Although he has no as a lawyer and is still a novice, he has confidence. There are times when he makes oblivious remarks because of his carefree character.

Sugimoto Tetta as Nekota Junichi
A partner at the law firm, Jinguji. He wants to be a cool, smart lawyer, but he does not fare well at it. He also wishes to be liked by females, but efforts have been in vain and he is still single. He eventually registers on a matchmaking website and is diligent in activities every day.

Okura Koji as Tsukumo Osamu
A paralegal at the law firm, Jinguji. He has failed the bar exam for the 10th consecutive year and has given up becoming a lawyer. He is familiar with the law, but is prejudiced against lawyers. He is a troublesome guy.

Kunimura Jun as Jinguji Kazuhiko
The boss of the law firm, Jinguji. However, he now devotes himself to running the firm. His motto is, “A business lawyer must not be shabby in appearance and heart.”

Fukuda Yasushi (Doctors Saikyo no Meii Series, Hero Series)

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