Boku no Yabai Tsuma


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 19 April 2016

Fuji TV

Mochizuki Kohei married Maria, the beautiful and talented daughter of a wealthy family. He quit his job at a medium-sized advertising agency to open his dream cafe with inheritance from his in-laws and appears to have a life that everyone envies. Although Kohei pretends to be the perfect husband, he actually feels suffocated by his wife’s consideration and restrictions, and his love for her has cooled to the extent that he is conspiring with his business partner and lover Kitasato Anna to kill her. One morning, Kohei asks Maria for an additional loan to rebuild the cafe, but is put on hold. Once Anna hears this, she hands him poison and instigates him to murder his wife. After making up his mind, Kohei mixes the poison into wine with shaking hands and goes home. However, someone has kidnapped his wife and left a message demanding an enormous ransom, “Prepare 2 million yen. If you contact the police, your wife dies.” He reports the kidnapping to the police and detectives Soma Seiichiro and Yabuki Yutaka arrive. But the next morning, a message “Your wife is dead” and Maria’s bloody nail is in the postbox of the gossipy neighbour Kujirai Yuki and her husband Kazuki who live opposite the Mochizukis. The kidnapper knows that Kohei had alerted the police. Having fulfilled his wish without dirtying his own hands, Kohei gloats alone. However, Soma learns that Kohei had borrowed money from his wife and starts to suspect him. A flustered Kohei consults his former brother-in-law Yokomichi Masamichi who runs a private detective agency and learns about the true identity of a suspicious man who was present on the night of the kidnapping. Hearing about an unexpected side to Maria from Ogata, he is riddled with intense guilt. At that point, traces of Maria’s blood are detected in Kohei’s car and he is brought in by the police as a material witness. A confused Kohei receives a DVD from the kidnapper. In the middle of this, Maria’s frightening true face which was completely unknown to Kohei gradually emerges … …

Ito Hideaki as Mochizuki Kohei
A cafe owner. Six years ago, he married Mochizuki Maria, the daughter of a wealthy man, but their marital relationship has chilled. He cannot break up with his wife because of her huge inheritance. His mistress Kitasato Anna proposes that he kill his wife and he plots Maria’s murder.

Kimura Yoshino as Mochizuki Maria
Mochizuki Kohei’s wife and the daughter of the company president of a food manufacturer. She grew up in a wealthy family. She appears beautifully self-effacing but in fact is very proud and domineering. As her marriage with Kohei derails, she realises that Kohei and his mistress Kitasato Anna are attempting to kill her and her fearsome true character is gradually revealed.

Aibu Saki as Kitasato Anna
She is in charge of cooking at the cafe that Mochizuki Kohei runs and has been his partner since it opened for business. She proactively approached Kohei and they started having an affair. Her obsession with money and hostility towards his wife Maria who has never know hardships is largely due to the environment she was brought up in.

Sato Ryuta as Soma Seiichiro
A detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is in charge of Mochizuki Maria’s kidnapping case. He initially suspects Mochizuki Kohei, but starts to learn the full story and her true motive while investigating.

Miyasako Hiroyuki as Yokomichi Masamichi
The ex-husband of Mochizuki Kohei’s elder sister Kaori. He is also on good terms with Maria. He used to be a detective but was given a dishonorable discharge, and runs a private detective agency now. After the kidnapping happens, he becomes Kohei’s trusted confidant but … …

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Kogure Hisao
A bar owner. He looks on at the series of kidnappings like a spectator. He appears to have great influence on Mochizuki Maria, but the details are shrouded in mystery.

Mashima Hidekazu as Ogata Shogo
Mochizuki Maria’s senior in university. He has had unrequited feelings for her. He was seen in front of the residence by Kohei on the night of the kidnapping.

Kuroiwa Tsutomu (Samurai Sensei, Yokoso Wagaya e)

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