Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontou desu ka?


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From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 April 2016 (Rescheduled to 21 April due to earthquake)

Fuji TV

34-year-old Tatsuki Hayako is single and a teacher in charge of a first grade class at Heiwacho Elementary School on the outskirts of Tokyo. She lives with her parents Tatsushi and Naoko who run a tofu shop. Hayako has a fulfilling life as a teacher. She is adored by her students and has also established good relationships with fellow teachers Kugayama Mika, Narimasu Umeko and Sendagi Rentaro. Mika, Umeko and Rentaro are all single. Among them, Mika has a strong desire to get married and seems to take an active part in searching for a marriage partner, but she has never asked herself why she wants to marry so badly. That said, Hayako herself unexpectedly feels loneliness in the course of her daily life without any particular reason. She is not concerned about marriage even though she wants to marry the person she loves some day. That is until her father collapses and is hospitalised one day. Although his life is not in danger, Hayako suggests that her parents close their tofu shop. But the next morning, she sees her mother fumbling with the preparation of the tofu alone in the shop. Seeing the commitment and strong bonds of her parents, who have been together for a long time, with her own eyes, Hayako finally starts to consider marriage seriously. She forms a “matchmaking alliance” with Mika, Umeko and Rentaro. Although they cannot get accustomed to things such as matchmaking parties, premonition of romance with someone younger, they take the first step towards marriage … …

Matsushita Nao as Tatsuki Hayako
A form teacher for a first grade class at Heiwacho Elementary School. 34 years old and single, she lives with her parents and cannot cook or do housework. She is a big eater and heavy drinker. She does things at her own pace, has a candid personality and a strong conviction once she sets her heart on something. She definitely wants to get married to someone she likes.

Kanjiya Shihori as Kugayama Mika
Tatsuki Hayako’s colleague. 28 years old and single, she is very feminine and strong-willed, but has a sincere, refreshing personality. She is in a hurry to get married and drags Hayako into matchmaking activities. She is even clear about her requirements for her marriage partner. It is difficult for the guys around her to approach because she seems really popular and has a lofty air.

Sato Hitomi as Narimasu Umeko
Tatsuki Hayako’s colleague who is music teacher. 37 years old and still a bachelor, his views are always negative. A mild guy who dislikes conflict, he is obtuse when it comes to love. He is the indoor type. Then again, he also has an active side such as when he suddenly joined the local fire brigade.

Yashima Norito as Sendagi Rentaro
Tatsuki Hayako’s colleague. 43 years old and single, she is earnest and organised. Obsessed with getting married, she learns about the matchmaking alliance that Hayako and the others have formed and becomes a member before they realise it. She proactively attends attends matchmaking parties too and devotes herself to searching for a marriage partner.

Bito Isao as Tatsuki Tatsushi
Tatsuki Hayako’s father who runs a tofu shop. He has a serious character, but is kind of playful. He fundamentally respects his daughter’s opinions in everything. Although he does not talk much about his daughter’s marriage, in his heart, he wants her to get married as soon as she can. He loves his wife Naoko.

Matsuzaka Keiko as Tatsuki Naoko
Tatsuki Hayako’s mother. An optimist and straight talker although she is not sarcastic. When Hayako’s single status is pointed out by the neighbours, she will casually follow her daughter and give her emotional support when she is in need of help.

Mizuhashi Fumie (Sharehouse no Koibito, Hotaru no Hikari Series)

Original Work
Hayako-sensei Series by Tatsuki Hayako

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