Hiru no Sentozake

Hiru no Sentozake

Official Website

From 12.20 a.m., Sundays, 10 April 2016

TV Tokyo

42-year-old Utsumi Takayuki works for Second Division of Hinode Advertising’s Planning and Sales Department. He was transferred from the General Affairs Department one year ago, but he keeps delivering the worst sales performance. Utsumi is not eloquent, poor at dealing with things and is a pushover too. He always gets reprimanded by his boss Dozono Shoko. His only pleasure is skipping work, going to the public bath in the day on a weekday and gulping a beer down his dry throat after that. Utsumi cannot resist the temptation when he sees a public bath during working hours despite his sense of guilt. On this day too, he calls his company with the excuse that he has urgent business and walks through the door of a public bath in high spirits. When he pays the fee, takes off his suit and enters the bath, the best moment awaits him.

* Totsugi Shigeyuki as Utsumi Takayuki
* Yagi Akiko as Dozono Shoko
* Emoto Tokio as Onishi Daisuke
* Hirota Aika as Endo Sanae

Taguchi Yoshihiro (Kodoku Gurume Series, Hondana Shokudo Series)

Original Work
Hiru no Sentozake by Kusumi Masayuki

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