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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 2 April 2016

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Takeuchi Shingo is on trial at the Tokyo District Court for the vicious murder of a family of three. If he is found guilty, he will not be able to escape the death sentence. However, the judge Kajima Isao rules that Takeuchi is innocent and acquits him. Two years later, Takeuchi moves to a quiet residential neighborhood. He meets Kajima Yukimi, who lives next door, in the garden and greets her with a wide smile. However, Yukimi has an indescribable sense of discomfort. The Kajimas are a family of six. Yukimi’s in-laws Isao and Hiroe, her unemployed husband Toshiro and their daughter Madoka, and Isao’s mother whom Hiroe is caring for. They are a very ordinary family. However, there is a close connection between the Kajimas and Takeuchi. On the night that he moved in, Takeuchi heads over to greet the Kajimas and hands them an excessive gift of meat, buckwheat noodles and fruits. He gives them a genuine smile, but Yukimi and Hiroe are taken aback. Then Isao comes back home after finishing work. The expressions of the Takeuchi and Isao harden as each gazes at the other’s face. Isao was actually the judge who handed down a not guilty verdict to Takeuchi. He is Takeuchi’s lifesaver and Takeuchi cannot thank him enough. From that day onwards, Takeuchi comes in and out of the Kajima residence in a familiar way. While Hiroe and Toshiro immediately open up to him, Yukimi feels an unknown fear. One day, a mysterious man who identifies himself as a newspaper journalist shows up in front of Yukimi and tells her, “Takeuchi is not innocent. Your father-in-law made a mistake!” Yukimi is at a loss for words. Takeuchi wins the hearts of the Kajimas with effusive goodwill, but a series of inexplicable incidents start to occur in the area near their house. Yukimi realises Takeuchi’s true nature and tries to expose him even though she is isolated from the family.

Santamaria Yusuke as Takeuchi Shingo
Three years ago, he was prosecuted for the murder of Matoba Hajime’s family and the death sentence was sought. However, he was acquitted. He behaves like a gentleman and is mild-mannered. However, he grew up starving for the affection of his parents and does everything he can for the people he likes. He has a charming smile, tasteful gifts and cares for the elderly. However, he gets violent if people start to avoid him.

Yuka as Kajima Yukimi
A housewife. She has a cheerful and lively personality, but she is working towards raising a loving family because the family that she grew up in was not a happy one like others. she works part-time at the Japanese restaurant run by her friend Sasaki Kotone’s parents.

Okura Koji as Kajima Toshiro
Kajima Yukimi’s husband and Isao’s only son. He is happy-go-lucky and is always cracking jokes. He has been drifting from one job to the next and is currently looking for work.

Kinami Haruka as Sasaki Kotone
A single mother with a 2-year-old son. Kajima Yukimi’s friend. The daughter of the owner of a Japanese restaurant where Yukimi works part-time. She is the type who will immediately say what she thinks.

Sato Ryuta as Ikemoto Toru
A mysterious newspaper journalist who is pursuing Takeuchi Shingo.

Asaka Mayumi as Kajima Hiroe
Kajima Toshiro’s mother. A devoted housewife who loves her family and is kind to everyone. She has sacrificed her own time for the sake of the family.

Ibu Masato as Kajima Isao
The head of the Kajima family. Kajima Toshiro’s father. He has lived life devoted to his work and is the breadwinner of the traditional family. He used to be a judge and was the one who ruled Takeuchi Shingo innocent during his career. He now has a faculty position at a university.

Kosaka Takafumi (Mutsu, Tenshi to Akuma, Kageri Yuku Natsu)
Takahashi Yuya (Rugged Series, Tenshi to Akuma)

Original Work
Hi no Kon by Shizukui Shusuke

#1: Man who Moved Next Door is a Well-Meaning Murderer!?

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