TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Stranger ~ Bakemono ga Jiken o Abaku


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 27 March 2016
Scriptwriter: Suzuki Katsuhide
Original Work: Poe no Ichizoku by Hagio Moto
Cast: Katori Shingo, Nakajo Ayami, Danta Yasunori, Otoo Takuma, Sugawara Eiji, Tamai Shiori, Aihara Mika, Miyashita Kanako, Ono Takehiro, Masuoka Toru, Hagiwara Masato
Synopsis: There have been two successive murder cases in Tokyo where the victims were drained of blood after they were strangled and their carotid artery punctured. Saeki Shoji (Hagiwara Masato) and the other detectives of the precinct investigate the deaths as murders by a serial killer. At that moment, a man with a big suitcase Misugi Akira (Katori Shingo) and a mysterious beauty Maria (Nakajo Ayami) alight from a midnight bus. They visit Maejima Yasuo (Danta Yasunori), the owner of a secondhand bookshop, and Misugi tells him that he has come for a female named Kaori. Maejima, who is an old friend, points out that Misugi has no reflection in the mirror and warns him not to lose focus. Misugi and Maria look no different from ordinary people, but the two of them actually have a secret. Maria is a descendent of a family of immortal vampanellas. She saved Misugi, who lived as a doctor in the Taisho era 92 years ago, when he attempted suicide with sleeping pills after the loss of his beloved wife and son. Unlike vampires, the vampanellas do not suck fresh human blood and can drain life with a kiss. At Maejima’s recommendation, Misugi rents a room at a rather old apartment building and starts working as an assistant English language teacher at a junior high school. On the appointed night, Misugi goes to a park to get Ito Kaori (Miyashita Kanako). But on his way there, he comes across Aizawa Yoko (Miyashita Kanako) who has tried to kill herself. While he is treating her, Kaori gets killed by someone. Although her blood was not drained, Saeki infers that she is also a victim of the serial killer and begins to investigate. He learns that Kaori grew up at an orphanage while checking on her background. Saeki inquires at the orphanage and becomes preoccupied with Kaori’s words that “Big brother will come and get me when I become an adult” … … Saeki wonders if Misugi is the brother that Kaori is referring to, and starts to look into his association with the murder cases. Misugi gets an inkling that Saeki is investigating them and decides to locate the real criminal together with Maria. Before long, Saeki sees the shocking truth with his own eyes … …
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