TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Meitantei Katherine ~ Kieta Souzokunin

Meitantei Katherine Souzokunin

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 20 March 2016
Scriptwriter: Fukasawa Masaki (Keishichou Zero-gakari, ST Aka to Shiro no Sousa File)
Original Work: Kieta Souzokunin by Yamamura Misa
Cast: Charlotte Kate Fox, Tanihara Shosuke, Kurokawa Tomoka, Ukaji Takashi, Yamamura Momiji, Murata Takehiro, Fujiyoshi Kumiko, Kaneko Noboru, Asaka Kodai, Matsuda Tamaki, Nomura Yujin, Ishiguro Ken, Satomi Kotaro
Synopsis: Shiraishi Yukino (Minoshima Hiromi), an apparel company employee, is murdered. Something unexpected is found mixed in among all kinds of designer goods at the apartment of the spendthrift Yukino who has a lot of debt. It is the photo of Kyoraku University associate professor Hamaguchi Ichiro (Tanihara Shosuke) and many materials relating to his office. Yukino had said she would have a large sum of money soon. As the relationship between the two of them is not clear, Ichiro is counted as one of the suspects. The man himself is utterly ignorant of this and is giving advice to a student Tanaka Yoshimi (Kurokawa Tomoka) in his office. The only daughter of an old Kyoto family, Yoshimi has someone she likes. He is Isozaki Daiki (Asaka Kodai), a graduate student. However, she is being pressured by her parents into an unwanted offer of marriage for the sake of the family’s survival. Yoshimi cannot help but cry. While Ichiro is comforting her, a loud female voice calls out his name. The speaker is Katherine Turner (Charlotte Kate Fox), the daughter of America’s Vice President. Ichiro is taken aback by the sudden appearance of Katherine, who is supposed to be in America. Misunderstanding his relationship with Yoshimi, Katherine reproaches him in one breath. However, the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up. Katherine shows empathy for the situation that Yoshimi is in. In fact, Katherine herself has fled from a political marriage arranged by her parents and secretly come to Japan to be with Ichiro whom she loves. Yoshimi and Katherine hit if off and set their minds on following their feelings. The next day, Isozaki shows up at Ichiro’s office. He is worried because he has not been able to contact Yoshimi since last night. When Ichiro and Katherine accompany Isozaki on a visit to the Tanaka residence, they learn that Yoshimi was kidnapped by someone and did not come back. Her father Soichiro (Murata Takehiro), mother Asae (Fujiyoshi Kumiko) and uncle Joji (Ishiguro Ken) complied with the kidnapper’s instructions and did not notify the police. Joji handed 500,000 yen that was raised as a ransom to the kidnapper, but the family has not heard from the kidnapper after that. Nevertheless, they are concerned about Yoshimi’s welfare and hesitate to contact the police. Sympathising with the feelings of the parents, Katherine works out a rescue operation. At a top hotel in Kyoto City the next day, Katherine appears as members of the media gather and security officers are on high alert. Putting up a big show, she holds a press conference and announces that a certain American multi-millionaire had bequeathed US$5 million (approximately 600 million yen) to a Japanese lady called Tanaka Yoshimi before his death. As a representative of the administrator of the estate, her purpose for coming to Japan this time is to search for Tanaka Yoshimi whose age as well as current residential address are unknown and immediately pay the inheritance as soon as she finds her. Once the kidnapper hears this information, he or she will certainly get in touch. The American administrator of the estate receives an enquiry from a man who is believed to be the criminal just as Katherine had anticipated. After that, Katherine and Ichiro transport the US$5 million following the directions of the kidnapper. They are led around the city, but eventually find Yoshimi sleeping in the back seat of a tax. However, the taxi has been rigged with a time bomb … …
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