TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Kufuku Anthology


Date: From 1.35 a.m., 14 March 2016
Scriptwriter: Yashiro Takehiro (Love Riron)
Cast: Matsui Airi, Rokkaku Seiji
Synopsis: 23-year-old Misaki (Matsui Airi) has decided to get married. Arrangements for the wedding ceremony are progressing steadily. However, her father Takashi (Rokkaku Seiji) opposes each and everything. On the eve of her wedding, Misaki ends up quarreling with him. Then he prepares special home cooked sobameshi for her for the first time in ages. Misaki can sense the memories of the days with her father and his feelings for the family in the food. Many emotions that cannot be expressed come across in this recipe. It naturally brings tears to her eyes. Although his cooking is not polished, it starts to melt the hearts of daughter and father who disagree with each other …
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