BS Japan Drama Special 2016 ~ Seishun no Meikyoku Story ~ Akai Sweet Pea . Kandagawa

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From 9.00 p.m., 12 March 2016


Akai Sweet Pea
Story: Hatori Yumiko (Asano Atsuko) enjoys single life. She is successful as a romance writer. Life has been smooth sailing until she meets Suzuki Saori (Sakuraba Nanami) one day. Saori arrives to interview for the live-in assistant position in jeans and a parka. Taking a liking to Saori, who aspires to be a musician and has applied because the part-time pay is good, Yumiko employs her. Saori does not use honorific expressions and is vocal about what she thinks. Although Yumiko is at Saori’s mercy, the two of them gradually start to open up. One night, in an unexpected turn of events, Saori discovers a photograph of Yumiko in uniform with a youth mixed up among award ceremony photographs, and takes the photograph without thinking. Seeing what Saori is doing, Yumiko starts to talk about her memories of the first love, which she has kept to herself, little by little and feels nostalgia. Several days later, Saori sings “Akai Sweet Pea” with a guitar in one hand. When Yumiko hears it, she automatically presses her to stop it and the two of them have a huge quarrel … … Is this the first love that Yumiko cannot forget? What is Saori’s reason for singing “Akai Sweet Pea”?
Cast: Asano Atsuko, Sakuraba Nanami, Ikushima Sho, Tsukioka Kaho, Nakayama Tatsuya


Story: Negishi Kazuo (Osugi Ren) is reaching mandatory retirement and feels uncomfortable about his days lacking thrill. One day, Kazuo’s son Kentaro, who has been producing independent films while doing temporary work, contacts him and Kazuo goes to his apartment. He is introduced to Kentaro’s live-in girlfriend Morikawa Sumire (Maeda Aki) and is lost for words. Sumire looks just like Hiramatsu Toko (Maeda Aki), the girlfriend that Kazuo had dated during university days. Kazuo recalls the time he lived together with Toko and pursued his dream to be a manga artist. However, several days later, he is brought to a club by a friend and sees Sumire wearing a fancy dress and attending to customers … … Learning that Sumire is working to repay her father’s debts without letting Kentaro know, Kazuo secretly escorts her on her way home to make sure that she does not entangled with unsavoury men. But as time passes, he links Sumire to Toko. What is Kazuo thinking in trying to protect Sumire?
Cast: Osugi Ren, Maeda Aki, Makimura Senzaburo, Iwai Kenshiro

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