Winter 2016 Dramas


Itsuka Kono Koi o Omoidashite Kitto Naiteshimau
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 18 January 2016
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Sakamoto Yuji (Saikou no Rikon, Woman, Mother)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Kora Kengo, Arimura Kasumi, Takahata Mitsuki, Nishijima Takahiro, Morikawa Aoi, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Urai Kenji, Fukushi Seiji, Morioka Ryu, Nagano Mei, Sakurai Yuki, Ware Zendo, Hayashida Miyu, Yasuda Ken, Otani Naoko, Tanaka Min, Emoto Akira, Takahashi Issei, Matsuda Miyuki, Kohinata Fumiyo, Yachigusa Kaoru, Mitsushima Hikari
Synopsis: After Sugihara Oto’s mother (Mitsushima Hikari) passed away when she was young, she was raised by adoptive parents (Emoto Akira, Otani Naoko) in the Hokkaido countryside. Although Oto (Arimura Kasumi) has given up having dreams, she lives cheerfully and bravely. But she is troubled by her adoptive parents attempts to force her into a marriage with a wealthy man 20 years her senior to save the family from poverty. Soda Ren (Kora Kengo) lost his parents early and was brought up in the great outdoors in Fukushima by his grandfather (Tanaka Min). However, his grandfather gets swindled and Ren leaves for Tokyo in order to earn money to recover the farmland. He dreams that he will be able to live with his grandfather some day, but reality is harsh. By coincidence, Oto heads to Tokyo too. This is the story of love and growth of six young people (Kora Kengo, Arimura Kasumi, Takahata Mitsuki, Nishijima Takahiro, Morikawa Aoi, Sakaguchi Kentaro) from the rural areas who gather in Tokyo.
Preview: Itsuka Kono Koi o Omoidashite Kitto Naiteshimau CM


Uragiri no Machi
Date: From 1 February 2016
Station: dTV
Scriptwriter: Miura Daisuke (Shukan Maki Yoko)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Terajima Shinobu, Ikematsu Sosuke, Ochiai Motoki, Nakamura Eriko, Komakine Ryusuke, Hirata Mitsuru, Sato Hitomi
Synopsis: 42-year-old Hashimoto Tomoko (Terajima Shinobu) is an ordinary housewife who meets Sugawara Yuichi (Ikematsu Sosuke), a young man 15 years her junior. He has a girlfriend (Nakamura Eriko) who is cohabiting with him while she has her husband (Hirata Mitsuru). They are each aware of this and yet they have repeated rendezvous in a narrow street along the Chuo train line without clear intent and eventually sleep together. This is their escape from the never-ending emptiness of reality. However, what awaits them is an extremely cruel truth … …
Preview: Uragiri no Machi CM


Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! (2015)
Date: From 12.20 a.m., Tuesdays, 18 January 2016 (followed by movie)
Station: Nagoya TV
Scriptwriter: Otani Yosuke
Original Work: Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! by Suzuki Yumiko
Genre: Love comedy
Cast: Kawakita Mayuko, Mizuno Masaru, Tamura Yukihisa, Tsujimoto Tatsunori, Tanaka Shunsuke, Yoshihara Masato, Onishi Ayaka, Odaka Anna, Ueno Yuka, Naito Risa, Sato Tamao, Sakata Masahiko, Harumi Shiho, Matsukane Yoneko
Synopsis: 19-year-old beautiful Shiratori Reiko (Kawakita Mayuko) is a self-professed ultimate princess. Despite her haughty attitude, she is actually a very late bloomer and knows nothing of the real world. Reiko has had feelings for Akimoto Tetsuya (Mizuno Masaru) from childhood, but her enormous pride always gets in the way and she cannot tell him in all honesty that she is in love with him. Tetsuya soon becomes a university student and Reiko follows him to Tokyo. But he is constantly at the mercy of her overly unique sensibilities. Then Tetsuya’s ex-girlfriend, a cute high school girl, the wealthy Yoshimoto Ryunosuke (Tamura Yukihisa) who has fallen in love at first sight with Reiko and Reiko’s rival Kakitsubata Ayame (Onishi Ayaka) appear before the two of them … …
Preview: Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! CM


Otousan to Yobasete
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 19 January 2016
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Hayashi Koji (I’m Home, Boss Series, Iryu Seasons 1 – 3)
Cast: Watabe Atsuro, Endo Kenichi, Renbutsu Misako, Shinkawa Yua, Nakamura Tomoya, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Nakamura Anne, Nakamura Yurika, Kuriyama Wataru, Ito Shuko, Shinagawa Toru, Wakui Emi
Synopsis: 51-year-old Daidoji Tamotsu (Endo Kenichi), a department manager of a mid-sized specialised trading company, meets Miran (Renbutsu Misako) a woman 28 years his junior and decides to get married. On the other hand, Hanazawa Kiichiro (Watabe Atsuro) is an elite salaryman who works for a top general trading company. He is shocked when his eldest daughter Miran brings home a man the same age as him as her boyfriend. After that, a series of problems erupt in what he had believed to be the ideal family (Wakui Emi, Renbutsu Misako, Shinkawa Yua, Nakamura Tomoya) and he starts to question his way of life so far.


Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 12 January 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Yoshizawa Tomoko (Dr DMAT, Kuro no Onna Kyoushi)
Original Work: Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai by Nakahara Aya
Cast: Fukada Kyoko, Fujioka Dean, Miura Shohei, Nonami Maho, Suzuki Takayuki, Sano Hinako, Ishiguro Hideo, Kuro-chan, Naito Risa, Komatsu Kazushige, Ono Takehiko, Mimura
Synopsis: 30-year-old Michiko (Fukada Kyoko) became unemployed when the company she worked at suddenly went bankrupt and she has not been successful in getting a job. Her savings have also been depleted because she keeps giving money to a younger man. At this point, she happens to meet her ex-boss Kurosawa Ayumu (Dean Fujioka) at her previous workplace again. He has become the owner of a cafe that he inherited from his grandmother. Michiko had hated Kurosawa for always disparaging her. However, she begins to work part-time at the cafe to survive. Michiko gets ordered around and insulted like their relationship before, but she sees a different side to Kurosawa. Just when her life is turning around, his ex-girlfriend (Nonami Maho) and a first love show up, and the cafe faces the danger of going out of business … …
Preview: Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai CM


Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 12 January 2016
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Kurotsuchi Mitsuo
Genre: Romance
Cast: Tanaka Rena, Yoshida Eisaku, Akiyoshi Kumiko, Mizuhashi Kenji, Honjo Manami, Ogata Kanta, Oka Mitsuko, Ishikura Saburo, Hirata Mitsuru, Minami Kaho, Kobayashi Nenji
Synopsis: Konatsu (Tanaka Rena) has lost love. She was abandoned by her father (Kobayashi Nenji) who has a mistress (Minami Kaho); her mother died of illness; and her boyfriend cheated on her. The traditional tie-dying craft Arimatsu Shibori is all she lives for. Konatsu comes to a workshop in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture in order to become an apprentice to Reiko (Akiyoshi Kumiko), a master of Arimatsu Shibori. Reiko imposes the care of her unmanageable dog on Konatsu as a condition for becoming her apprentice. This dog was once an animal shelter dog abandoned by people. Konatsu makes the acquaintance of the vet, Kotaro (Yoshida Eisaku) through this. Kotaro, who is gruff but has a deep affection for animals, actually has a relationship with Reiko. Konatsu starts to have an effect on the relationship between Reiko and Kotaro little by little. Feeling threatened by Konatsu, Reiko gives her a baptism of fire, and on the other hand, intends to capitalise on Konatsu’s talent. Konatsu is soon competing with Reiko as a tie-dying artist and as a female. In the midst of the conflict, Konatsu matures as an adult and awakens to a fondness for people.
Preview: Itooshikute CM


Haburashi Onna Tomodachi
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Tuesdays, 5 January 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Yokota Rie (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai Series, Aru Hi Ahiru Bus, Soko o Nantoka Series), Moriyama Akemi (Itsutsu Boshi Tourist, Again!!!), Kanome Keiko (Aru Hi Ahiru Bus, Caroling)
Original Work: Haburashi by Kondo Fumie
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Uchida Yuki, Kaneko Nobuaki, Ichikawa Miwako, Okada Yoshinori, Chisun, Duncan, Oka Mayumi, Omi Toshinori, Ikewaki Chizuru, Tezuka Yuki
Synopsis: They were high school classmates, spent their youth together in the school choir and certainly had similar dreams. But one rainy night 20 years later … … Furusawa Mizue (Ikewaki Chizuru) suddenly shows up at the home of popular scriptwriter Makabe Suzune (Uchida Yuki), with her young son (Tezuka Yuki). She has lost her job, money and even the home she lived in. Claiming that Suzune is the only one she can turn to, Mizue beseeches Suzune to let her stay for one night. However, this quickly becomes a promise to stay until she gets employment. Unable to cruelly thrust mother and child away, Suzune’s daily life and work get disrupted. Then, a series of strange incidents start to happen to Suzune’s surroundings. Through this reunion of two classmates who have led completely different lives, all sorts of dormant feelings erupt and memories that they were starting forgot are resurrected.
Preview: Haburashi Onna Tomodachi CM


Hatsukoi Geinin
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Tuesdays, 1 March 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Nemoto Nonji (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made, Juui-san Jiken desu yo, Wakakutemo Katemasu)
Original Work: Hatsukoi Geinin by Nakazawa Takeshi
Genre: Love comedy
Cast: Emoto Tokio, Matsui Rena, Uchida Asahi, Sakurada Dori, Mizobata Junpei, Kosakai Kazuki,
Synopsis: Sato Kenji (Emoto Tokio) is a struggling young actor who does not even belong to an agency and the occasional live performances he gets are at small theatres which will attract only a few people. Furthermore, he is so terrible when it comes to interpersonal relationships that he has not experienced romance in his 25 years. But one day, an unexpected miracle happens to this lonely and poor actor who has never had anything good happen to him. It is his encounter with a mysterious, beautiful girl (Matsui Rena). She declares his performances funny. They watch movies, eat meals and shop together, and eventually romance turns on.


Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 2
Date: From 1.11 a.m., Wednesdays, 20 January 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Kitagawa Ayako (Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 1, Ofukou-san, Taberu Dake)
Original Work: Onna Kudoki Meshi by Mine Nayuka
Genre: Food comedy
Cast: Kanjiya Shihori, Ando Tamae, Totsugi Shigeyuki (guest star), Yamada Yuki (guest star), Ryusei Ryo (guest star), Inoue Jun (guest star)
Synopsis: Kanbayashi Megumi (Kanjiya Shihori), a freelance writer around the age of 30, has not had a boyfriend in six years. She is brought a proposal by magazine editor Fushimi Yuko (Ando Tamae) whom she is on friendly terms with, for a second season of “trying to be hit on while eating” at restaurants suggested by single male candidates. Will Megumi be able to meet her ideal guy this time?
Preview: Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 2 CM


Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki*NEW*
Date: From 1.11 a.m., Wednesdays, 16 March 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Iizuka Ken (Replay & Destroy, Irodori Himura)
Cast: Matsui Rena, Kakuta Akihiro, Yamada Maho, Kishii Yukino, Miura Shunsuke, Bengal, Takito Kenichi
Synopsis: Laundry Chigasaki is a strange coin laundry service on a little-known street in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Atsugi City staffed by part-timer Nagumo Nagi (Matsui Rena) and owner-manager (Takito Kenichi).


Osaka Loop Season 1 ~ Hito Eki Goto no Ai no Monogatari
Date: From 1.55 a.m., Wednesdays, 13 January 2016
Station: Kansai TV
Scriptwriters: Yoshihara Rei, Toramoto Go, Inukai Kyoko, Kobayashi Hirotoshi, Osaka Natsuko, Tsunoda Takashi, Yasuda Chihiro, Okuyama Mayuko, Seki Hideto
Genre: Love
Cast: Suruga Taro, Tanimura Mitsuki, Taki Yukari, Inoue Takuya, Onoe Matsuya, Maihane Mimi, Murakawa Eri, Nakayama Yoshihiro, Kinoshita Takayuki, Nakamura Yuri, Yamaji Kazuhiro, Taira Yuna, Maeda Oshiro, Daito Shunsuke, Kinami Haruka, Nagano Minenori, Tsunoda Takashi, Yabe Kyosuke, Kiyoi Saki, Ohno Takuro, Usui Masahiro, Hayama Shono, Adachi Rika, Chinzei Suzuka
Synopsis: Where there are people, there is a district. Trains connect district to district. The train stops at stations, creating encounters between people at the stations and that is where love is born. This is a 10-part omnibus drama about the great love stories – romance, love of family, friendship, love of home town – linked to individual train stations on the Osaka Loop line.


Aibou Season 14
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 14 October 2015 (continues from last season)
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Koshimizu Yasuhiro (Aibou Series)
Genre: Detective
Cast: Mizutani Yutaka, Sorimachi Takashi, Suzuki Anju, Kawahara Kazuhisa, Rokkaku Seiji, Yamanaka Takashi, Yamanishi Atsushi, Jinbo Satoshi, Katagiri Ryuji, Ono Ryo, Ishizaka Koji, Abe Joji (guest star), Inoue Takashi (guest star), Owada Baku (guest star), Enoki Takaaki (guest star), Takuma Takayuki (guest star), Orimoto Junkichi (guest star), Iwamatsu Ryo (guest star), Hiraiwa Kami (guest star), Fueki Yuko (guest star), Nishihara Aki (guest star)
Synopsis: Sugishita Ukyo’s (Mizutani Yutaka) partner, Kai Toru (Narimiya Hiroki), was arrested and Sugishita was put on an indefinite suspension. He takes “temporary residence in the “old” Special Missions Unit which has lost its head. Kaburagi Wataru (Sorimachi Takashi) is a career bureaucrat who desires a secondment from the Ministry of Law to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department because of his interest in crime scenes.
Preview: Aibou Season 14 CM


Date: From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 13 January 2016
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Hashibe Atsuko (Ghost Writer, Boku no Ita Jikan, Osozaki no Himawari)
Original Work: Fragile by Kusa Mizubin
Genre: Medical
Cast: Nagase Tomoya, Takei Emi, Koyuki, Nomura Shuhei, Kitaoji Kinya, Kamishiraishi Moka (guest star), Hira Takehiro, Fujimoto Takahiro, Tsuda Kanji
Synopsis: Kishi Keiichitaro (Nagase Tomoya) is a handsome but eccentric pathologist with a sharp tongue. He would clash with the other party no matter who he or she is, for the sake of medical justice and the lives of patients. Because he does not mince his words, he makes nothing but enemies.


Higanbana ~ Keishichou Sousa Nanaka
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 13 January 2016
Station: NTV
Scriptwriters: Tokunaga Tomihiko (Saikyou no Futari, Keiji 7-nin, Tenshi to Akuma), Ikegami Junya (Deiri Kinshi no Onna, Gokuaku Ganbo, Miss Pilot), Matsumoto Miyako (Bokura Playboys, Sakura, Inpei Sousa), Arai Shuko (Mother Game, Dark Suits, Shima no Sensei)
Genre: Detective
Cast: Horikita Maki, Dan Rei, Jiyoung, Takanashi Rin, YOU, Daigo, Takahashi Keiko, Ichikawa Tomohiro, Kimoto Takehiro, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Sano Shiro, Daichi Mao, Ono Yuriko (guest star), Tomosaka Rie (guest star), Seki Megumi (guest star), Yamanaka Takashi (guest star), Yamoto Yuma (guest star), Kawaei Rina (guest star), Yamamoto Mirai (guest star), Hagiwara Masato (guest star), Nakahara Takeo (guest star), Maiko (guest star), Akizuki Narumi (guest star), Tahara Kanako (guest star), Mister Chin (guest star), Sakai Miki (guest star), Asano Kazuyuki (guest star), Eguchi Noriko (guest star), Kawashima Ririka (guest star)
Synopsis: Higanbana is a unit made up of only female detectives from the head of the division, Segawa Sumire (Daichi Mao), to Kinomiya Nagisa (Horikita Maki) who is attuned to the evil intentions of other people and usually wears headphones to block these out, Minegishi Yukino (Dan Rei), Ito Rin (Takanashi Rin), Yanagi Sachiko (YOU), and forensic researcher Nagami Karuko (Jiyoung). This unofficial division was established with the objective of taking measures against female criminals and female victims. The members are beautiful, but have outwitted their male colleagues to solve numerous cases.
Preview: Higanbana CM
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Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru
Date: From 11.53 p.m., Wednesdays, 20 January 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Watanabe Mako (Omotesando Gakkou Gasshobu!)
Original Work: Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru by Nukui Tokuro
Genre: Humorous suspense
Cast: Muro Tsuyoshi, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Kurokawa Mei, Mitsuishi Ken, Nakamura Yasuhi, Shukugawa Atom, Konno Mahiru, Horibe Keisuke, Onishi Riku
Synopsis: Takasugi Atsuro (Muro Tsuyoshi) had been a drama director of a production company. But his proposal was stolen by his boss Nezu Kazuhisa (Mitsuishi Ken) and he was also told that he would be absolutely worthless without the company. He had quit the company in a fury despite being saddled with 10 million in debt. He and assistant director Sonobe Yuto (Yamazaki Ikusaburo), who is similarly broke, come up with a plan to kidnap a wealthy family’s dog. However, a mysterious lady Mikami Natsuko (Kurokawa Mei) and the son of the targeted family Shibui Takumi (Onishi Riku) come into Takasugi’s house without warning. Takumi suggests that they kidnap him instead. That night, a man who identifies himself as John Lennon calls. “Takumi has been kidnapped and you’re the kidnapper,” he says. What is this person’s true motive?
Preview: Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru CM


Kasouken no Onna Season 15
Date: From 8.00 p.m., Thursdays, 15 October 2015 (continues from last season)
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriters: Todayama Masashi (Kasouken no Onna Season 12 – 14, Aibou Season 8 – 12), Sakurai Takeharu (Yamegoku, Tokyo Scarlet, Aibou Series)
Genre: Investigative
Cast: Sawaguchi Yasuko, Naito Takashi, Wakamura Mayumi, Kazama Toru, Kaneda Akio, Saito Satoru, Osada Seiya, Sakimoto Hiromi, Yamamoto Hikaru, Nishida Ken, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (guest star)
Synopsis: Sakaki Mariko (Sawaguchi Yasuko), a member of the Kyoto Prefectural Police Crime Lab, meets her greatest enemy, Ochiai Sakiko. Nicknamed the “queen of firearms and drugs”, Sakiko is an outstanding female detective who has transferred to the Organised Crime Special Division, a department recently established by the top brass to strengthen measures against firearms and drugs.
Preview: Kasouken no Onna Season 15 CM


Date: From 8.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 January 2016
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Fujimoto Yuki (Taira no Kiyomori, Meoto Zenzai, Honjitsu mo Hare Ijou Nashi)
Genre: Period
Cast: Aoki Munetaka, Yuka, Koike Teppei, Hayami Akari, Yamazaki Ginnojo, Kitamura Yukiya, Takaoka Saki, Kishibe Ittoku, Fuji Sumiko, Matsuo Suzuki
Synopsis: All Chikamatsu Monzaemon (Matsuo Suzuki), a joruri (a form of puppet theatre that was the forerunner of bunraku) dramatist, had been writing was typical “historic stuff”. Now that he is over the age of 50, nothing he writes is interesting. His wife fled, his mother is disgusted and he is in a major slump. He frequents ‘Tenmaya’ and drinks alcohol in the company of Osode (Yuka), a prostitute past her prime. However, misfortune befalls Chikamatsu following an encounter with the mysterious gambler Mankichi (Aoki Munetaka) who appears at ‘Tenmaya’. Mankichi is compassionate, genuine and will not leave those in trouble in the lurch. By the time Chikamatsu realises it, he and Mankichi are partners and they face the settlement of thorny troubles created by the imperfect prostitute Ohatsu (Hayami Akari), the dissipated son Tokubei (Koike Teppei) of a wealthy merchant, and others. Mankichi pokes his nose deeper and deeper into problems and circumstances get more complicated, but Chikamatsu starts to discover the “hardiness of human life” and “true love”.
Preview: Chikaemon CM


Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 January 2016
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Todayama Masashi (Aibou Series, Specialist Series)
Genre: Detective
Cast: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Minami Kaho, Ashina Sei, Natsuna, Wada Masato, Hiraoka Yuta, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Ishida Hikari (guest star), Inoue Jun (guest star), Aijima Kazuyuki (guest star), Yajima Kenichi (guest star)
Synopsis: 10 years ago, Takuma Yoshito (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) was arrested and prosecuted for attempted murder. He received a 15-year prison sentence, but it was proven that he was wrongfully convicted and he got out of prison with his name cleared. Takuma was reinstated to the Kyoto Prefectural Police. A specialist who understands criminal psychology, all information regarding criminals are imprinted in his memory. This time, he leaves Kyoto and goes to Tokyo where he is assigned to a newly established unit. The devastating death of an important person is the greatest catalyst for his decision to get into the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in order to expose a big conspiracy surrounding him.
Preview: Specialist CM
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Crossroad Season 1
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 25 February 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Kaneko Narito (Tsuma wa Kuno Ichi Series, Sarutobi Sansei), Okawa Shundo (Hanchou Series), Takahashi Miyuki (Machi Isha Jumbo)
Cast: Tachi Hiroshi, Kitano Kii, Nakamura Tamao, Takashima Reiko, Tokushige Satoshi, Nishimura Masahiko, Hiraizumi Sei, Ono Takehiko, Iinuma Chieko, Shuko, Kanda Masaki
Synopsis: 25 years ago, news journalist Itagaki Kohei (Kanda Masaki) disclosed the investigation of police officer Ozeki Tatsuro (Tachi Hiroshi) who was in charge of a certain case because of his sense of responsibility. That case was deemed a wrongful arrest in court. Ozeki was demoted while Itagaki displayed the spirit of journalism at the centre of a large newspaper’s local news desk. However, Itagaki got on the wrong side and was resented by politicians and big corporations because of that. With the passage of time and advancing age, the two of them leave the frontline and meet each other again in Nishi Tokyo.
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Naomi to Kanako
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 January 2016
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Hamada Shuya (Haretsu, Iryu 4, Last Hope)
Original Work: Naomi to Kanako by Okuda Hideo
Cast: Hirosue Ryoko, Uchida Yuki, Yoshida Yo, Miyakawa Ichirota, Yamaji Kazuhiro, Inukai Atsuhiro, Takahata Atsuko, Sato Ryuta
Genre: Suspense
Synopsis: Oda Naomi’s (Hirosue Ryoko) dream was to become a museum curator, but reality has been harsh. She now leads a depressing life working as an office lady for a department store’s personal shopping service. One day, Naomi visits the apartment of Hattori Kanako (Uchida Yuki), her good friend from university days, and is shocked by the obvious bruise on Kanako’s face. Kanako, a housewife, confesses that she was hit by her husband Tatsuro (Sato Ryuta) who has been taking out his stress on her daily. Naomi encourages divorce, but Kanako is fearful of being killed by him. Despite the rage she feels, she had no way of speaking to Naomi. After that, a luxury watch gets lost at a party for the department store’s biggest Chinese customers. When Naomi negotiates its return with Li Zhu Mei (Takahata Atsuko) who took it away, she sees an illegal Chinese immigrant (Sato Ryuta) who looks just like Kanako’s husband, working for Li. The perfect crime soon comes to her mind and she makes an audacious proposal to Kanako.
Preview: Naomi to Kanako CM


Mane no Tenshi ~ Anata no Okane, Torimodoshimasu!
Date: From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 7 January 2016
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Mori Hayashi (Itsutsu Boshi Tourist, Shomuni 2013, Kamo Kyoto e Iku)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Koyabu Kazutoyo, Katase Nana, Aoi Wakana, Yagura Fuko, Fujita Miria, Inoue Arisu, Nakano Kumiko, Nagase Tasuku Takenaka Naoto, Hoshino Mari (guest star), Oshinari Shugo (guest star), Kurokawa Tomoka (guest star)
Synopsis: Kurihara Risa (Katase Nana) is the manager of a Mexican restaurant in Osaka and studying to become a lawyer. In the past, she was involved in great financial trouble. She has set up a financial consultation service in the restaurant to help people who have money problems. Although currently unemployed, Takeuchi Shigeru (Koyabu Kazutoyo) is a very good-natured and diligent. After Risa and Takeuchi meet, he helps her and together they confront all sorts of money problems.
Preview: Mane no Tenshi CM


Ooka Echizen Season 3
Date: From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 15 January 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Onishi Nobuyuki (Ooka Echizen Series)
Genre: Period
Cast: Higashiyama Noriyuki, Katsumura Masanobu, Kondo Yoshimasa, Matsubara Chieko, Hira Takehiro, Tsugawa Masahiko
Synopsis: The reign of the eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune (Hira Takehiro) was notable for the “Ooka Sabaki” which supported the Kyoho Reforms advanced by Yoshimune. Ooka Echizen (Higashiyama Noriyuki), an Edo magistrate, punished evil that brought suffering to the common people, making judicial decisions with humanity and fairness that came to be known as “Ooka Sabaki”. He would go beyond his status and position, and work very hard for the people’s happiness. He was also their pride.
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Keishichou Zero-gakari ~ Seikatsu Anzenka Nandemo Soudanshitsu
Date: From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 15 January 2016
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriters: Yoshimoto Masahiro (Bokura Playboys, Kageri Yuku Natsu, Kabuka Bouraku), Fukasawa Masaki (ST Aka to Shiro no Sousa Files, Machi Isha Jumbo, Nobunaga Chef Series), Hikawa Kayo (GTO (remake), Iryu 4)
Original Work: Seikatsu Anzenka Zero-gakari Fireball by Togashi Rintaro
Genre: Police comedy
Cast: Koizumi Kotaro, Matsushita Yuki, Adachi Yumi, Kinoshita Takayuki, Harada Natsuki, Tezuka Toru, Rokkaku Shinji, Horii Arata, Kishi Asuka, Terajima Susumu, Ishimaru Kenjiro, Kato Cha, Osugi Ren
Synopsis: Superintendent Kobayakawa Fuyuhiko (Koizumi Kotaro) is a naive career police officer who cannot read situations. He is transferred from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s National Research Institute of Police Science to the newly established “anything” consultation office of Suginami Chuo Police Precinct’s Community Safety Division as a result of some incident. This consultation office passes off for a new initiative to react quickly to the feedback of the public. But in reality, it is a garbage dump for people who have caused trouble and been discarded. The members of the precinct mock it as the “Zero Section”. Kobayakawa’s buddy is the strong-minded, foulmouthed veteran detective Terada Torami (Matsushita Yuki). The two of them, who do not get along, and the very individualistic members of the section solve difficult cases dashingly.
Preview: Keishichou Zero-gakari CM


Kera (Yakubyougami Series)
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Fridays, 19 February 2016
Station: BS Sky Perfect
Scriptwriter: Sakai Masaaki (Hamon, Smoking Gun, Kazoku no Uta)
Original Work: Kera by Kurokawa Hiroyuki
Genre: Crime
Cast: Kitamura Kazuki, Hamada Gaku, Yamashita Rio, Makita Tetsuya, Sano Kazuma, Asami Hikaru, Hashimoto Satoshi, Tsurumi Shingo, Miura Masaki, Izumi Rika, Kodama Takuro, Yoshida Kengo, Aoki Tadahiro, Sato Chikau, Nakamura Ikuji, Terada Minori
Synopsis: Detecting the scent of money in a scandal surrounding a picture scroll, which is the treasure of a religious organisation with 5 million followers, Kuwahara Yasuhiko (Kitamura Kazuki), a former member of a Kobe organised crime group, and Ninomiya Hiroyuki (Hamada Gaku), a construction consultant, put up a great battle with their opponents – corrupt detectives, gangsters and a beautiful art gallery owner. Who can seize the money from these wealthy Buddhist priests?
Preview: Kera (Yakubyougami Series) CM
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Watashi o Hanasanaide
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 15 January 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Morishita Yoshiko (Tenno no Ryoriban, Tonbi, Jin Series)
Original Work: Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro Kazuo
Genre: Sci-fi
Cast: Ayase Haruka, Miura Haruma, Mizukawa Asami, Suzuki Rio, Nakagawa Tsubasa, Mizuki Sakura, Emma Burns, Hamada Kokone, Kobayashi Kika, Ishikawa Tatsuki, Yamano Umi, Matobu Sei, Shirahane Yuri, Abe Shinnosuke, Kawamura Yosuke, Matsuoka Emiko, Inoue Yoshio, Kajihara Zen, Nakai Noemi, Babazono Azusa, Onishi Ayaka, Ito Ayumi, Komoto Masahiro, Aso Yumi, Emoto Tasuku, Misaki Ayame
Synopsis: Hoshina Kyoko (Ayase Haruka), Doi Tomohiko (Miura Haruma) and Sakai Miwa (Mizukawa Asami) have been leading ordinary lives working as adults. Raised at Yoko Gakuen which was isolated from the world, the three (Suzuki Rio, Nakagawa Tsubasa, Mizuki Sakura) of them enjoyed child-like lives and education and were supposed to be normal children. One day, they were taught by their principal Kamikawa Emiko (Aso Yumi) that they are special children who have been given a “mission” from birth and were informed of their “true destiny”.
Preview: Watashi o Hanasanaide CM


Sumika Sumire
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 5 February 2016
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Furuya Kazunao (Ouroboros, S ~ Saigo no Keikan, Kasukana Kanojo)
Original Work: Sumika Sumire by Takanashi Mitsuba
Genre: Romance
Cast: Kiritani Mirei, Matsuzaka Keiko, Oikawa Mitsuhiro, Machida Keita, Mizusawa Erena, Takeuchi Ryoma, Akimoto Sayaka, Koike Rina, Tanigawa Risako, Komaki Mako, Kajitani Momoko, Kosuda Yasuto, Takasugi Mahiro, Takahashi Hitomi, Kohinata Fumiyo
Synopsis: Kisaragi Sumi (Kiritani Mirei) is a 20-year-old university student. But do not be surprised that she is a 65-year-old inside. Under pressure to help out with the family business from a young age, she could not have a youth. Even afterwards, she devoted her entire life to taking care of first her grandmother and then her father and mother. Sumi finds herself turning 65 (Matsuzaka Keiko) without ever having had a boyfriend. She takes a little pride in having lived with integrity. But after her mother passes away, she has the sudden thought of regaining her youth once more and making a fresh start in life … … A miracle happens to her. One day when Sumi wakes up, she has the appearance of a 20-year-old! Despite being bewildered by this unbelievable reality, she introduces herself as Sumire and gets another try at youth.
Preview: Sumika Sumire CM


Tokyo Sentimental
Date: From 12.12 a.m., Saturdays, 16 January 2016
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriters: Matsumoto Tetsuya, Brazily Ann Yamada (White Lab, Bussen), Arai Tomoka (Konkatsu Deka, Taikomochi no Tatsujin, Tamagawa Kuyakusho of The Dead)
Cast: Yoshida Kotaro, Takahata Mitsuki, Oguri Shun, Katagiri Jin, Otsuka Nene, Kusakari Tamiyo (guest star), Ichikawa Yui (guest star), Kawaei Rina (guest star), Okunuki Kaoru (guest star), Tokoshima Yoshiko (guest star), Hamakawa Fumie (guest star)
Synopsis: The son of the second generation owner of a traditional Japanese confectionery shop ‘Kururiya’ in Tokyo’s Kototoibashi, Kururi Takuzo (Yoshida Kotaro) was born and raised in Tokyo. He received a strict education from his father, who was a man with an old-fashioned way of thinking, and his skills in making the shop’s signature dango have surpassed his father’s. But in his personal life, he has divorced thrice and is a rather sloppy man to women. Now at the age of 55, he leads a carefree life. His hobby is to go for walks in town with the antique single-lens reflex camera that his father bought for him when he was a child, and capture the scenery of the good old-fashioned Tokyo which will change someday. In the middle of such days, Takuzo encounters women whom he is attracted to. He spends a time with each woman, talking over delicious alcohol and food while having a fleeting love. Will love work out for him?
Preview: Tokyo Sentimental CM
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Kaito Yamaneko
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 16 January 2016
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Muto Shogo (Wakamonotachi 2014, Kazoku Game, Joker)
Original Work: Kaito Tantei Yamaneko Series by Kaminaga Manabu
Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Narimiya Hiroki, Hirose Suzu, Nanao, Kitamura Yukiya, Otsuka Nene, Sasaki Kuranosuke, Tsukaji Muga (guest star), Asari Yosuke (guest star), Nakamura Shizuka (guest star), Ichige Yoshie (guest star), Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Kamio Yu (guest star), Sasano Takashi (guest star)
Synopsis: Yamaneko (Kamenashi Kazuya) stole 100 million yen and is hunted down by the police. But he laughs as he brilliantly escapes. All that is left behind is criminal evidence on a company that had stolen a large sum of money … … Is he the great thief of the century? Or on the side of justice?
Preview: Kaito Yamaneko CM

Nigeru Onna

Nigeru Onna
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 9 January 2016
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Kamata Toshio (Last Dinner, Keiji Teinen)
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Mizuno Miki, Naka Riisa, Kaku Kento, Tabata Tomoko, Denden, Takahashi Tsutomu, Misaki Ayame, Takahashi Katsunori, Kato Masaya, Furuya Ikko, Harada Mieko, Endo Kenichi
Synopsis: Rieko (Mizuno Miki) is cleared of a false charge and released from a prison at the age of 40. She was accused of murdering a child at the orphanage where she worked and served eight years in prison. Her good friend Azumi (Tabata Tomoko), who was her only alibi, betrayed her. Rieko sets out to find Azumi and Sakuma (Endo Kenichi), the detective in charge of the case, goes after her. He regrets sending the innocent Rieko to prison, but fears that she will take her anger and hatred out on Azumi. Rieko soon meets a young lady Mio (Naka Riisa). Mio instantly sees through Rieko’s dark and strong emotions, but does not attempt to leave her for some reason. Although Rieko finds Mio creepy, she continues her journey to search for Azumi. She does not know about Mio’s past … …


Arechi no Koi
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 9 January 2016
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriters: Kurosawa Hisako (Kaiki Daisakusen, Shijuukunichi no Recipe), Watanabe Takayoshi
Original Work: Arechi no Koi by Nejime Shoichi
Genre: Love
Cast: Toyokawa Etsushi, Suzuki Kyoka, Taguchi Tomorow, Tomita Yasuko, Kawashima Umika, Murakawa Eri, Matsushige Yutaka, Chisaka Kensuke, Maeda Aki, Kaku Tomohiro, Saito Ayumu, Harumi Shiho, Lily, Hashimoto Miwa, Yamada Yuki, PANTA
Synopsis: Kitazawa Taro (Toyokawa Etsushi) played a central role in post-war Japan’s modern poetry movement due to the launch of the poetry magazine ‘Arechi’ with fellow poets in 1947. 28 years later in 1975, the 53-year-old works at a newspaper’s proofreading department as he continues to compose poetry and cherishes ordinary happiness every day. But one day, Kitazawa falls in love with Akiko (Suzuki Kyoka), the wife of his good friend Mitamura Kiichi (Matsushige Yutaka). He abandons his wife (Tomita Yasuko) and two children (Kawashima Umika, Chisaka Kensuke) and leaves home … …
Preview: Arechi no Koi CM


Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 February 2016
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Hisamatsu Shinichi (Themis no Kyuukei, Juui-san Jiken desuyo, Kazoku Houtei)
Original Work: Kinpika Series by Asada Jiro
Cast: Nakai Kiichi, Santamaria Yusuke, Pierre Taki, Aoyagi Sho, Yamamoto Ryuji, Shinagawa Toru, Miura Masaki, Niizuma Seiko, Murai Kunio, Iwamatsu Ryo, Iijima Naoko, Watabiki Katsuhiko
Synopsis: Old-fashioned gangster Sakaguchi Kenta (Nakai Kiichi), Self Defence official Okochi Isao (Pierre Taki) and Hirohashi Hidehiko (Santamaria Yusuke), secretary to politician Yamauchi Ryuzo (Murai Kunio), were betrayed by their respective organisations because they stuck to their “principles” rather than money and career advancement. These three “scoundrels” gather under former detective Mukai Gonzaemon (Watabiki Katsuhiko) who urges them, “Stop putting up with unreasonable things. Try doing what you like.” They start to attempt to behave sensibly in their own way.
Preview: Kinpika CM


Koi no Sanriku ~ Ressha-kon de Ikou!
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 27 February 2016
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Shimizu Yuki (Fufudo)
Genre: Slice of life
Cast: Matsushita Nao, Ando Masanobu, Yamasaki Shizuyo, Kuroshima Yuina, Asaka Kodai, Hyunri, Young Dias, Dan Mitsu, Matsuoka Mayu, Shiomi Sansei, Murakami Hiroaki, Matsuzaka Keiko
Synopsis: Iwabuchi Yukari (Matsushita Nao) works for Nishi Ofunato City’s municipal office and is one of the staff in charge of the ‘Ressha-kon’ matchmaking event which provides a place for men and women to meet. One day, Osako Tatsuya (Ando Masanobu), the husband of her elder sister Ayaka who has been missing since the earthquake, suddenly shows up in Nishi Ofunato. This is the beginning of a strange life under one roof for three women – Yukari, her mother Haruko (Matsuzaka Keiko) and niece Nanami (Kuroshima Yuina) – and one man. One day, a big pot is delivered to Haruko’s shop and Tatsuya announces that he wants to make sanma ramen in Nishi Ofunato … …

Nanimo Nai

Watashi no Uchi ni wa, Nanimo Nai
Date: From 10.30 p.m., Saturdays, 6 February 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Arai Yuka (Minami-kun no Koibito 2015, Konkatsu Deka, Taikomochi no Tatsujin)
Original Work: Watashi no Uchi ni wa, Nanimo Nai by Yururi Mai
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Kaho, Kondo Koen, Asaka Mayumi, Enami Kyoko
Synopsis: Besides the bare necessities in life, Yururi Mai (Kaho) disposes stacks of books, mementos, furniture, plates, utensils, clothes and even towels. The remote controls and small objects are all on shelves. Friends who visit are astonished by the spartan, spacious apartment which has nothing and call Mai a “decluttering freak”. She became conscious of how good it feels to throw things away and has made a habit of decluttering. However, decluttering is a thorny path. There is discord between her and her mother (Asaka Mayumi) and grandmother (Enami Kyoko) who are reluctant to throw away anything because “it’s a shame”. Mai declutters while struggling against her materialistic self. Her emotional support is her husband Tsutomu-kun (Kondo Koen) with a big heart like Buddha.

Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa

Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa
Date: From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 9 January 2016
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Ogawa Makoto (Yamada-kun to Shichinin no Akujo, Dinner)
Original Work: Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa by Kato Shigeaki
Genre: Various
Cast: Kiriyama Ren, Kato Shigeaki, Sakata Masanobu, Adachi Rika, Watanabe Mai, Takeda Rena, Kobayashi Ryota, Ichikawa Riku, Minamisawa Nao, Ryu Raita
Synopsis: Hashimoto Jun (Kiriyama Ren) is a young novelist who only writes sci-fi stories but his popularity is on the wane. One day, he gets an offer of work from the editor Tateyama (Sakata Masanobu), whom he is indebted to. He is commissioned to write a non-serialised love story which will be published in a web magazine intended for young readers. Jun has never written a romance novel before and tries to decline. But Tateyama overcomes his resistance by telling him, “This is your last chance.” Jun makes no progress in his writing and continues to agonise about it even just before the deadline. Then his childhood friend Murata Keisuke (Kato Shigeaki) suddenly shows up. Keisuke encourages Jun who complains that he cannot write a romance novel. During his conversation with Keisuke, Jun recalls an incident where his zealous fans had taken his own rubbish home at the time he made his debut as a writer. This provides him with inspiration and he finally writes out the story ‘Intercept’ but … …
Preview: Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa CM


Mars ~ Tada Kimi o Aishiteru
Date: From 12.55 a.m., Sundays, 24 January 2016
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Oishi Tetsuya (Keiji 7-nin, Scapegoat, Keiji no Manazashi)
Original Work: Mars by Souryo Fuyumi
Genre: Romance
Cast: Fujigaya Taisuke, Kubota Masataka, Iitoyo Marie, Yamazaki Hirona, Inaba Yu, Maeda Goki, Suzuki Yuka, Tahara Kanako, Okunaka Makoto, Watanabe Yutaro, Kikawada Masaya
Synopsis: One day during the spring break, Aso Kira (Iitoyo Marie) meets Kashino Rei (Fujigaya Taisuke), who rides by on a motorcycle, while she is drawing a picture by the seaside. Unaccustomed to males, Kira responds curtly to him. They meet again as classmates at the start of the new school term. Rei usually does not insist on particular female, but he starts to take an interest in Kira. This surprises Sugihara Harumi (Yamazaki Hirona), who is in love with him, and his close friend Kida Tatsuya (Inaba Yu). Kira’s drawings bring her and Rei closer together emotionally. However, the transfer of Rei’s junior high school classmate Kirishima Masao (Kubota Masataka) to the school begins to set the destinies of the three of them in motion … …
Preview: Mars CM

Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku o Season 2
Date: From 1.30 a.m., Sundays, 10 January 2016
Station: NTV
Scriptwriters: Adachi Shin (Sachi to Mayu), Kobayashi Masashi (Dirty Mama)
Original Work: Itsuka Tiffany de Choshoku o by Maki Hirochi
Genre: Love and life
Cast: Triendl Reina, Tokunaga Eri, Mori Kanna, Aragi Yuko, Narita Ryo, Nakamura Yurika, Yanagi Shuntaro, Otsuka Hirota, Ishida Houshi, Iwai Kenshiro, Tsuda Kanji
Synopsis: Four working females centering around Sato Mariko (Triendl Reina), who have been friends since high school, start to seek the ideal breakfast as they relook their loves, lifestyles and own selves. They grow as they face up to their problems and begin to encounter delicious breakfasts.
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Nietzsche-sensei ~ Konbini ni, Satori Sedai no Shinjin ga Maiorita
Date: From 2.55 a.m., Sundays, 24 January 2016
Station: Hulu & NTV
Scriptwriter: Fukuda Yuichi (Watashi no Kiraina Tantei, Aoi Honoo, Yuusha Yoshihiko Series)
Original Work: Nietzsche-sensei ~ Konbini ni, Satori Sedai no Shinjin ga Maiorita by Matsu Koma
Genre: Workplace comedy
Cast: Mamiya Shotaro, Urai Kenji, Matsui Rena, Uchida Rio, Matsuda Ryo, Suga Yusuke, Jirou, Sato Jiro
Synopsis: Matsukoma-kun (Urai Kenji), a veteran part-timer and jobless university graduate, finds himself stressed and twisted around by Nietzsche-sensei (Mamiya Shotaro) his new colleague at the convenience store. Also known as Nii Tomoharu, Nietzsche-sensei is a university student studying Buddhism and has a peculiar way of serving customers.
Preview: Nietzsche-sensei CM


Date: From 8.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 January 2016
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Mitani Koki (Orient Kyuukou Satsujin Jiken, Sutekina Kakushidori, Wagaya no Rekishi)
Genre: Period
Cast: Sakai Masato, Oizumi Yo, Kimura Yoshino, Nagasawa Masami, Kuroki Haru, Kusakari Masao, Takahata Atsuko, Kusabue Mitsuko, Terajima Susumu, Nakahara Takeo, Fujii Takashi, Hira Takehiro, Danta Yasunori, Endo Kenichi, Yoshida Yo, Fujioka Hiroshi, Takashima Masanobu, Saito Yuki, Kondo Masaomi, Uchino Masaaki, Nishimura Masahiko, Fujimoto Takahiro, Kohinata Fumiyo, Suzuki Kyoka, Katsura Bunshi, Kobayashi Takashi, Takeuchi Yuko, Yamamoto Koji, Kataoka Ainosuke, Niiro Shinya, Nakagawa Taishi, Matsuoka Mayu
Synopsis: Sanada Nobushige (Sakai Masato), known in history as Sanada Yukimura, was born to a nominal lord of Shinshu (present day Nagano Prefecture). The Sanadas were at the mercy of the turbulent wars which the surrounding feudal lords waged. In his youth, Yukimura lived as a hostage of Uesugi Kagekatsu (Endo Kenichi) and then Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Kohinata Fumiyo). However, Yukimura, who read both the period and its people accurately, would try hard to survive the Sengoku era with his family, including his father Masayuki (Kusakari Masao), and elder brother Nobuyuki (Oizumi Yo), through wisdom, courage and great effort. He was confined on Mt Koya for taking the side of the Western forces in the Battle of Sekigahara. During The Siege of Osaka, Yukimura built a fortification called Sanada-maru and bravely fought the much larger invading forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu (Uchino Masaaki) in a display of his outstanding leadership. He died in battle in the summer siege.
Preview: Sanada-maru Introduction


Kazoku no Katachi
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 17 January 2016
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Goto Noriko (Zeni no Sensou, Toshi Densetsu no Onna Series, Team Batista Series)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Katori Shingo, Ueno Juri, Mizuhara Kiko, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Chiba Yudai, Yanagihara Kanako, Nakamura Ann, Takada Hyouga, Okuda Tatsuhito, Nagao Mariya, Konishi Kiss, Irie Masato, Mizuki Arisa (guest star), Tanaka Kei, Asaji Yoko, Mizuno Miki, Morimoto Leo, Nishida Toshiyuki, Fubuki Jun, Kawaguchi Haruna (guest star)
Synopsis: 39-year-old Nagasato Daisuke (Katori Shingo) is a bachelor who works for a stationery manufacturer. Although he is attuned to trends and interacts with other people flawlessly, he hates being hurt by love. Daisuke is not disatissified with living alone. 32-year-old Kumagai Hanako (Ueno Juri) is a divorced office lady. She has the clear intention not to remarry and is already preparing for old age. For some reason, Daisuke and Hanako keep quarreling right from the time they meet. But the two of them actually have many similarities. One day, Daisuke’s father Yozo (Nishida Toshiyuki) suddenly visits him with his 13-year-old step-son Kota (Takada Hyouga), for the first time in five years. He had secretly remarried Nagasato Megumi (Mizuno Miki), a woman almost 30 years his junior, in this time. Meanwhile Hanako’s mother Ritsuko (Fubuki Jun) starts living separately from her husband and comes to live with her beloved daughter without consulting her. Daisuke and Hanako’s lives as swinging singles get disrupted because of parents who have no hesitation about enjoying their own lives.
Preview: Kazoku no Katachi CM


Utenai Keikan
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 January 2016
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Abe Teruo (At Home, Fushigina Misaki no Monogatari)
Original Work: Utenai Keikan by Ando Yoshiaki
Genre: Police
Cast: Tanabe Seiichi, Ishiguro Ken, Nakagoshi Noriko, Takahashi Kazuya, Kabe Amon, Hizuki Hana, Sugata Shun, Tomosaka Rie, Shimada Kyusaku, Yamamoto Gaku
Synopsis: One day, Inspector Shibasaki Reiji (Tanabe Seiichi) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s General Affairs Department is made to take responsibility for the inexplicable suicide of a direct subordinate and demoted to a police precinct despite being among a small number of elite candidates in the police force. While he showers love on his wife (Nakagoshi Noriko) and son (Kabe Amon), he has had no qualms about using intimidation on fellow police officers in order to get ahead in his career. Realising that he has been set up, Shibasaki devises a plan not only to shed light on the truth, but make a return to the career track.
Preview: Utenai Keikan CM


Kamogawa Shokudo
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 January 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Ikehata Shunsaku (Ashio Kara Kita Onna, Saka no Ue no Kumo Series, Boku no Imouto), Hayama Mari, Horasawa Mieko, Iwamoto Maya
Original Work: Kamogawa Shokudo by Kashiwai Hisashi
Genre: Food
Cast: Kutsuna Shiori, Iwashita Shima, Zaizen Naomi, Yoshizawa Hisashi, Daichi Yasuo, Maro Akaji, Toyohara Kosuke, Hagiwara Kenichi
Synopsis: Customers relying on a single line advertisement “Search for food with memories”, finally arrive at Kamogawa Shokudo, which has no signboard or fabric curtain. Those who come to this inconspicuous eatery near Higashi Honganji in Kyoto are people of today who have troubles. Work, family, life, love, interpersonal relationships … … Although their troubles are wide-ranging, the eatery’s poster girl Kamogawa Koishi (Kutsna Shiori) accepts customers’ troubles with sincerity while her father, Nagare (Hagiwara Kenichi) uses the instincts and powers of observation honed as a former detective, to identify what meals customers truly desire and demonstrates his skills by recreating them. Customers who eat the “food with memories”, which are the fruits of the efforts of Koishi and Nagare, will leave Kamogawa Shokudo, finding the courage to live and pleasures of life.


Mega Bank Saishuu Kessen
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 14 February 2016
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Sugihara Noriaki
Original Work: Mega Bank Zetsumetsu Sensou by Hatano Sho
Genre: Finance
Cast: Shiina Kippei, Kiritani Kenta, Oishi Goro, Riju Go, Ogawa Tamaki, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Otozuki Kei, Otoo Takuma, Koyanagi Yu, Hino Yojin, Masuoka Toru, Hidari Tonpei, Ishibashi Ryo
Synopsis: Tozai Teito EFG Bank is a mega bank that was created by the merger of Tozai Bank, EFG Bank and Teito Bank by the Financial Services Agency. Ever since the merger, those from Teito Bank have taken control and a hierarchy by former financial institution persists within the bank. A shrewd dealer Katsura Mitsuyoshi (Shiina Kippei) has climbed to the position of the forex department’s managing director because his skills are appreciated even though he is not from Teito Bank. On the other hand, Nihei Shohei (Kiritani Kenta) who comes from the general affairs department of Meikyo Bank, which is ranked lowest in the Tozai Teito EFG Bank, earnestly pushes ahead in his work without yielding to this hierarchy. One day, Tozai Teito EFG Bank is suddenly plunged into a bankruptcy crisis because of the purchase of ultra long-term government bonds in secret talks conducted between top management of Tozai Teito EFG Bank and the bureaucrats of the Financial Services Agency and a simultaneous crash in Japanese government bonds. Together with Nihei, Katsura fights against the foreign funds targeting to acquire Tozai Teito EFG Bank and scheming bureaucrats for the sake of the company’s survival.
Preview: Mega Bank CM


Iyana Onna
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 6 March 2016
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Yoshida Tomoko (Gakkou no Kaidan, Kaeru no Oujosama, Zenkai Girl)
Original Work: Iyana Onna by Katsura Nozomi
Cast: Kuroki Hitomi, Suzuki Honami, Katsumura Masanobu, Tsukamoto Takashi, Furuya Ikkou
Synopsis: Ishida Tetsuko (Kuroki Hitomi) is a lawyer who earnestly lives to help people. On the other hand, Kotani Natsuko (Suzuki Honami) is an exceptionally self-centred swindler who lives to turn people’s goodwill into money. The two ladies are like opposite sides of the same coin. Because they are relatives, Tetsuko is trapped into working at Natsuko’s request. Natsuko keeps getting into trouble because her tricks are always half measures and Tetsuko’s role is to clean up after that. Their troubled relationship has endured for 20 years and they eventually start to become indispensable comrades to each other. While coming between Natsuko, who is outrageous yet somehow impossible to hate, and her “victims”, Tetsuko realises there is are things more important than money and winning trials. Life did not go as planned, but she could have done worse and there is value in embracing life every day.
Preview: Iyana Onna CM


Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri
Date: From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 17 January 2015
Station: NTV
Scriptwriters: Magy (Jigoku Sensei Nube), Sato Tomoharu (The Last Cop, Jigoku Sensei Nube)
Original Work: Himura Hideo Series by Arisugawa Arisu
Genre: Investigative
Cast: Saito Takumi, Kubota Masataka, Yuka, Yamamoto Mizuki, Makita Sports, Shimizu Kazuki, Horiguchi Hikaru, Matsunaga Nagisa, Onodera Akira, Hasegawa Kyoko, Matsuzawa Kazuyuki, Namase Katsuhisa, Natsuki Mari, Totsugi Shigeyuki (guest star), Otoo Takuma (guest star), Iriyama Noriko (guest star), Takasugi Mahiro (guest star), Yoshizawa Ryo (guest star), Sano Gaku (guest star), Nishida Naomi (guest star), Kojima Kazuya (guest star), Iida Kisuke (guest star), Iwaki Koichi (guest star), Uchida Rio (guest star), Oshinari Shugo (guest star), Takuma Shin (guest star), Kojima Riria (guest star), Yamamoto Yusuke (guest star), Ueno Natsuhi (guest star), Suzunosuke (guest star), Takahashi Hitomi (guest star)
Synopsis: Criminologist Himura Hideo (Saito Takumi) seeks the pleasure of murder scenes and announces “I’ve ever wanted to kill a person”. He appears to be a rather dangerous guy who pursues the ultimate crime. His buddy is the somewhat unreliable mystery writer Arisugawa Arisu (Kubota Masataka) who observes his investigations. His inferences keep missing the mark at times, but he regards himself as Himura’s protector. An unlikely pair for investigation scenes, the two of them make up for each other’s deficiencies as they figure out the complicated and mysterious “tricks” left behind by criminals, with exquisite logic.
Preview: Himura Hideo no Suiri CM


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    Thank you for this overview.

    Would you happen to have any idea or suggestions of where to watch Chikaemon when it’s released? I don’t see it listed as a forthcoming show on some of the sites (DramaFever, Viki, etc) that occasionally license Japanese shows. I don’t speak Japanese, but I noticed on the NHK World Premium page, it mentions it will have English subtitles.

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