Hatsukoi Geinin


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From 11.15 p.m., Tuesdays, 1 March 2016

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Sato Kenji is a young, struggling standup comedian. Because he truly loves monsters, he takes the name “monster entertainer” and makes use of his knowledge to create comedic jokes every day. Kenji hopes to become popular someday. But he does not even belong to an agency and has to eke out a living through part-time work. The occasional live performances he gets are introduced by a senior a senior comedian Yamagata Tsuchinoko. However, these are at small theatres which will attract just a few people. Furthermore, Kenji is so terrible when it comes to interpersonal relationships and has never been popular with girls since he was a child. Even at the age of 25, his experience in romance is zero. But one day, an unexpected miracle happens to this lonely and poor actor who has never had anything good happen to him. A mysterious, beautiful girl called Ichikawa Risa shows up at his live performance. From that day on, Kenji’s dull days are changed dramatically. Risa declares his performances funny. They watch movies, eat meals and shop together, and eventually Kenji awakens to love.

Emoto Tokio as Sato Kenji
A struggling standup comedian with Ultraman and monster jokes. He dreams of getting a break through one day. He has an acute inferiority complex about females because of a deep trauma during his junior high school days. He would be unsatisfied with so much as conversation, if he has not dated a girl in his life.

Matsui Rena as Ichikawa Risa
A mysterious beautiful girl who suddenly appears before Sato Kenji. She is the only female who says his jokes are funny. She is cheerful and lively, but when she is lonely, the dark expression on her face is like a different person. She always carries a large amount of drugs and seems to have a big secret.

Uchida Asahi as Gullivan
A who is Sato Kenji’s rival monster entertainer. He wears a monster costume all the time and is quite open about saying that this is who he is. He is a free-spirited person who does not care at all about other people’s opinion of him.

Sakurada Dori as Sudo Yuta
A struggling standup comedian like Sato Kenji. Although he is held in contempt by Kenji for his bold declaration that he is living as a comedian because he wants to be popular, he is a simple-minded and lovable guy. He is actually the son of a very wealthy family.

Mizobata Junpei as Hashimoto Akira
Sato Kenji’s good friend since junior high school days. He works for a medical equipment manufacturer and leads a down-to-earth life that is the complete opposite of Kenji’s. However, he is more than Kenji deserves. He is the best friend and greatest supporter who buys him meals and listens to his problems.

Kosakai Kazuki as Yamagata Tsuchinoko
He was once a popular comedian who belonged a major entertainment agency and had regular programmes. However, he has fallen really low ever since he had a dispute with his agency and became a freelancer. Now he is like an older brother to Sato Kenji and other struggling performers. He takes care of them in various ways, but does not give up on another break through himself.

Nemoto Nonji (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made, Juui-san Jiken desu yo)

Original Work
Hatsukoi Geinin by Nakazawa Takeshi

#1: Mysterious Goddess Appears to My Unpopular, Struggling Self
#2: First Date of My Life!
#3: Goddess Comes to My House!
#4: Bound for Hell via Love Proclamation
#5: Goddess Lied to Me!
#6: A Trying Class Reunion! Tragedy Beyond the Miracle

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