Koi no Sanriku ~ Ressha-kon de Ikou!


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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 27 February 2016


Iwabuchi Yukari works for the Regional Development Division of Nishi Ofunato City’s municipal office. She is one of the staff in charge of the ‘Ressha-kon’, a matchmaking event which provides a place for men and women to meet. The event founder is Shirakizawa Kimiko, her senior in Nishi Ofunato High School and colleague in the same division. Yukari discovers a suspicious-looking man in the middle of a Ressha-kon one day and instinctively kicks him out, only to realise that he is her brother-in-law. Osako Tatsuya is the husband of her elder sister Ayaka who has been missing since the earthquake five years ago. This is the beginning of a strange life under one roof for three females – Yukari, her mother Haruko and niece Nanami – and one male. One day, a big pot is delivered to Haruko’s shop and Tatsuya suddenly announces that he wants to make sanma ramen in Nishi Ofunato. Despite her unwillingness, Yukari has to help out in Tatsuya’s ramen making for the sake of revitalising the region, but … …

Matsushita Nao as Iwabuchi Yukari
The younger of two beautiful sisters who were raised in Nishi Ofunato City. She works for the Regional Development Division of Nishi Ofunato City’s municipal office, and is one of the planners and administrators of Ressha-kon. Because she is a late developer in romance, she has little immunity whet comes to men. One day, her elder sister’s husband Osako Tatsuya suddenly shows up for the first time in a long while. She gets twisted around by his words and behaviour, and ends up having to help him make ramen … …

Ando Masanobu as Osako Tatsuya
The husband of Iwabuchi Yukari’s elder sister Ayaka. However, Ayaka who became a victim of the earthquake while on her way home and went missing … … He works for a large bank in Tokyo. But one day, he suddenly shows up at Nishi Ofunato and starts to stay at the Iwabuchi’s home. He suddenly says he wants to make NEO sanma ramen in Nishi Ofunato, shocking Yukari and the others … …

Kuroshima Yuina as Iwabuchi Nanami
Iwabuchi Yukari’s niece. Although her parents were victims of the earthquake, they are alive and well in Morioka. She wants to join the taiko drum club at Nishi Ofunato High School and lives at the home of her grandmother, Haruko. She is a high school student of today who cannot decide what to do after graduation.

Asaka Kodai as Hasekura Daiki
Iwabuchi Yukari’s younger childhood friend who grew up in the same district. He cultivates scallops at Koi no Hama. Although is he madly in love with Yukari, she snubs him. He has been raising debris of the earthquake disaster from the sea as a volunteer diver.

Matsuoka Mayu as Hasekura Momoko
Hasekura Daiki’s younger sister. A girl with a kind disposition who cares for their father, Kenichi, and keeps him company during his rehabilitation when she has time. She is also a volunteer diver like her older brother.

Dan Mitsu as Ishido Misako
Osako Tatsuya’s former bank colleague. The beautiful president of a venture company. She personally goes to Nishi Ofunato to invite Tatsuya to join her company’s project.

Shiomi Sansei as Hasekura Kenichi
Hasekura Daiki’s father. He used to be a fisherman. He collapsed several years ago because of a stroke, but he has been making effort in rehabilitation in order to go fishing again. He supports his son’s feelings for Iwabuchi Yukari behind the scenes … …

Murakami Hiroaki as Bessho Masanori
The eldest son of the Besshos, a distinguished family in Nishi Ofunato. He left his hometown because of some circumstances, but he accepts the position of Nishi Ofunato City Museum’s director and comes back to Nishi Ofunato. He is a charming gentleman who is proficient in Spanish. He seems to have some secret with Iwabuchi Haruko but … …

Matsuzaka Keiko as Iwabuchi Haruko
Iwabuchi Yukari’s mother. Her husband died of illness 15 years ago and she has supported the family by herself. She is the owner of the pub ‘Haru’. Numerous men woo her because of her beauty. She worries about her son-in-law who suddenly showed up and her vulnerable daughter Yukari.

Shimizu Yuki (Fufudo)

#1: Fragile Love
#2: Unstoppable Love
#3: Power of Love

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