Fukui-Nagano Furusato Promotion Drama Special 2016

Kanau Fukui

Official Website

From 11 February 2016

Yume Kanau, Fukui-ken
Story: Born in Echizen Ono in Fukui Prefecture as the second of three sisters, Maruoka Tsugumi (Goriki Ayame) dreamt of flying in the sky on a magic carpet when she was a child. She attended university in Tokyo, but still felt an attachment for her hometown. She came back, got a job with an established local Fukui company with global textile technology and leads an ordinary life. Katsuyama Taiyo (Sugaya Tetsuya) is her senior at the company. A native of Tokyo, he came to the countryside as a result of an introduction from his university professor. Taiyo wanted to become an archaeologist when he was a child because of the dinosaur museum in Fukui Prefecture that he visited on a family trip. However, he ends up an engineer and cannot get ahead at work. Then one day, Tsugumi happens to come across Taiyo arguing with a boss at workplace and that sets destiny in motion. After that, Tsugumi and Taiyo team up and begin planning and development. They recall forgotten dreams and in the process, rediscover new selves.
Cast: Goriki Ayame, Sugaya Tetsuya, Tsunoda Takashi, Tosa Kazunari, Honda Chikara, Nagano Munenori, Suwa Masashi, Nishimura Masako, Hattori Mako, Tsuda Kanji
Scriptwriter: Ueda Makoto

Ano Koro no Watashi e 
Story: A native of Nagano Prefecture, Momose Maori (Goriki Ayame) came to Tokyo to fulfil her dreams. But she cannot achieve what she dreamt about and has been living as a part-time worker. Bad things come one after another in a streak of poor luck and she strings together lies in letters to her close friend in Nagano. Everyone believes that she works for a foreign company in Tokyo … … Maori’s breakup with her boyfriend is the trigger for her decision to finally go back to Nagano for the first time in a long while and attend a friend’s wedding party as well as mini class reunion. At the class reunion, Maori comes in contact with the kindness of her hometown friends including Asami (Kojima Fujiko) and reaffirms how wonderful Nagano is. She gets a job at a local Nagano media company and gradually starts to get back on her feet again with the support of various people.
Cast: Goriki Ayame, Kojima Fujiko, Kurihara Takuya, Kiduki Hajime, Ishiwata Ai, Matsumoto Daichi, Matsuda Rina, Yamamoto Koharu, Fujimatsu Shoko
Scriptwriter: Uyama Keisuke (Nobunaga Concerto, Omoni Naitemasu)

Click here for photos from the press conference.

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