Kera (Yakubyougami Series)


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From 9.00 p.m., Fridays, 19 February 2016

BS Sky Perfect

Construction consultant Ninomiya Hiroyuki is reunited with Kuwahara Yasuhiko, who was supposed to have been excommunicated by Kobe organised crime group Nichoukai, at a night gambling parlour one year later. Kuwahara has summoned Ninomiya for the purpose of a new making money scheme. Koba Hakudo, the chief priest of religious organisation Denposhu’s temple Jukyoji, attempts to sell off scarves dyed with the pattern of three illustrated picture scrolls of the holy Ekai from the Kamakura Period to its followers, but is unsuccessful. Jukyoji is one of the temples with close connections to the Nishina family, which heads the Ekyoji branch. Koba had loaned the picture scrolls, Ekyoji’s greatest treasure, in order to make the scarves and issued a 20 million yen promissory note to the dyer ‘Yoshimura’ in Kyoto. The promissory note circulates and seems to go to Nichoukai. Kuwahara, who is taking on the collection of the promissory note, contemplates stealing the actual picture scrolls, which have not been returned to Ekyoji, instead of the 20 million yen. He instigates Ninomiya, whose family grave is at Jukyoji, to get information on the location of the picture scrolls from Koba. And so, the two of them team up again in a bid to rip off money from the large religious organisation. They put up a great battle with their opponents – corrupt detectives, gangsters and a beautiful art gallery owner Hieda Ryoko. Who can seize the money from these wealthy Buddhist priests and have the last laugh?

* Kitamura Kazuki as Kuwahara Yasuhiko
* Hamada Gaku as Ninomiya Hiroyuki
* Yamashita Rio as Watanabe Yuki
* Makita Tetsuya as Sasaki Setsuo
* Asami Hikaru as Hieda Ryoko
* Tsurumi Shingo as Shimada Kazuo
* Sano Kazuma as Kinoshita Kensuke
* Hashimoto Satoshi as Mino Yoshio
* Miura Masaki as Arai Reiji
* Izumi Rika as Sae
* Kodama Takuro as Ronge
* Yoshida Kengo as Bouzu Atama
* Aoki Tadahiro as Oyama
* Sato Chikau as Koba Hakudo
* Nakamura Ikuji as Moriyama Tsuyoshi
* Terada Minori as Matsuzawa Norio

Sakai Masaaki (Hamon, Smoking Gun)

Original Work
Kera by Kurokawa Hiroyuki

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