Mars ~ Tada Kimi o Aishiteru


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From 12.55 a.m., Sundays, 24 January 2016


One day during the spring break, Aso Kira meets Kashino Rei, who rides by on a motorcycle, while she is drawing a picture by the seaside. Unaccustomed to males, Kira responds curtly to him. They meet again as classmates at Izumigaoka High School at the start of the new school term. Rei becomes the idol of the female students because of his looks and wild streak. However, there is a desperate madness in him. One day, he encounters Kira who is a member of the art club and develops an interest in her drawing skills. Kira has also isolated herself from the people around her at school and has a crush on Rei who is natural with her. Rei usually does not stick to a particular female, but he becomes attracted Kira’s occasional smiles. This surprises Sugihara Harumi, who is in love with him, as well as his close friend Kida Tatsuya. As Kira’s drawings bring her and Rei closer together emotionally, a jealous Harumi grows displeased and her bullying escalates. In the middle of this, Rei’s junior high school classmate Kirishima Masao comes to the school as a transfer student and joins the same art club as Kira. Masao understands Kira well, but his unspoken true intentions cast an unexpected shadow on the relationship between Rei and Kira, and begins to set the destinies of the three of them in motion … …

Fujigaya Taisuke as Kashino Rei
A second-year student of Izumigaoka High School. He is handsome and although he is looked upon with envy by the people around him, he berates himself because of his past and lives for the moment. He spent part of his childhood in Los Angeles.

Kubota Masataka as Kirishima Masao
Kashino Rei’s classmate in junior high school who transfers to Izumigaoka High School. He joins the art club and comes to understand Aso Kira well, but he has hidden intentions.

Iitoyo Marie as Aso Kira
Kashino Rei’s classmate who belongs to the art club. She gets attracted to Rei who is kind and simple.

Yamazaki Hirona as Sugihara Harumi
A second-year student of Izumigaoka High School. She harbours feelings for Kashino Rei but it is unrequited. She feels jealous that he is growing close to Aso Kira. She initially makes Kira the object of bullying, but soon recognises the depth of Kira’s feelings.

Inaba Yu as Kida Tatsuya
Kashino Rei’s classmate and close friend. He was Aso Kira’s classmate during their junior high school days. He realises that Rei and Kira like one another and becomes their greatest champion.

Oishi Tetsuya (Keiji 7-nin, Scapegoat, Keiji no Manazashi)

Original Work
Mars by Souryo Fuyumi

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