Osaka Loop Season 1 ~ Hito Eki Goto no Ai no Monogatari


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From 1.55 a.m., Wednesdays, 13 January 2016

Kansai TV

Where there are people, there is a district. Trains connect district to district. The train stops at stations, creating encounters between people at the stations and that is where love is born. This is a 10-part omnibus drama about the great love stories – romance, love of family, friendship, love of home town – linked to individual train stations on the Osaka Loop line.

Tennoji Station ~ Fake Couple
Synopsis: Actor Tetsuo (Suruga Taro) intercepts and reads his girlfriend Kotomi’s (Taki Yukari) mobile phone. He suspects she is having an affair. In order to verify the truth, he summons his manager Sachiko (Tanimura Mitsuki). Pretending to be a couple, they tail Kotomi, who gets together with Miyamoto (Inoue Takuya), the guy she is cheating with, at Tennoji. They follow Kotomi and Miyamoto into Tennoji Zoo. Despite being beside himself because of Kotomi, Tetsuo takes pictures and suddenly displays knowledge of the giraffe and wolf. Sachiko feels happy and enjoys their sham date at the zoo. Then the two of them eventually witness a kiss between Kotomi and Miyamoto. Sachiko persuades an agitated Tetsuo to speak to Kotomi openly. Tetsuo makes a decision to talk to Kotomi who is by herself. But Kotomi turns defiant and gets angry at him, and Sachiko stands up for Tetsuo. Then Miyamoto returns from buying drinks … …
Scriptwriter: Yoshihara Rei
Cast: Suruga Taro, Tanimura Mitsuki, Taki Yukari, Inoue Takuya

Tamatsukuri Station ~ My Boyfriend is Yukimura-sama
Synopsis: Nobuko (Maihane Mimi) is a history buff. She takes her kind but unreliable boyfriend Masato (Onoe Matsuya) to visit a statue of Sanada Yukimura not far from Tamatsukuri Station. She has a crush on Yukimura who lived in the distant past. At that moment, Masato falls and the spirit of Sanada Yukimura (Onoe Matsuya), who participated in the seige of Osaka 400 years ago in 1614, possesses his body. Although he is shocked by modern cars and fashion, he protects Nobuko from hooligans. Nobuko is completely taken with Yukimura who is strong unlike Masato. However, Yukimura learns about his defeat in battle from history books
Scriptwriter: Toramoto Go
Cast: Onoe Matsuya, Maihane Mimi

Taisho Station ~ A New Sea’s Appearance
Synopsis: A woman (Murakawa Eri) marches into the wedding ceremony of a two-timing guy. She should have hit him with the gift envelope filled with a large sum of money and broken up, but this ends in vain. She dumps the envelope in the basket of a bicycle in front of Taisho Station. But a youth (Nakayama Yoshihiro) who is the owner of the bicycle discovers it and chases her in an attempt to return the envelope. However, she will not take it. The two of them stat to talk about their pasts bit by bit with the scenery of the Taisho district as backdrop … …
Scriptwriter: Inukai Kyoko
Cast: Murakawa Eri, Nakayama Yoshihiro

Osaka Station ~ Sniper and Fairy
Synopsis: A sniper (Kinoshita Takayuki) rests his rifle on the rooftop of a building. The figure of Matsudo Miyoko who is walking with a large amount of books and documents, is in his scope. The sniper does not know why he has been hired to assassinate Miyoko who works for a research institute and seems diligent but tactless. The sniper locks on Miyoko as she looks up at the sky in a daze and is about to pull the trigger when some twinkling thing cuts across. He takes his eye from the scope and sees a fluttering fairy in front of the rifle. The surprised sniper failed to assassinate Miyoko. Unable to hide his agitation, the sniper visits his master (Yamaji Kazuhiro) and learns that the client is arrange for another sniper after seeing his failure. Together with the master, the sniper starts to tail Miyoko.
Scriptwriter: Kobayashi Hirotoshi
Cast: Kinoshita Takayuki, Nakamura Yuri, Yamaji Kazuhiro

Shinimamiya Station ~ Sorrowful Cherry Blossom
Synopsis: 15-year-old Honomi (Taira Yuna) and Kashino (Maeda Oshiro) are classmates. Kashino has moved to Tokyo, but when he is told by Honomi that the elementary school which the two of them attended will be closed and demolished, he comes over from Tokyo. The two of them meet at Shinimamiya for the first time in a while. An old woman who mistakes Kashino for her late husband appears, they happen to see a couple who are teachers of the school and tail them and then they are given a hard time by hooligans and run away. By the time they realise it, night has come. Honomi and Kashino sneak into the elementary school and talk about their memories under the cherry blossoms in the school yard. They discover the word “sorrowful” in the short 31-syllable poem written in the paper fortune that they happened to take, and learn that it means “lonely sorrow” and is an expression of love.
Scriptwriter: Osaka Natsuko
Cast: Taira Yuna, Maeda Oshiro

Fukushima Station ~ The Roof’s Code
Synopsis: Yoshie (Kinami Haruka) and Shida (Daito Shunsuke) have been dating for four years and are constantly quarreling. Even today they get into an argument because of some scenery that can be seen from the loop line. Shida lets Yoshie win. She gives him a contemptuous look and hunts high and low for a lunch shop. As they have their meal, the conversation in the train gets dragged up and the two of them head to the vicinity of Fukushima Station in search of the scenery that was the cause of the argument. On the way there, they are stopped by a fortune teller (Nagano Minenori) who has quietly opened a stall on the street. Shida is disturbed that the fortune teller saw into his heart. Yoshie wonders if he has been hiding anything from her and presses him for an answer. But when Shida stubbornly insists there is nothing, she angrily leaves him behind. Shida bumps into a man as he mopes and trudges alone. As chance would have it, this man Fujimoto (Tsunoda Takashi) is an important person associated with the scenery that the two of them had been searching for. Yoshie, who is spacing out on a bench, gets a message from Shida. It reads, “Take the train departing Fukushima Station at 8.00 pm and go all the way around the Outer Loop line.” When she goes along with his request and boards the train … …
Scriptwriter: Tsunoda Takashi
Cast: Daito Shunsuke, Kinami Haruka, Nagano Minenori, Tsunoda Takashi

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