Uragiri no Machi


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From 1 February 2016


42-year-old Hashimoto Tomoko is an ordinary housewife with an uneventful life. One day, she meets Sugawara Yuichi, a young man 15 years her junior who is a part-time worker. He has a girlfriend Suzuki Satomi who is cohabiting with him while she has her husband Koji. They are each aware of this and yet they have repeated rendezvous in a narrow street along the Chuo train line without clear intent and eventually sleep together. This is their escape from the never-ending emptiness of reality to fill the emotional void. However, an incident starts to sway Tomoko and Yuichi and what awaits them is an extremely cruel truth … …

* Terajima Shinobu as Hashimoto Tomoko
* Ikematsu Sosuke as Sugawara Yuichi
* Ochiai Motoki as Imai Shinji
* Nakamura Eriko as Suzuki Satomi
* Hirata Mitsuru as Hashimoto Koji
* Sato Hitomi as Nemoto Yuko

Miura Daisuke (Shukan Maki Yoko)

#1: The Encounter
#2: Meeting Again
#3: Lust
#4: Two Months Later
#5: The Discovery
#6: Two Years Later

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