Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa

Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 9 January 2016

Fuji TV

Young sci-fi writer Hashimoto Jun’s only serialised story in his name ends and he has to get by on his savings and part-time work. One day, the editor Tateyama, whom he is indebted to, persuades him to write a non-serialised love story which will be published in a web magazine intended for young readers. Jun has never written a romance novel before and tries to decline. But Tateyama overcomes his resistance by telling him, “This is your last chance.” Jun makes no progress in his writing and continues to agonise about it even just before the deadline. Then a guy suddenly shows up. He is Murata Keisuke, a childhood friend of Jun who grew up in Nakaminato. Jun is delighted to be reunited with Keisuke after more than 10 years, but talks about struggling with ideas for his novel. Keisuke encourages Jun. From his conversation with Keisuke, Jun recalls an incident where his zealous fans had taken his own rubbish home at the time he made his debut as a writer. This provides him with inspiration and he starts to write the story ‘Intercept’.

Company employee Hayashi is attending the after-party of a wedding. He calls out to his subordinate Nakamura Amika with precise timing because he boasted to colleagues that he would win the heart of Amika, the beauty of the company whom no one has invited. Hayashi skillfully makes a pass at her using unique behavioural psychology but she easily dodges him and leaves. Although he is ready to give up, Amika recalls him with a forgotten mobile phone in her hand. And then … …

Kiriyama Ren as Hashimoto Jun
A handsome sci-fi writer whose popularity is on the decline. He has not even published a book since his serialised story ended two years ago and now at the age of 30, he is dipping into his savings for his living. He has only written sci-fi, but his objections are brushed off by the editor Tateyama and he takes on the challenge of a romance novel.

Kato Shigeaki as Murata Keisuke
Hashimoto Jun’s childhood friend and good friend. He encourages Jun who complains that he cannot write a romance novel, and gives him a creative hint.

Sakata Masanobu as Tateyama
The editor who takes care of Hashimoto Jun. He asks Jun to write a non-serialised love story which will be published in a web magazine for young readers.

Adachi Rika as Nakamura Amika
The lofty idol who appears in the novel ‘Intercept’ that Jun is working on.

Watanabe Mai as Yukie
Jun’s ideal female who appears in his romance novel.

Minamisawa Nao as Akatsu Mai
The classmate whom Hashimoto Jun used to date in junior high school.

Ryu Raita as Nezu-jiji
The local fisherman whom Hashimoto Jun admires.

Ogawa Makoto (Yamada-kun to Shichinin no Akujo, Dinner)

Original Work
Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa by Kato Shigeaki

#1: Reunion and Delusions
#2: Break Away from Delusions
#3: Resurrected Memories

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