NHK BS Premium Edogawa Ranpo Short Stories I Drama Special 2016 ~ 1925-nen no Akechi Kogoro


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From 10.30 p.m., 11, 23 January & 11.20 p.m., 24 January 2016

Original Work
Edogawa Rampo

D-zaka no Satsujin Jiken
Story: Uno Takeyoshi (Matsunaga Tenma) is gazing into the old bookshop opposite a cafe at Tokyo’s D Hill and witnesses four customers pickpocket books in the span of about an hour. Then Uno’s friend Akechi Kogoro (Mitsushima Hikari) comes. Growing suspicious about the absence of human figures in the shop, Uno goes over with Akechi. When they visit, they find that the wife (Nakamura Ataru) of the bookshop owner has been strangled to death. Not an hour has passed since her death. The old bookshop has the structure of a tenement house. The front, back door and second floor were being watched by someone. It is a murder behind closed doors. Akechi who is childhood friends with the wife is suspected, but the truth of the case is an unexpected sadomasochistic love … …
Cast: Mitsushima Hikari, Matsunaga Tenma, Nakamura Ataru, Yamanaka Takashi, Tsuda Kanji, Suekichi-kun

Shinri Shiken
Story: A poor university student Fukiya Seiichiro (Suda Masaki) learns from his friend Saito Takeshi (Omizu Yosuke) that the old woman (Shimada Kyusaku) at their lodgings is stashing away some money in a flower pot. Fukiya plans a perfect crime with meticulous care. He murders the old woman. Then he places half the money back where it belonged, puts the remainder in a wallet and reports it to the police as a lost and found item. However, Saito discovers the dead body. He steals the remaining money in the flower pot and is arrested as the murder suspect. On the other hand, Fukiya practices over and over again so that he will not be suspected even if he is made to do a psychometric test by the police. Saito keeps reacting unnaturally in the test conducted by Judge Kasamori (Tanaka Yoji) while Fukiya clears it with ease. Akechi Kogoro (Mitsushima Hikari) shows up in front of a dissatisfied Kasamori and regards the too perfect outcome with suspicion … …
Cast: Mitsushima Hikari, Suda Masaki, Shimada Kyusaku, Tanaka Yoji, Omizu Yosuke, Mizuma Ron, Sato Sakichi

Yaneura no Sanposha
Story: Goda (Shinohara Shinichi), who has grown bored with the uninteresting world, makes the acquaintance of Akechi Kogoro (Mitsushima Hikari) by a friend’s introduction. They frequently visit each others lodgings and become friends. Goda is enthralled by the crime stories that Akechi talks about. At that moment, Goda notices that one of the lodgings ceiling boards is out of place. Following this discovery, Goda devotes every spare moment at night to walk above the ceiling and peep at the secrets of some 20 lodgers from the gap. Among them is a man called Endo who works as a dentist’s assistant. One day, while Goda is watching Endo from above the ceiling, the desire to murder Endo pops into his head even though he bears no resentment against him. Goda who has been fearful of his crime being discovered and never thought of perpetrating a murder until this point is excited that he can kill people so easily. He visits Endo’s room and steals the morphine in his possession. Then he waits for Endo to fall asleep, hangs thread from a hole in the ceiling and kills Endo by pouring morphine into his mouth. The murder with no motive is dismissed as a suicide. However, Akechi, who has come to visit Goda, takes an interest in the case and sets out to solve it.
Cast: Mitsushima Hikari, Shinohara Shinichi, Murasugi Seminosuke

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