Otousan to Yobasete


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 19 January 2016

Fuji TV

51-year-old Daidoji Tamotsu is a department manager of a mid-sized specialised trading company. A dedicated salesman with a sincere heart, he has been so focused on his career that he has never had the chance or opportunity to meet a woman for marriage. However, things changed when Tamotsu met 23-year-old Hanazawa Miran, a young woman with a charming smile and warm personality. One day, Tamotsu visits a hotel for negotiations with a client. Seeing a happy couple who have just celebrated their wedding, sets his mind on marriage with Miran, and he proposes. At that moment, Hanazawa Kiichiro, an elite salaryman who works for a large general trading company, hears from his wife Shizuka that their eldest daughter Miran has a boyfriend and this man will come to their home soon. Of course little does he know that Miran’s boyfriend is the same age as him. But the words of his second daughter Marino and son Hario talking about Miran “liking fairly useless guys” and “unexpectedly fooling around” exacerbates his anxiety. The day arrives. Miran brings Tamotsu home in a tense atmosphere and introduces him as her boyfriend. Kiichiro who had heard that her boyfriend was 26 years old is stunned to see that Tamotsu is clearly of the same generation as he is. On the other hand, Tamotsu also cannot hide his surprise that the despicable man he had seen in a magazine previously is Miran’s father. Despite the reactions of her boyfriend and father, Miran tells her family about her romance with Tamotsu. But Tamotsu and Kiichiro clash because of differences in lifestyle and mindset although they are both of the same age and work for trading companies. Kiichiro is vehemently against their marriage. At the end of a heated argument, Miran declares that she will leave. After that, a series of problems erupt in what Kiichiro had believed to be the ideal family and he starts to question his way of life so far.

Watabe Atsuro as Hanazawa Kiichiro
An elite salaryman who works for a large general trading company Teiyo Corporation and is its youngest director. He developed businesses domestically and abroad and created the ideal family with his wife Shizuka and their three children. He is “perfect” enough that he has even been mentioned in magazines as a “capable man”. But he does not realise that he has actually been living complacently as a husband and father. One day, his eldest daughter Miran suddenly brings Daidoji Tamotsu home as her future husband and a series of festering problems erupt one after another.

Endo Kenichi as Daidoji Tamotsu
A department manager of a mid-sized specialised trading company, Yamabiko Trading. While he aspired for a general trading company, he is proud of his current job. He is a traditional salesman who is proud that “a specialised trading company is a salesperson that visits customers to take orders and connect clients and manufacturers” and is willing to put in hard work. He was given the nickname “Dogeza Daidoji” because of his sincerity. He was so immersed in his work that he never had luck with marriage. But system engineer Hanazawa Miran, who is 28 years his junior, came to his company one day and he was attracted to her innocence. They decide to get married after dating.

Renbutsu Misako as Hanazawa Miran
The eldest daughter of the Hanazawa family. A science girl who will not be satisfied unless everything is followed to its logical conclusion, she holed up in the laboratory during university days. She is compared to a boar because she is unstoppable once she has made up her mind. She now works at the IT company Ocean Solutions as a system engineer. She met Daidoji Tamotsu at Yamabiko Trading because of work and was drawn to his sincerity. They become romantically involved. Although she accepts Tamotsu’s proposal, she only reveals the existence of a boyfriend to her mother and the family does not know Tamotsu’s details including his age.

Shinkawa Yua as Hanazawa Marino
The second daughter of the Hanazawa family. A university student and a model. Candid and realistic about love, she finds her sister Miran’s boyfriend surprising but amusing. She has the elements of the family’s troublemaker.

Nakamura Tomoya as Hanazawa Hario
The eldest son of the Hanazawa family. A salaryman who works for a top electric appliance manufacturer. He dispassionately watches over the clash between Daidoji Tamotsu and his father over the marriage of his younger sister Miran. He has a youthful matter-of-fact side and a secret that he has not told anyone.

Wakui Emi as Hanazawa Shizuka
Hanazawa Kiichiro’s wife. She has constantly put up her husband of many years and brought up their three children as a housewife. However, she has a secret that she has not even told anyone in the family. She knows that their daughter Miran has a boyfriend. But she is not aware that he is 28 years her senior.

Yamazaki Ikusaburo as Sunashimizu Makoto
An employee of Teiyo Corporation like Hanazawa Kiichiro. A handsome man who is in love with Hanazawa Miran. Despite his ardent profession that he will die for her, he is sadly dumped. However, his unrequited feelings is still alive.

Hayashi Koji (I’m Home, Boss Series)

#1: Father-in-law, Can I Marry Your Daughter?
#2: Father-in-law, is Such a Family Alright?
#3: Father-in-law, I Accept Your Challenge!
#4: Father-in-law, What is an Adult’s Charm?
#5: Father-in-law, Can You Live Honestly with Yourself?
#6: Father-in-law, is Family a Nuisance?
#7: Father-in-law, Can I Trust the Family?
#8: Dad’s Furious! Boyfriend has Illegitimate Child? Mom’s Decision Causes Breakup Crisis

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