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From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 17 January 2016


Eito University’s associate professor Himura Hideo is a criminologist who receives police requests and assists in murder investigations. He seeks the pleasure of murder scenes and has openly declared, “I’ve ever wanted to kill a person”. He appears to have darkness in his heart and pursues the ultimate crimes. Himura’s friend, the somewhat unreliable mystery writer Arisugawa Arisu, observes his investigations. His deductions keep missing the mark at times, but he regards himself as Himura’s protector. An unlikely pair for investigation scenes, the two of them make up for each other’s deficiencies as they figure out the complicated and mysterious “tricks” left behind by criminals, with exquisite logic. Himura is involved in investigating a series of random attacks that left two young women dead. Mysterious, undecipherable messages written on scraps of paper were left in their mouths and the cases occurred on two consecutive Tuesday nights. Himura believes a third murder will happen on the third Tuesday night. The third murder in the same style takes place on the third Tuesday night as he had anticipated. Himura and Arisugawa rush to the crime scene. The victim is a young woman again like the two previous cases and she was stabbed to death from the back with a sharp knife. There is a scrap of paper in the victim’s mouth with what seems to be a message from criminal. The words “Night prowler” are written on the paper. It turns out to be the name of a character in the popular video game ‘Zekkyojo’. The murderer is believed to have knowledge of Zekkyojo so Himura visits the game company that created Zekkyojo to look for people involved in the production of the game. Three nights before the next Tuesday, a fourth murder takes place. The victim is a freelance writer Yukie. The M.O. is the same as the last three murders and “Game over” is written on the paper left inside her mouth. Zekkyojo also ended with the death of four people. The police wonder if this is the last in the series of crimes committed according to Zekkyojo. However, Himura asserts that this case is different from the past three … …

Saito Takumi as Himura Hideo
An associate professor in charge of criminal sociology at Eito University’s Department of Sociology. He assists in murder investigations under the guise of field work. He openly declares that his desire to kill a person led to his interest in crime. No one knows the darkness in his mind.

Kubota Masataka as Arisugawa Arisu
A mystery writer. Himura Hideo’s good friend since university days and the only one whom Himura trusts. He accompanies Himura to crime scenes as his “protector”. However, his off-the-cuff deductions are all off the mark. He may seem undependable, but he wants to help Himura and watch over him from close quarters.

Yuka as Ono Nozomi
A detective of Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigation Division. Rank: Assistant Inspector. Her pet name is Komachi. Displeased with outsiders Himura Hideo and Arisugawa Arisu having access to crimes scenes, she finds fault at every opportunity and tries to drive them out. As she investigates cases with him, she is eventually forced to acknowledge his brilliance and at the same time also perceives the darkness of his mind.

Yamamoto Mizuki as Kijima Akemi
A student of Eito University’s Department of Sociology who is taking Himura Hideo’s class. She is one of the members of a group of female university students who gathers around the cool Himura. At times, the cool, listless look she shows feels at odds. She is approaching Himura for a certain objective.

Hasegawa Kyoko as Morohoshi Sanae
The leader of the Shangrila Crusaders, a radical group that is shaking society to its core. She cleverly manipulates members without getting her own hands dirty. Some incident leads to an interview with Himura Hideo and they gradually get drawn to each other.

Namase Katsuhisa as Nabeshima Hisashi
A detective of Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigation Division whose thoughts of arresting criminals are suffocating. Rank: Inspector. A He has great faith in the deductions of Himura Hideo and Arisugawa Arisu. He appears to rely on the two of them a lot and have no pride, but he is aggressive and venomous with his subordinates.

Natsuki Mari as Shinomiya Tokie
The landlady of the lodgings that Himura Hideo lives at. She treats him like a son and looks after him. Himura, who detests people, is similarly attached to her like a child. She loves mystery novels and is also a fan of Arisugawa Arisu’s work.

Magy (Jigoku Sensei Nube)
Sato Tomoharu (The Last Cop, Jigoku Sensei Nube)

Original Work
Himura Hideo Series by Arisugawa Arisu

#1: Great Detective is a Bloodthirsty Killer? A Beautiful Crime Raises the Curtain
#2: Bizarre! Invisible Man!? Vanished in Secret Hot Spring!? Locked Room Murder Suspects are All Guests
#3: Message from Deceased Kills Popular Actor!? Hidden Riddle of Husband and Wife’s Twisted Love
#4: First Love is Murderer’s Memory … Secret Love of Detective and Suspect
#5: Why was Beautiful Celebrity Murdered? Great Psychological Battle to Set a Trap for Killer
#6: Letter of Challenge from Suspicious University Girl!? Haunted House’s Magic Trick is
#7: Target is Himura? The Descent of Beautiful Fiend At Last . Murder Motive is Pure Love?
#8: Himura Awakens vs Most Beautiful Young Boy! Beautiful Crime Exists!?
#9: Arisu’s Desperate Situation! 1 Hour to Execution! Himura’s Candid Revelation at the Brink of Death
#10: Himura and Arisu’s Eternal Separation!?

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