TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Kenji no Shimei


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 17 January 2016
Scriptwriter: Sakai Masaaki (Yakubyougami Series, Smoking Gun, Kamo Kyoto e Iku)
Original Work: Kenji no Shimei by Yuzuki Yuko
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Matsushita Yuki, Shida Mirai, Masuoka Toru, Taketomi Seika, Tsuda Kanji, Tayama Ryosei, Arai Moe, Arimori Narimi, Iida Kisuke, Yamanaka Takashi, Terada Minori, Enami Kyoko, Ibu Masato
Synopsis: Honda Hirotoshi (Tsuda Kanji), a teacher of a prestigious private girl’s high school, is arrested on suspicion of violating the nuisance prevention ordinance for molest on a train and sent to prosecutor Sakata Sadato (Kamikawa Takaya) at Yonesaki District Public Prosecutors Office. High school student Nido Reina (Taketomi Seika) claims he touched her buttocks in the packed train which was headed to an event venue, but Honda denies the crime and calls it a fabrication. He was blackmailed by Reina on the train platform. She said, “I’ll let it go if you pay 300,000 yen. “Honda married into a famous family in Yonesaki. His mother-in-law Atsuko (Enami Kyoko) is the chairman of a large company based in Yonesaki and an influential figure in the local business community. Sakata and his assistant officer Masuda Yoko (Shida Mirai) also listen to Reina who says she did not blackmail Honda. However, Reina thinks they will not believe her anyway. Her manner is somehow careless and Yoko has misgivings about Reina’s attitude. Is Honda or Reina lying? Sakata starts to cautiously investigate and identifies each of Honda’s false statements and discovers other offences. He decides to indict Honda. However, a member of the Lower House Okouchi Sadakazu (Terada Minori) exerts pressure on Sakata at the request of Atsuko. Okouchi’s father was a former prosecutor general and a leader in legal circles. Sakata’s boss Tsutsui Yoshio (Ibu Masato) tries to stop him, warning that he will not be able to survive in the world of prosecutors by making enemies of these people. It is also obvious that even if Sakata is able to indict Honda, Honda is the one in an advantageous position from the perspective of social credibility. Nevertheless, Sakata believes yielding at this point is as good as dying as a prosecutor. Gambling on his fate, he brings charges against Honda. However, an unexpected development awaits at the public hearing … …
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