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From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 January 2016

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Oda Naomi and Hattori Kanako, who have good friends since university days, meet again after six months when Naomi is invited to Kanako’s stylish apartment. Naomi is delighted that the their homes are nearby. Kanako’s husband Tatsuro, an elite banker, is there and Tatsuro’s elder sister Yoko arrives late. After dinner, Naomi and Kanako are standing in the kitchen preparing dessert. At that moment, Naomi smiles and lightly pats Kanako’s arm. Kanako jumps in pain. Then she freezes and cold sweat forms on her forehead. That vacant expression gives Naomi an indescribable sense of discomfort. The department store that Naomi works for has invited its biggest Chinese customers to an exhibition and sale. Naomi’s dream was to become a museum curator, but reality has been harsh. She is now an office lady for the store’s personal shopping service. Her days are spent dealing with customers and performing all sorts of odd jobs. She had heard from her boss Naito Shingo that there would be about 10 customers, but a huge throng of Chinese flood into the venue and confusion ensues. In the middle of this, a luxury watch worth more than 2 million yen gets lost. Naomi realises it was taken away by Li Zhu Mei who runs a Chinese food business. One day, Naomi visits Kanako and is shocked by the obvious swelling and bruise on her face. Kanako, a housewife, tearfully confesses that she was hit by a drunken Tatsuro late last night. Tatsuro has been taking out his job stress on her daily. Naomi cannot bear to see Kanako like this and advises her to divorce him immediately. But Kanako fears retaliation and being killed by her husband. Amid the rage she feels about the misery of a powerless woman controlled by violence, Naomi is at her wits end. When Naomi visits Zhu Mei, her breath catches at the sight of an illegal Chinese immigrant who works for Zhu Mei. He looks just like Kanako’s husband! The perfect crime soon comes to Naomi’s mind and she makes an audacious proposal to Kanako. On the other hand, Yoko starts to suspect the behaviours of Naomi and Kanako … …

Hirosue Ryoko as Oda Naomi
A native of Niigata Prefecture. She studied Western art history in university and obtained qualifications to be a curator. Although she set her sights on becoming a curator, she did not find a position and got a job at Aoi Department Store, which has an art gallery at its main store, in the hope of working on art exhibitions. Contrary to her wishes, she is now with the store’s personal shopping services and leads a dreary life. She is always at the beck and call of spoilt customers with unreasonable demands for things unrelated to her duties such as handling traffic accidents, lunch partners and walking dogs. When she was a child, she saw her father use violence on her mother and is traumatised by domestic violence. Then she learns that Tatsuro, the husband of her close friend Hattori Kanako is battering her. She feels a raging resentment and tries to persuade Kanako to file for divorce. But Kanako refuses and so she proposes that they murder him.

Uchida Yuki as Hattori Kanako
Oda Naomi’s close friend and classmate from university days. A native of Ishikawa Prefecture and is also one of those who came to Tokyo from Hokuriku. Naomi is strong-minded and a control freak while she is gentle and reserved. Despite being polar opposites, they complement each other and share a strong bond. After graduating from university, she worked at a large consumer electronics company but got married to a banker Hattori Tatsuro whom she met at a matchmaking party that her workplace colleagues had invited her to last autumn. She became a housewife according to her husband’s wishes. But after marriage, Tatsuro starts to turn violent on her. One day, her injuries and bruise is seen by Naomi who happened to drop by for a visit. Then Naomi proposes that they kill her husband. She is initially at a loss but gradually gets serious about it and starts to change from an oppressed woman into an independent and strong one.

Yoshida Yo as Hattori Yoko
Hattori Tatsuro’s elder sister. A capable career woman who does planning and development for a large real estate company. She has a keen mind and a strong sense of justice. She brims with the self-confidence of someone who has created a life of her own by herself. Therefore, she is tough on herself as well as other people. She thinks Tatsuro shares similar values as she does. She likes Oda Naomi who is similarly energetic and good at her job and even proposes that they do a project together for Naomi’s customers. However, she soon has misgivings about Tatsuro’s disappearance and starts to confront Naomi and Kanako head on … …

Takahata Atsuko as Li Zhu Mei
The president of a Chinese foodstuffs import company in Ikebukuro. She attends the department store’s exhibition and sale for the customers of its personal shopping service through a Chinese big shot and steals a luxury watch. She remains cool and adopts a defiant attitude when pressed for answers. She takes a liking to Oda Naomi who displays an assertiveness that is not typical for a Japanese when she comes to take back the watch. After that, she becomes Naomi’s customer. Although she does not know the concrete terms of the murder plot of Naomi and Hattori Kanako, she feels sympathy for them and indirectly cooperates.

Sato Ryuta as Hattori Tatsuro / Lin Long Hui
Hattori Tatsuro: Hattori Kanako’s husband. A graduate of a prestigious private university and an elite banker who works for Kotobuki Bank. He is favoured by the general manager of the branch and is in the process of transferring to the corporate sales department. He met Kanako at a matchmaking party, proposed to her in one year and got married. However, after marriage, he would behave violently towards Kanako over the slightest thing because of the pressure of his work. In fact, he was also violent to the women he dated previously. He seeks introductions to the wealthy department store customers by Oda Naomi in order to get ahead in his career.
Lin Long Hui: An illegal immigrant with a modest and kind personality. He left his sick mother behind in China and smuggled himself to Japan. He does not have a passport and has been working at Li Zhu Mei’s Chinese foodstuffs import company in Ikebukuro. He sends money earned in Japan and wants to cure his mother’s illness. He has been working earnestly, but because of his resemblance to Hattori Tatsuro … …

Hamada Shuya (Haretsu, Iryu 4)

Original Work
Naomi to Kanako by Okuda Hideo

#1: Why Don’t the Two of Us Kill Your Husband? … The Women’s Perfect Crime Begins
#2: I’ll Find a Way to Kill Your Husband Without Getting Arrested
#3: This is Fate … The Perfect Crime is Set Into Motion
#4: We’ll be Close Friends and Accomplices from Today
#5: Surprisingly Unrepentant about Husband’s Murder
#6: Sister-in-law Suspects Something
#7: Why the Police … Cheated Woman
#8: Accomplices Fall Out … Betrayal and the Line that shouldn’t be Crossed
#9: It’ll be Good if You Die

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