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From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 13 January 2016


A groundbreaking ceremony for a new stadium for the Tokyo Olympics takes place and a group of observers from overseas are to inspect the planned site on a luxury passenger liner. The chief of the Criminal Investigations Department Shindo Yuzo and the head of the First Investigative Division Hojo Kosuke instructs heightened security by all members of the First Investigative Division with the assistance of the Security Department. Minegishi Yukino of the First Investigative Division, requests to investigate a stalking incident, but is immediately rejected by Hojo. However, right after the luxury passenger liner carrying Shindo, Sumire and the group of observers sets sail, Yukino discovers the dead body of Chizuru, a victim of a stalking case that she was about to investigate. Yukino immediately heads for the crime scene, but Kinomiya Nagisa from the Seventh Investigative Division suddenly shows up in front of her. Shortly after Nagisa takes off her headphones at the scene and says “there’s a certain word”, she loses consciousness. Meanwhile, there is a video that turns out to be a warning of Chizuru’s murder. Furthermore, another video in the same person’s hand warning of a bomb on the luxury passenger liner which the group of observers is aboard has been uploaded! The time limit is four and a half hours. Yukino is assigned to the Seventh Investigative Division, which is nicknamed Higanbana. Higanbana is made up of only female detectives and its objective is to take countermeasures against female criminals and female victims. The male detectives who do not look kindly upon the presence of the Seventh Investigative Division, insultingly liken the women to the poisonous flower, the red spider lily. However, the beautiful members have outwitted their male colleagues to solve numerous cases. Yukino investigates the murder with the team, but is taken aback by their peculiarities. Then a shady journalist Kikuchi Kento appears before Nagisa and claims he fell in love with her at first sight. As the investigation progresses, all sorts of suspects emerge including a former high school classmate Ayaka, who met Chizuru on the day of the murder, a pregnant woman Tamami and her husband Shinnosuke whom Chizuru was interviewing for her job, and a part-timer Oyama. Will Nagisa and the rest be able to identify the murderer and stop the explosion of the luxury passenger liner?

Horikita Maki as Kinomiya Nagisa
A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Seventh Investigative Division. She does things at her own pace, is curt and sarcastic. She has strong empathy for the feelings of other people which she relates to. She is attuned to the evil intentions of other people and usually wears headphones to block these out because they interfere with her life. She gets clues to arrest criminals by sensing a criminal’s urge to kill or a suspect’s hidden evil intent at a crime scene. This ability was awakened because of a certain incident in her childhood. However, this is drains her energy and she will faint and collapse. After collapsing, she will drink the Okinawan local speciality of goat soup to restore her energy.

Dan Rei as Minegishi Yukino
A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division who gets demoted to the Seventh Investigative Division. A detective who is full of justice, hot-blooded and awkward, she brandishes refreshing, sound arguments and is the type who gets on the wrong side of bosses. Because of that, she is considered a nuisance by her male colleagues despite her sharp mind. She ends up paired with the very impudent Kinomiya Nagisa through unexpected circumstances to conduct investigations.

Jiyoung as Nagami Kaoruko
A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Seventh Investigative Division. A tough elite medical examiner who graduated from a famous American medical school and came back to Japan. She has the medical office’s best powers of observation and is a genius who is able to analyse what happened at the time of the crime, the murder weapon and suspect(s) behaviour from a dead body. She is cheerful, free-spirited, bold and has a great deal of curiosity.

Takanashi Rin as Ito Rin
A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Seventh Investigative Division. She once belonged to the crime lab and places importance on data. She handles all identification work from fingerprint verification, handwriting analysis, pinpointing the source of items left at a scene to video analysis with ease. She is the most feminine in Higanbana and is participating in matchmaking activities with the aim of resigning from the police upon marriage. Police officers are also her targets for marriage partner because “civil servants are stable”. She always goes home by taxi for some reason. In truth, there is a deep reason behind the formation of Higanbana … …

YOU as Yanagi Sachiko
She once resigned after marriage and childbirth, but her exceptional profiling skills are valued by Segawa Sumire and she becomes a member of Higanbana. She is always telling jokes and loosening things up. However, she keenly observes people and analyses situations from various angles regularly. She is the older sister in Higanbana who watches over the members. She is a single mother of a son who is now a first year junior high school student.

Daigo as Kikuchi Kento
A freelance journalist. He finds material in cases that the public will clamour for and writes them up into juicy stories which he then sells to weekly magazines and sports papers. With his proven ability to gather information, he would sometimes obtain information useful to investigations before the police and even cooperate with Higanbana. What is his motive for casually approaching Kinomiya Nagisa!?

Daichi Mao as Segawa Sumire
The head of the Seventh Investigative Division and the person who formed the division. She assesses special characteristics and talents and gathers members from among the female detectives. She does not raise her voice and always has a pleasant smile but her instructions to her team members are opposite to that. She seems to be an ambitious person whose first consideration is her own career advancement, but when her subordinates are facing a crisis, she will protect them to the end by whatever means necessary. She has a sense of justice. She recognises Kinomiya Nagisa’s ability and is also the person who recommended her to become a detective but … …

Sano Shiro as Shindo Yuzo
A typical police bureaucrat who is steeped in old organisation mentality. On the other hand, he acknowledges the formation of Higanbana because of his philosophy of using everything in his power and watches over the unit’s movements in secret. He is one of the persons who knows about Kinomiya Nagisa’s past but … …

Tokunaga Tomihiko (Saikyou no Futari, Keiji 7-nin, Tenshi to Akuma)
Ikegami Junya (Deiri Kinshi no Onna, Gokuaku Ganbo, Miss Pilot)
Matsumoto Miyako (Bokura Playboys, Sakura, Inpei Sousa)
Arai Shuko (Mother Game, Dark Suits, Shima no Sensei)

#1: True Voice Remaining at Murder Scene
#2: Kidnapper’s Mysterious Instructions …! The True Motive?
#3: I’ll Protect My Mum … Charismatic Housewife’s Hidden Truth
#4: Love Tragedy … Female Scientist’s Mysterious Death in Explosion!
#5: Jealousy and Envy … Talented Ballerina’s Tragedy
#6: Revealed Secret! Riddle of the Guy who Killed His Father
#7: Fate of Two Persons? Shocking Truth is Discovered
#8: Friend’s Arrest!? Riddle of the Murdered Assaulter
#9: Wealthy Man’s Murder! Is the Criminal the Housekeeper or Daughter?

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