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The dashingly handsome Kishi Keiichitaro is Sobokai First General Hospital’s only pathologist. Described as intensely eccentric and very sharp-tongued, he is an extremely outstanding doctor. He would clash with the other party no matter who he or she is, for the sake of medical justice and the lives of patients. He is considered a nuisance by the doctors around him, but they never go against his judgments. Because he does not mince his words, he makes nothing but enemies. Rookie neurologist Miyazaki Chihiro, who works at the same hospital as Kishi, is lectured by a senior doctor Kosaka Hidetoshi every day. She has reservations about his emphasis on work efficiency but cannot refute. At this moment, a high school student Kageyama Karin, who fell down and hit her head, is brought to the hospital. Kosaka rules out brain haemorrhage from the CT scan. Although Karin complains of a pain in her back, Kosaka tells her intervertebral disc degeneration is possible. However, Chihiro does not agree and thinks they need to do a detailed examination. The next day, Kosaka reports Karin’s condition at the neurology department’s conference. She has a laceration on her head, nausea, fever and discomfort in the lower limbs. Brain haemorrhage was not confirmed in the CT scan. He suspects intervertebral disc degeneration in relation to the discomfort in the lower limbs. The head of the neurology department instructs him to send Karin around to the orthopedics department. No one objects and it seems that the conference is over. Then the only man in a suit among a sea of white coats requests to speak. He is Kishi. Kishi rebuts Kosaka who has diagnosed the patient’s condition based only on an initial examination. In the end, the head of the neurology department is forced to promise a MRI scan of Karin’s back in order to confirm the intervertebral disc degeneration. Kishi returns to the pathology department and is about to start work with laboratory technician Morii Hisashi when Chihiro comes. Her heart had been captured by Kishi in that moment when he voiced the misgivings she had. She asks Kishi to directly examine the patient, but is rejected and berated for not voicing her suspicions at the conference. Even so she persists. Kishi instructs her to find out the reason why Karin had a fall.

Nagase Tomoya as Kishi Keiichitaro
A pathologist who always wears a suit instead of a white coat. Described as “intensely eccentric but extremely outstanding” by the people around him, he is a bigot, narcissist and cynic. He frequently has run ins with other doctors and constantly gets into disputes, but his principles are to prioritise the lives of patients and medical justice. He seems unconcerned about his colleagues Miyazaki Chihiro and Morii Hisashi, but he understands the pressure Chihiro feels as a doctor and Morii’s secret feelings.

Takei Emi as Miyazaki Chihiro
A rookie pathologist. She identifies Kishi Keiichitaro, whose stance is to give first priority to the lives of patients, with her ideal doctor and forces a transfer from the neurology department to the pathology department. But Kishi does not teach her directly. She has little knowledge and experience as a pathologist and at times seems to collapse under the heavy responsibility too. However, she unknowingly starts to mature as a pathologist with her enthusiasm and energy.

Nomura Shuhei as Morii Hisashi
The only clinical laboratory technician. He has withstood the pressure of Kishi Keiichitaro and remained at the pathology department without resigning. The data that Kishi diagnoses with are all given by him. He appears to be cool, but is a passionate guy who dedicates himself to his job and willingly stay up all night for the sake of patients. He is familiar with Kishi’s style and also plays the role of “impact reliever” between Kishi and their surroundings. Although his days are fulfilling as a technician, he has a reason and past for becoming one. At times, his cold gaze is directed at doctors.

Koyuki as Hosoki Madoka
A beautiful, outstanding surgeon who is tough and shrewd. She and Kishi Keiichitaro were peers in university. She has supreme confidence in him and frequently visits the pathology department. She declares, “To find an excellent hospital, one should search for a hospital with an excellent pathologist.” One of the few people who knows about Kishi’s past, she takes an approach to Kishi which hints at a relationship and this confuses Miyazaki Chihiro.

Kitaoji Kinya as Nakano Kaoru
A professor and head of the pathology department of Keiro University Hospital. He is an authority in the pathology community and Kishi Keiichitaro’s former mentor. He displays a playfulness when he invites Miyazaki Chihiro on a date the first time they meet, but behaves outrageously in front of Kishi and even threatens in rough language that is nothing like a doctor. He is influential in many areas and can even interfere with Sobokai First General Hospital’s personnel matters. He and Kishi have formed a firm relationship of trust and he is the only person that Kishi consults.

Hashibe Atsuko (Ghost Writer, Boku no Ita Jikan, Osozaki no Himawari)

Original Work
Fragile by Kusa Mizubin

#1: My Words are the Law!! The Man of Justice and Principles Saves Lives
#2: The Lives the Genius Pathologist Saves … The Shocking Illness Lurking in Blank Time
#3: An Unidentified Illness? Protect Marriage Ties and Life from Illness with No Known Cause
#4: The Most Undiagnosable Illness … Lives and Future of Entrusted Mother and Daughter
#5: One-year Life Expectancy Pronounced! Fulfil Dream of Youth with Incurable Disease, Diagnosis that Doesn’t Give Up on Life!!
#6: SOS from Patient!! Mother who Wants to Change Doctor in Charge, Saves Baby’s Life!!
#7: The Looming Time Limit, Pathologist’s Revealed Past Save Bride’s Life!!

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