Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 12 January 2016


Shibata Michiko is 30 years old. She has been unemployed since the company she worked at went bankrupt six months ago. Her savings have also depleted because she kept giving money to a younger man she had considered her boyfriend … … One day, a down and out Michiko happens to meet Kurosawa Ayumu, who was her detested ex-boss at the previous workplace. Michiko recalls the continuous days of disparagement and gets scared, but all sorts of emotions intermingle and she abruptly cries out, “I want to eat meat!” Kurosawa is unable to let this pass without doing anything. He takes her by the hand and goes to the cafe ‘Himawari’, which is preparing for its opening. Kurosawa has started a new life as the owner of this cafe that he inherited from his grandmother. He pities Michiko’s awful predicament and declares that he will hire her to work part-time at the cafe. Although Michiko is reluctant, she gets a source of income and meals. Then Haruko who runs a flower shop comes to Himawari with a container garden of flowers. Kurosawa is knowledgeable about flowers too. Is there anything that he is bad at? On the first day of her part-time job, Michiko narrowly misses salaryman Mogami Daichi while she is handing out leaflets. The handsome Mogami kindly gathers the leaflets Michiko has dropped. Michiko tells herself to be indifferent and says goodbye in her heart. Kurosawa orders Michiko around and insults her like their relationship before. But she sees a different side of him. Just when her life is turning around, his ex-girlfriend and a first love show up, and the cafe faces the danger of going out of business … …

Fukada Kyoko as Shibata Michiru
She has no job, no money and no boyfriend. This is her life at 30. The company she worked for went bankrupt and she lost her job. Because she has a love of meat, she would go to great lengths for meat. She thinks of her ex-boss Kurosawa Ayumu of the company that went bankrupt as her natural nemesis, but she gives in to temptation and takes on a part-time job at Kurosawa’s cafe ‘Himawari’.

Fujioka Dean as Kurosawa Ayumu
Shibata Michiru’s former boss. He was a capable salesman. But the company’s bankruptcy sets him free from the life of a while-collar worker and he starts a cafe. He is feared because he used to be a delinquent, but he is caring. He hires Michiru, who is in need of money, as a part-time employee.

Miura Shohei as Mogami Daichi
He makes the acquaintance of Shibata Michiru, who has just started working part-time at the newly opened cafe ‘Himawari’, while she is distributing leaflets. His cheerful, delightful smile makes a favourable impression.

Nonami Maho as Ikushima Akira
Kurosawa Ayumu’s strong-willed girlfriend who acts like a big sister. They have dated for a long time and are even living together. She is strongly against him becoming the owner of ‘Himawari’ and tells him bluntly that she will break up with him if he goes on like this.

Mimura as Haruko
Kurosawa Ayumu’s childhood friend. She runs a florist. She frequently visits ‘Himawari’ to deliver flowers. She is a cheerful and kind person.

Yoshizawa Tomoko (Dr DMAT, Kuro no Onna Kyoushi)

Original Work
Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai by Nakahara Aya

#1: Hopeless Female, Very Sadistic Boss Meet Again
#2: The Outcome of Kiss with Very Sadistic Boss?
#3: Birth of a Capable Woman!? Company Romance with Junior
#4: Can I Believe You? A Younger Man’s Proposal
#5: His Kiss For Real! The Start of Competition?
#6: Boyfriend is a Swindler!? The Past Comes Back to Life!
#7: The Person I Truly Love is!?
#8: I Kissed Chief This Time?
#9: Chief’s Big Decision! Girlfriend or Me?

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