Utenai Keikan


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 January 2016


Inspector Shibasaki Reiji, the head of the Planning Section in the Planning Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s General Affairs Department, is one of a small handful of elite candidates in the police organisation. He only thinks about career progress and has been on the fast track even though he does not have experience in crime scene arrests. But one day, things take a bad turn after the inexplicable suicide of a direct subordinate Kido Kazuhiko. Shibasaki was told by his boss Nakata over the phone to let Kido participate in target practice so that he will make a complete recovery from depression. Nakata had already issued a directive that was affixed with his seal. An unsuspecting Shibasaki returned the gun that was in the custody of his supervisor to Kido and ordered him to join target practice. Kido shot himself dead with the gun right after that. Shibasaki is held responsible. Although he appeals, Nakata denies the phone call and has an alibi for that time. Furthermore, the directive has already been disposed. In the end, Nakata hands Shibasaki a demotion to a police precinct. Who was the caller? Realising that he has been set up, Shibasaki devises a plan not only to shed light on the truth, but make a return to the headquarters.

Tanabe Seiichi as Shibasaki Reiji
The head of the Planning Section in the Planning Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s General Affairs Department. While he showers love on his wife and son, he has had no qualms about using intimidation on fellow police officers in order to get ahead in his career. He suddenly goes from elite candidate to facing a demotion to a police precinct when a direct subordinate commits suicide with a gun.

Nakagoshi Noriko as Shibasaki Yukino
Shibasaki Reiji’s wife. She worries that their son Katsumi is being bullied. Her father is a former police officer.

Ishiguro Ken as Nakata
The head of the General Affairs Department’s Planning Division at Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Shibasaki Reiji’s boss. He was supposed to have granted Shibasaki permission to return the gun to the direct subordinate who committed suicide, but he denies any involvement and all evidence vanishes too.

Shimada Kyusaku as Sukegawa
The deputy chief of Adachi Police Precinct. Shibasaki Reiji’s boss after his demotion. An old-fashioned police officer. He berates Shibasaki who has no field experience, but on the other hand acknowledges him.

Yamamoto Gaku as Yamaji Naotake
Shibasaki Yukino’s father. A former police officer. He provides his son-in-law Reiji with inside information about the police and supports his return to headquarters.

Abe Teruo (At Home, Fushigina Misaki no Monogatari)

Original Work
Utenai Keikan by Ando Yoshiaki

#1: Rout
#2: Desolate Zone
#3: Room 3/12’s Whispers

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