Arechi no Koi


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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 9 January 2016


In 1947, a year heavily tinged by the scars of war, Kitazawa Taro, Mitamura Kiichi, Arikawa Nobuo and other fellow poets who would play a central role in post-war Japan’s modern poetry movement gathered for the launch of the poetry magazine ‘Arechi’. 28 years later in 1975, a 53-year-old Kitazawa works at a newspaper’s proofreading department as he continues scrape by composing poetry. Although he is not prolific as a poet, he cherishes ordinary happiness every day surrounded by his wife Haruko and their daughter Yuko and son Sho. But a big turning point comes for Kitazawa one day. He develops frequent contact with Akiko, the wife of his good friend Mitamura. Falling in love with her, he abandons his job and leaves his wife Haruko and two children behind. As he starts to live with Akiko who has also left home, he recovers an unprecedented passion and “words”. Each of them start to live the life of the “wasteland”.

Toyokawa Etsushi as Kitazawa Taro
28 years ago, he published the magazine ‘Arechi’ with fellow poets. He is now a proofreader at a newspaper publisher as he continues scrape by composing poetry. His first wife died in an accident.

Suzuki Kyoka as Mitamura Akiko
Mitamura Kiichi’s wife. Fed up with her husband’s attitude, she leaves home and falls deeply into love with Kitazawa Taro.

Matsushige Yutaka as Mitamura Kiichi
An egoistic but charismatic poet who is the leading figure of post-war poetry. In fact he easily succumbs to loneliness and indulges in alcohol every day.

Tomita Yasuko as Kitazawa Haruko
Kitazawa Taro’s wife. She develops mental illness because of her husband’s romance and is dead set against a divorce.

Kawashima Umika as Kitazawa Yuko
Kitazawa Taro’s daughter. She became an editor due to her father’s influence.

Murakawa Eri as Hashimoto Ako
A nurse who looks just like Kitazawa Taro’s late first wife.

Kurosawa Hisako (Kaiki Daisakusen, Shijuukunichi no Recipe)
Watanabe Takayoshi

Original Work
Arechi no Koi by Nejime Shoichi

#1: A Never-ending Beginning
#2: A Shabby New Year
#3: Flower of Evil
#4: Dog Days
#5: A Wonderful Life

Click here for photos from the press conference.

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