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Nishiwaki Rieko is cleared of a false charge and released from a prison at the age of 40. She was accused of murdering a child at the orphanage where she worked and served eight years in prison. However, Rieko cannot forgive her colleague and good friend Kawase Azumi, who was her only alibi, for betraying her at the trial and sets out to find Azumi. Sakuma Manabu, the detective in charge of the case, goes after her. He regrets making an innocent Rieko confess for a crime she did not commit in a harsh interrogation, but fears that she will take her anger and hatred out on Azumi. In the midst of this, a mysterious young lady Taniguchi Mio shows up in front of Rieko. Mio instantly sees through Rieko’s dark and strong emotions, but clings to her for some reason. Although Rieko finds Mio creepy, she continues her journey to search for Azumi. She does not know about Mio’s past. Then a new murder occurs at the place Rieko and Mio have gone and the journey turns into an escape before they are aware of it.

Mizuno Miki as Nishiwaki Rieko
A former employee of an orphanage. She graduated from a graduated school and possesses clinical psychologist qualifications. She served an eight-year sentence until it became clear that she was wrongfully convicted in a murder case at the orphanage. Even after she is released from prison, she is treated coldly by society.

Naka Riisa as Taniguchi Mio
A mysterious female who unexpectedly shows up in front of Nishiwaki Rieko. Despite her audacious behaviour, she tags along Rieko’s journey for some reason. A new murder case with an unclear motive happens around her.

Tabata Tomoko as Kawase Azumi
Nishiwaki Rieko’s colleague at the orphanage and good friend since junior high school. Although she adores Rieko, she denies her alibi at the time of the case.

Takahashi Katsunori as Saito Koichi
A senior colleague at the orphanage. He was rumoured to be having an affair with Nishiwaki Rieko. He believes she is innocent and goes out of his way for her sake.

Endo Kenichi as Sakuma Manabu
The detective in charge of the orphanage murder case. At that time, he became completely and obsessively absorbed in the investigation and concluded that Nishiwaki Rieko’s alibi was a lie because his wife left home. The case still weighs on his mind even now.

Kaku Kento as Ando Junya
Sakuma Manabu’s junior detective. He corrects his cold view of Sakuma who is fixated on Nishiwaki Rieko’s case. He starts to check Taniguchi Mio’s past because of the new murder case.

Furuya Ikko as Nishiwaki Takao
Nishiwaki Rieko’s father. He was forced to move and divorce because of his daughter’s case. He is troubled about the family’s sufferings.

Takahashi Tsutomu as Fukami Hajime
A friend from junior high and high school days who knows both Nishiwaki Rieko and Kawase Azumi. He liked Rieko in the past.

Kamata Toshio (Last Dinner, Keiji Teinen)

#1: The Scar of Innocence
#2: The Liar and Storm
#3: A Broken Happiness
#4: Dangerous Travel Companion
#5: No One But You
#6: An Enduring Love

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