TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi ~ Mizuumi de Hirotta Onna

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 6 January 2016
Scriptwriter: Hikawa Kayo (Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi, Iryu 4, Kyumei Byoto 24-ji Season 5)
Original Work: Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi by Kurokawa Hiroyuki
Cast: Funakoshi Eiichiro, Nakayama Shinobu, Koizumi Kotaro, Takahashi Kaori, Satsukawa Aimi, Yamamoto Gaku, Hayashi Yasufumi, Yamada Jundai, Matsuo Satoru, Kasai Kenji, David Ito, Ishibashi Tamotsu, Namioka Kazuki, Idemitsu Gen, Hozumi Takanobu, Matsunaga Hiroshi
Synopsis: The body of a man is found at a shrine in Hakone. He is identified as Nemuro Satoshi (Matsunaga Hiroshi) who is on an illicit trip. Section chief Yoshinaga Seiichi (Funakoshi Eiichiro), Kagami Kiichi (Koizumi Kotaro) and detectives of Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division immediately conduct the initial investigation and pick up laminated yellow flowers near the place where the dead body was discovered. The flowers are a designated protected species called kirengeshoma. However, Nemuro did not seem to have a particular interest in it. Yoshinaga and Kiichi learn that on the night Nemuro was murdered by his lover, he left his accommodation after he was called out by someone and never returned. They also hear that Nemuro’s old friend Ishizaki Takehiko (Ishibashi Tamotsu) should have known that he was at the inn and visit Ishizaki at once. Ishizaki and Nemuro set up a company together in the past. But there was growing frustration within the company about Nemuro’s merciless harassment of subordinates. Then Nemuro resigned and Ishizaki became the company president. Nemuro’s wife Mio (Takahashi Kaori) had worked at the same company too, but according to the other employees, it seemed that there was a period when Mio had gone out with Ishizaki. They felt that Ishizaki could not ignore how Mio was listless and trying to act strong after her marriage. Meanwhile, Yoshinaga and Kiichi visit Mio and encounter the counsellor Hiyama Akihiro (Namioka Kazuki). Hiyama, who has been counselling Mio from before, says he is worried and came to check on her. Detective Utsuki Ai (Satsukawa Aimi) of Odawara Nishi Police Precinct who is investigating the case together with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, reasons that Ishizaki or Hiyama murdered Nemuro in order to take possession of Mio. However, it does not make sense to Yoshinaga. Mio, who has lost her husband, is uncooperative and has little to say about everything. Furthermore, the unnatural position of repair marks on the wall in Nemuro’s house catches Yoshinaga’s eye. After that, they obtain witness statements from the employees at the shop where Mio has been working part-time, that the shop manager Sakai Daisuke (David Ito) has been giving her special treatment. While this strengthens the view of the police that Sakai is a key person in the investigation, they find out that Nemuro was covered by a 9 million yen life insurance. The beneficiary is Mio. Even the men that she was dating during her single days died and two days before their dead bodies were found, these men transferred 4 million yen to her. The pattern points to marriage scam and murder for insurance. On the other hand, Yoshinaga’s wife Teruko (Nakayama Shinobu) hears from a photography club member whom she met in Hakone, that someone knows a lot about flowers and educates her on the kirengeshoma. But that night, Sakai is discovered stabbed to death … …
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