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37-year-old Makabe Suzune is single, popular scriptwriter who lives in Tokyo. Although she is having a clandestine adulterous relationship with drama producer Yanai Mamoru, they continue to go out with respect for each other. Just as Suzune is feeling that her life is on track, her former high school classmate Furusawa Mizue from her hometown of Shizuoka suddenly shows up with a young son one rainy night. Mizue has lost her job, money and even the home she lived in. Claiming that Suzune is the only one she can turn to, she tearfully beseeches Suzune to let her stay for one night. A bewildered Suzune lets Mizue into her house on account of nostalgia for a youth spent together in the school choir 20 years ago. However, this quickly becomes a promise to stay until she gets employment. Unable to cruelly thrust mother and child away, Suzune’s daily life and work get disrupted. Then, a series of strange incidents start to happen to Suzune’s surroundings. Through this reunion of two classmates who have led completely different lives, all sorts of dormant feelings erupt and memories that they were starting to be forgotten are resurrected.

Uchida Yuki as Makabe Suzune
A popular scriptwriter of drama series. She has created numerous hits in collaboration with the producer Yanai Mamoru these few years, but the two of them are actually having an affair. Having achieved career success and financial affluence, she believes she is leading a life of contentment. However, her peaceful days are shaken up by the appearance of Furusawa Mizue.

Ikewaki Chizuru as Furusawa Mizue
A single mother with a 6-year-old son Kota. She belonged to the same choir as Makabe Suzune at high school in Shizuoka. She and her husband divorced last year and she came to Tokyo. However, the aunt she had been living with passes away. She loses both the roof over her head and employment. At her wits end, she suddenly visits her old friend Suzune. She is consumed with rebuilding her life before Kota enters elementary school.
Kaneko Nobuaki as Nada Takashi
A former musician who took over the second-hand book store – the family business – from his father recently. He appears to be an inscrutable person, but he is actually a kind man who understands emotional pain. He knows Makabe Suzune is a scriptwriter and develops an interst in her.

Ichikawa Miwako as Yonezawa Mihoko
The owner of the cafe that Makabe Suzune lunches at almost every day. She was Suzune’s classmate during high school, but she did not have contact with Furusawa Mizue. She is wary of Mizue who suddenly comes into Suzune’s life.

Chisun as Haraguchi Natsumi
Makabe Suzune’s younger sister who has just had a child recently. She intends to ask Suzune to take care of their parents in Shizuoka because she will be moving to Fukuoka due to her husband’s job relocation.

Duncan as Soga Ryoichi
A mysterious man who seeks Furusawa Mizue’s whereabouts. He attempts to extort money from her, but he has difficulty achieving this objective innate maybe because of his innate good nature.

Okada Yoshinori as Umemori Sho
Furusawa Mizue’s ex-husband and Kota’s father. He is a mild-mannered man who works for their hometown’s municipal office, but Mizue contends that he subjected her to domestic violence.

Oka Mayumi as Makabe Kyoko
Makabe Suzune’s mother. Although she worries and nages her daughter who is not married because she is too occupied with work, she loves watching the dramas that Suzune writes.

Omi Toshinori as Yanai Mamoru
A drama producer who has delivered numerous hits. His relationship with Makabe Suzune became adulterous before he realised it, but he is a discreet man who is able to conceal this perfectly. He has tremendous admiration for Suzune’s talent as a scriptwriter.

Yokota Rie (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai Series, Aru Hi Ahiru Bus, Soko o Nantoka Series) Moriyama Akemi (Itsutsu Boshi Tourist, Again!!!)
Kanome Keiko (Aru Hi Ahiru Bus, Caroling)

Original Work
Haburashi by Kondo Fumie

#1: Premonition
#2: Regret
#3: Doubt
#4: Lies
#5: Jealousy
#6: Slander
#7: Truth
#8: Hope

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