TV Asahi Scenario Prize 2016 ~ Natsumeke Dorobo Kidan


Date: From 1.10 a.m., 3 January 2016
Scriptwriter: Higashiyama Yasuko
Cast: Kiritani Kenta, Nishii Yukito, Nishimura Motoki, Matsuda Kenji
Synopsis: In 1903 (Meiji 36) in Tokyo’s Sendagi district, 18-year-old thief Roku (Nishii Yukito) enters the home of high school teacher Natsume Kinnosuke (Kiritani Kenta), later Natsume Soseki, to steal. However, he is mistaken as the new servant and ends up staying. Kinnosuke is treated as an eccentric in the neighbourhood and even his wife Kyoko has given up on him and left home, but friends and followers come to visit daily. One evening, Kinnosuke takes offense at the words “throw oneself” that a follower Terada Torahiko (Nishimura Motoki) said and excuses himself. In fact, a student had committed suicide by drowning last month and Kinnosuke is suffering from the weight of this responsibility. Harassed by students and weary of the teaching profession, Kinnosuke finally gives Roku a letter of absence from work and learns that Roku cannot read a character. Roku had been stealing to survive ever since he took items out from his place of apprenticeship and ran away at the age of 15. Kinnosuke presents Roku with a dictionary and Roku gets his first chance to learn characters. He memorises characters every night by turning the pages of the dictionary and wants to read books. However, the books in the Natsume household all seem difficult. Because of this, Kinnouske starts to write books for Roku. The title of what would later become Kinnosuke’s debut work is “I Am a Cat”. Roku’s eagerness to continue reading, inspires Kinnosuke and makes him rediscover the joy in learning and describing it. It is a peaceful time for both Kinnosuke and Roku. However, detective Isaji Chuichi (Matsuda Kenji), who has received reports about a suspicious-looking man in the neighbourhood, comes to visit … …
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