NHK Drama Special 2015 ~ Beautiful Slow Life

Beautiful Slow Life

Date: From 10.00 p.m, 24 December 2015
Scriptwriter: Minamoto Takashi (Liquid, Kamisama no Boat, Tsugunai)
Cast: Tokiwa Takako, Kitamura Kazuki, Kohinata Fumiyo, Ikeda Seishi, Ishii Kazutaka, Nishimura Naoto, Onuma Yuki, Kuge Kokoro, Ayuba Sarasa, Nakatani Taro, Nakata Ayaka, Yoshida Madoka, Shumoto Erika, Kamata Shoji, Sato Yoshihiro, Sai Tetsuhiro, Nagashima Kazuaki, Taniguchi Hirohisa
Synopsis: A story of a married couple in short dramas, portraying four unforgettable moments in their lives from their encounter to separation. She (Tokiwa Takako) is the celebrated stage actress of a theatre company and he (Kitamura Kazuki) is a mere person in charge of props, who has secretly burned with love for her for some time. On Christmas eve in 1987, he finally gathers the courage to hand her a slip of paper with his contact details written on it. Observing the bewildered expression on her face, he half gives up and boards the train to go home. However, she is visible from the train window. He sees her standing at the platform looking and smiling at the paper he had passed to her earlier. Love soon blossoms and they get married and have children. They overcome differences and as they near the end of their lives, he makes his wife a last present.
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