TV Tokyo Drama Special 2015 ~ Keishichou Tokumei Keiji Futari ~ Daikanyama Cold Case


Date: From 9.00 p.m, 23 December 2015
Scriptwriter: Yasui Kuniho (Saikyo no Futari, Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi, Hanchou Series)
Original Work: Daikanyama Cold Case by Sasaki Joe
Cast: Matsushige Yutaka, Yamamoto Mirai, Takuma Shin, Masuoka Toru, Sawada Ayako, Tsutsumi Daijiro, Moto Fuyuki, Minagawa Sarutoki, Anan Kenji, Yamanaka Sou, Chiba Tetsuya, Shibukawa Kiyohiko, Inari Takuo, Kato Nagamasa, Watanabe Wataru
Synopsis: Mitobe Hiroshi (Matsushige Yutaka), a former detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, was transferred to a police precinct due to confusion in the chain of command in a certain case. He now handles desk work every day. One day, Mitobe is summoned by Yamagishi Wataru (Takuma Shin), the head of the First Investigative Division. Yamagishi wants him to work with the division’s “iron lady” Asaka Chizuko (Yamamoto Mirai), who is in charge of sex offenses, to investigate a cold case in complete secrecy. 20 years ago, a cafe employee Nakamaki Michiru (Ono Shiori) was strangled to death at her own apartment in Daikanyama. At that time, it was determined from the three types of DNA left at the crime scene that at least three men had access to the apartment, and Michiru’s boyfriend Kazami Yohei (Mizuma Ron), a budding cameraman, emerged as a suspect. But just before his arrest, Mizuma was found to have drowned in the Tama River and a large amount of alcohol was detected in his body. His death was deemed a suicide and the investigation ended. However, DNA collected at the scene of the murder of a nurse Sumitani Maki (Ito Shihono) in Yokohama three days ago, matches one of the DNA in the Daikanyama case. If the murders were committed by the same criminal and Kazami is not the culprit, it would become a big scandal for the police. Yamagishi wants to find out the truth before the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and in secret too. The head of criminal investigations Morisue Teppei (Masuoka Toru) presides over the Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s investigation task force. Hearing this, Mitobe’s expression stiffens. Mitobe’s colleague was shot and died in action in a hostage-taking case in the past as a result of Morisue’s instructions to storm the place. While 200-strong investigation task force starts to investigate the two cases as well, Mitobe and Asaka visit Kurahashi Atsushi (Anan Kenji), the company president of Kurahashi Estate, the real estate company that has been managing Michiru’s apartment. According to Kurahashi, the first person who discovered Michiru’s dead body was Mitsuya Yu (Inari Takuo), an employee of Kurahashi Estate. Right after the case, Mitsuya struck out on his own but his company went bankrupt and his current whereabouts is not known. The two of them proceed to question the owner Shinohara Daisuke (Shibukawa Kiyohiko), regular customer Kijima Toshio (Kato Nagamasa) and others at the Daikanyama cafe where Michiru worked at. They are able to see a little of her interpersonal relationships from the conversations. In the middle of this, Tokita Satoru (Moto Fuyuki) from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department General Affairs Division who was in charge of the Daikanyama case 20 years ago, shows up. He presents a notebook on the information he had gathered at that time to Mitobe. In addition, Nakajima Shoto (Minagawa Sarutoki) from forensics, who is examining the items seized from Kazami’s home, notices something which is supposed to be in Kazami’s apartment is not there … …
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