Fuji TV Drama Special 2015 ~ Kurotokage


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 22 December 2015
Scriptwriter: Fukasawa Masaki (ST ~ Aka to Shiro no Sousa File, Nobunaga no Chef Series, Machi Isha Jumbo)
Orignal Work: Kurotage by Edogawa Ranpo
Cast: Maya Miki, Watabe Atsuro, Goriki Ayame, Ryusei Ryo, Yamashita Shinji, Masu Takeshi, Satomi Kotaro
Synopsis: The mysterious female thief Kurotokage (Maya Miki) steals all “beautiful things” from treasures to military secrets that will become money. Many of these are perfect crimes that have received significant global attention … One day near Christmas, the dead body of a woman is discovered in the sea. The police conclude from the black lizard impression left on the nape of her neck that this is the work of Kurotokage. But only the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s genius deputy commissioner Akechi Kogoro (Watabe Atsuro) who is presiding over the investigation, disagrees with their theory. This is because Kurotokage will never kill someone in order to achieve her goals. At this moment, the police receives a warning of a crime from Kurotokage. The target is ‘Christmas Eve Tears’, a precious stone that is associated with the murdered woman. Valued at 10 billion, it is in the possession of Iwase Shoichiro (Masu Takeshi), the chairman of a large conglomerate. Kurotokage will steal ‘Christmas Eve Tears’ the moment Christmas is welcomed. Akechi shudders at the thought of a showdown with this formidable opponent that he still has not seen. His subordinate Kobayashi Yoshio (Ryusei Ryo), a detective of the First Investigative Division, watches him anxiously. On Christmas Eve, as the police including the section manager of the First Investigative Division, Namikoshi Zenshiro (Yamashita Shinji), beef up security and lie in wait, Akechi exchanges greetings with the magician Midorikawa Kyoko at a party to unveil ‘Christmas Eve Tears’. Kyoko has known Iwase for 10 years and today, she is performing an illusion. But Kyoko is actually Kurotokage. Furthermore, Iwase’s daughter Sanae (Goriki Ayame) also makes a disquieting move for some reason … On stage, the precious stone is unveiled and the time of the crime approaches. Kyoko’s show nears the end at midnight and fireworks are suddenly set off at the venue. Enveloped by this smokescreen, everyone is anxious about the whereabouts of ‘Christmas Eve Tears’. But what has disappeared is Sanae and not the precious stone! Akechi thinks that there is a reason why Kurotokage did not steal ‘Christmas Eve Tears’ and kidnapped Sanae instead. He presents his deduction that Kyoko is Kurotokage and the person responsible for abducting Sanae is Kurotokage’s subordinate Amemiya Junichi (Satomi Kotaro) who played her assistant. While all present react with shock, Kurotokage finally reveals herself. She throws the explosives that Sanae had secretly laid on the stage up in the air and presses the detonator … …
Official Website: www.ktv.jp/kurotokage

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