NTV Drama Special 2015 ~ Damashi Banashi

Damashi Banashi

Date: From 11.15 p.m., 20 December 2015
Scriptwriters: Hata Takehiko (Maruho no Onna, Dandarin, Otousan wa Nido Shinu), Uchida Shizuka, Seo Atsuya
Genre: Various
Cast: Hirose Alice, Maeda Goki, Shison Jun, Baba Fumika, Kao Osamu, Tenchou Matsumoto, Fukushima Jun, Otaki Akitoshi, Yagami Ren, Morino Misaki, Moro Ikuya, Hashimoto Manami, Hasegawa Rumi, Harada Takumi, Takahata Yuta, Hankai Kazuaki, Aso Yumi, Asano Kazuyuki
Synopsis: Yoshida Mahiru (Hirose Alice), 22, Asahi (Maeda Goki), 25, and Seiya (Shison Jun), 20, are three siblings. The story starts from a typical dining table scene and starts to branch off into shocking side stories with an unexpected conclusion … …

Seiya: The Slightly Surreal Second Son’s Story
Seiya, the youngest, is for some reason the one supporting the family’s finances. But he has a secret. He has obtained a large amount of money through ‘ore-ore’ phone scams. On this day, he is supposed to successfully get 1 million yen too. However, his elderly victim is no fool. The scam is noticed and it seems that Seiya’s life is targeted in reverse … …

Mahiru: The Slightly Horrific Eldest Daughter’s Story
Mahiru, the only girl, has a boyfriend (Yagami Ren) who is more than 12 years her senior. When she hears that he has a fever and is sick in bed, she secretly goes to his house in order to nurse him. However, her boyfriend is in the middle of bringing the person he is cheating with into the house. The woman (Morino Misaki) hides as Mahiru starts to cook. There is a knife in her hand. Is the woman aware or not aware of this? Frenzied bargaining of both sexes begins … …

Asahi: The Slightly Dirty-minded Eldest Son’s Story
Asahi leads a carefree life and attends graduate school although he is the eldest. There is a woman (Hashimoto Manami) who is the object of his affections. She is the professor of the seminar room that he belongs to. One day, she suddenly tells him to smell her body scent. Her nape, breasts and inner thighs … his nose is about to rapidly approach dangerous parts. What is her real reason for making him smell her scent?

Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/damashi

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