TV Asahi Drama Special 2015 ~ Specialist 4


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 12 December 2015
Scriptwriters: Todayama Masashi (Aibou Series, Specialist 1 – 3)
Cast: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Minami Kaho, Ashina Sei, Satoi Kenta, Konno Mahiru, Tanaka Yoji, Hiraoka Yuta, Enami Kyoko, Osugi Ren
Genre: Detective
Synopsis: The impressive way in which a bomb scare that occurred the city of Kyoto was resolved spreads on the internet. Besides that, an interview with Takakura Kiichiro (Osugi Ren), the commissioner of the Kyoto Prefectural Police, is published in the newspapers and Takuma Yoshito’s (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) ability becomes a topic of conversation. Requests to investigate unsolved cases from pour in from every precinct within the prefecture’s jurisdiction. Meanwhile, Takakura hints at the dissolution of the Special Investigation Unit which was hastily created to allow Takuma to be reinstated and makes other inscrutable moves such as sounding out Anegakoji Chinami (Minami Kaho) about a instructor position at the police academy. In the midst of this, Arashiyama City’s unofficial mascot Nishinba is kidnapped and the Special Investigation Unit is asked to investigate. At first, Chinami and the members of Special Investigation Unit (Ashina Sei, Satoi Kenta, Hiraoka Yuta) dismiss it as a mere theft of a cartoon character costume, but Takuma raises the possibility of a kidnapping and they begin to investigate. Then the mascot’s finger is delivered to Chinami’s home. The sender is a crowdfunding site called ‘Hauptmann’. On this occasion, supporters were notified of the time and place that the flash mob would be conducted, but Chinami’s mother-in-law Sae (Enami Kyoko) mistakenly invested 120,000 yen! After taking a look at the site, Takuma points out that it is not soliciting funding for events but for crimes. Besides that, he deduces from the presence of a similar site which bears the names of actual vicious criminals “Dillinger”, “Ponzi” and “Young” overseas, that when the funding target is reached, crimes imitating these criminals will occur. Takuma names this “crime funding”. Learning that a kidnapper called Bruno Richard Hauptmann exists in the US and the connection between Nishinba’s kidnapping and funding solicited on the crowdfunding site, Chinami and the rest start to re-investigate the kidnapping case. It is not long before a phone call is made to the mayor of Arashiyama City to demand a ransom of 4,960,000 yen. The kidnapping of Nishinba is the truth. However, Takuma has misgivings about the ransom’s amount and tampers with it. Then a shocking sight is witnessed at the scene of the handover. In addition, they find out that the crowdfunding site which was supposed to be shut down has been restored and concern grows within the Special Investigation Unit that crimes funded by investors will continues. The team is broken up and then a cherished person dies … …
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