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Yamamoto Yayoi, a certified nurse who works for Hoshimigaoka Hospital, is well-regarded for doing her job well. But when she gets off work, she withdraws into herself. Yayoi has a secret that she cannot tell anyone. She was abandoned by her parents soon after birth and grew up in foster care. Because of this, she does not want to lose the place where she belongs and wishes to stay on at the hospital. She is lonely, does not go against anyone, plays the “good person” and devotes herself to work. One day, Todo Yuko, arrives as the newly-appointed chief nurse. Yayoi’s perfect memory of patients’ vital signs surprises Todo who focuses her attention on Yayoi as a result of this. Meanwhile, a patient dies after surgery and Todo suspects a misdiagnosis by the hospital director, Goto Keiichiro. When Goto attempts to make Yayoi cooperate in covering up his mistake, Yayoi worries that she may lose this important place where she belongs if she refuses to help. She gets scolded by Todo. Todo has convictions about work and cares for patients with a firm attitude. Although Yayoi tries to reject Todo, her emotions soon start to be stirred up by Todo’s presence. The two of them begin to fight against the big distortions at the hospital. After that, Yayoi shakes off her past and starts a new life on her own accord.

Takimoto Miori as Yamamoto Yayoi
A certified nurse who works for Hoshimigaoka Hospital. She does a flawless job inconspicuously and dispassionately. Her skillfull handling has been praised by the people around her. However, she does not get to know to her colleagues better for some reason. When she gets off work, she goes straight home and leads a solitary life. This behaviour is a result of her own birth and childhood experience which she wants to forget. Her heart is closed off, but starts to get swayed by her encounters with Todo Yuko and Goto Masayuki.。

Suzuki Honami as Todo Yuko
The new chief nurse of Hoshimigaoka Hospital. She is a certified emergency care nurse and also a specialist in palliative care. Although she had not been working for several years before coming to Hoshimigaoka Hospital, she accepts the earnest invitation of Goto Masayuki and works as a nurse again. Her motto is to listen to the stories of patients and work hard to understand them. She always has a smile on her face even when she is in a bad mood and angry. She is attracted to the “something” that Yamamoto Yayoi possesses and they develop a close relationship.

Furuya Ikko as Kikuchi Isamu
A native of Aomori Prefecture, he lives in Hoshimigaoka district where Hoshimigaoka Hospital is located. After retirement, he has been keeping an eye on elementary school students going to and from school with his pet dog Lucky. He is also active in the local fire brigade and picking up litter. The children affectionately call him “Lucky’s Old Man”. By watching over people, he creates a change in Yamamoto Yayoi’s heart.

Mizobata Junpei as Goto Masayuki
Goto Keiichiro’s son and the general manager of Hoshimigaoka Hospital. Born into a family of doctors, he was brought up to become one. But his personality is not suitable to be a doctor. Unable to take the expectations of his family and the pressure, he dropped out during medical college. After that, he goes with the flow and work at the hospital. This feeling of resignation begins to change because of his association with Yamamoto Yayoi.

Honda Hirotaro as Goto Keiichiro
The director of Hoshimigaoka Hospital. He possesses exceptional skills as a surgeon. He inherited the hospital from his father who was the founder, and takes pride that the hospital has grown to its current size because of his own ability. He thinks about his son Masayuki and the fate of the hospital. He is still active and spurs his old body to work.

Moriwaki Kyoko (Ginnikan, Last Dinner)
Sakaguchi Riko (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, Kekkon Shinai)

Original Work
Watashi o Mitsukete by Nakawaki Hatsue

#1: I’ve Always Wanted to Cry
#2: I Won’t Lie Anymore
#3: There’s No Need to Be A Good Girl
#4: The Place Where I Am

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