Kitoku Suru-


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From 12.59 a.m., Fridays, 13 November 2015


Omori Akio, the director of Omori General Hospital, is not perfect, but he has been a good father in his own way and prides himself on being a good businessman. But now he is in a critical condition due to a sudden heart attack. “A happy end was supposed to have been waiting for me,” he thinks. His wife Reiko; son Toshiya, an incompetent doctor who works at the hospital; assistant director Tsuruta Takumi; and the nurse Ito Shizuka come hurrying to his hospital room, but Omori’s existence is completely ignored. Various interpersonal problems erupt. As Omori struggles with wanting to wake up but not being able to do so, he listens to the inconceivable yet actual opinions of his family and subordinates and is confronted with a series of things he does not want to know – the long-standing grudge Reiko bears against him, the disgruntled Tsuruta’s conspiracies to oust the Omoris and become the next hospital director, the critical eye of his daughter Riko’s boyfriend Makabe Hideki who no longer respects him because of ideas that Tsuruta has put into his head, and Shizuka dating Toshiya as well as Tsuruta even as she simultaneously ignores and expresses anger over his critical condition! Everyone is only concerned about themselves. Furthermore, Omori’s own unsavoury secrets including his adulterous relationship with Shizuka are exposed. What are his thoughts as he approaches his last moments … …

* Namase Katsuhisa as Omori Akio
* Hakamada Yoshihiko as Makabe Hideki
* Nakamura Shizuka as Ito Shizuka
* Abe Tsuyoshi as Omori Toshiya
* Ueki Natto as Omori Riko
* Hida Yasuhito as Tsuruta Takumi
* Ichige Yoshie as Omori Reiko

Takahashi Motoko (Dakara Kouya, Tenchuu, Tsuki no Koibito)

#1: The Story of My Last Moments
#2: Life’s Final Humiliation and Jeopardy
#3: The Silent Battle between Wife and Mistress
#4: The Mystery Answer is …

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