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Tokita Mayuko had researched fibres in university and hoped to get employment with a textile manufacturer. However, she unexpectedly finds a job with ‘Emotion’, an order-made luxury lingerie brand in Ginza, despite a complete disinterest in fashion. The company president, Nanjo Mayumi, is an icon who has led the Japanese lingerie industry since the brand was established 25 years ago and her staff work with pride. Mayuko experiences confusion in a world with a new set of values different from any she has ever known in the countryside where she comes from. But she gradually falls under the spell of her job and grows with the help of the people around her.

Kiritani Mirei as Tokita Mayuko
Hailing from Nagano Prefecture, she had researched fibres during university. Her father has been working at a workshop where silk thread is produced from silkworms. The sight of the completed silk fabric from the cocoon thread impressed her as a child. She thinks of making use of her knowledge of fibres and hopes to get employment at a textile manufacturer in her job hunt. But she unexpectedly finds a job with a luxury lingerie brand in Ginza. She ends up feeling a gap with the stylish and wealthy company.

Daichi Mao as Nanjo Manami
The president of the lingerie company, ‘Emotion’. An icon who leads Japan’s lingerie industry and has been in business for 25 years. She is thorough in her thoughts of “beauty”. She has the temperament of a true Tokyoite. She supports Tokita Mayuko who was initially resistant but soon became a good subordinate.

Sakai Wakana as Nishizawa Mizuki
Nanjo Manami’s right-hand woman. She usually helps in designing, but has the competency to design lingerie on her own.

Maiko as Iida Fumika
She organises the whole company and creates an environment conducive for everyone to do work. She is also a design assistant.

Chiba Masako as Tanaka Reiko
She launched Emotion together with Nanjo Manami and is Manami’s adviser. She serves customers at the shop, but is also responsible for the company’s accounts.

Kaito Ken as Saruhashi Hitoshi
He supports the business side of Emotion. He is chivalrous and dedicated to work.

Sakurada Dori as Himeji Sousuke
It has been a number of years since he joined Emotion, but he still feels embarrassed about handling female lingerie. He is Saruhashi Hitoshi’s assistant.

Ishida Nicole as Machida Sari
A model. She was not successful at Emotion’s audition, but at that time, she becomes close to Tokita Mayuko and the two of them start to help each other. She later gets through a famous audition and instantly rises to fame.

Kawakita Mayuko as Kohno Yuri
Tokita Mayuko’s friend since university days. She came to Tokyo at the same time to start work. She is trying her best to be a wedding dress adviser.

Adachi Naoko (She, Shitsuren Chocolatier, Rich Man Poor Woman)

#1: Welcome to the World of Lingerie
#2: My Job, My Colleagues
#3: Lingerie Fashion Show Kicks Off
#4: The Lingerie I Want

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    It’s like First Class without the fighting! I can’t wait

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