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From 13 November 2015

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Fujiko is a rare bloodthirsty killer. At 11 years old, she murdered a classmate and in her lifetime, she has killed more than 10 people. Why does she murder? A journalist Takamine Michiko comes to visit Fujiko who is in prison awaiting an appeal. Several days ago, a manuscript that depicted half of Fujiko’s life in detail had been sent by Fujiko’s biological daughter, Uehara Sakiko, to her. Michiko’s purpose is to use this as the basis for an interview with Fujiko. But Fujiko behaves outrageously and her manner is savage. The interview hardly progresses. Michiko’s other intention is to expose the truth of the unsolved brutal murder of a family in Nakatsu-ku 38 years ago. Fujiko was the only one who survived this gruesome murder that killed her father, mother and younger sister right in front of her. When Michiko touches on this topic, Fujiko’s look completely changes. During a series of interviews with Michiko, the memories that she has been repressing starts to unravel. Flashbacks of the harsh glare of her mother who is sticking a knife in the neck of her younger self in a blood-soaked living room together with those words, “After all, you’re not like your mother,” come back to her. Fujiko was abused by her mother. Not wanting to become like her mother, she had lived with circumspection, but her life has gone wrong ever since she committed a murder when she was 11. After that, she started to lay her hands on and eliminate anyone who stood in her way, from her husband, friends, acquaintances to children. In her quest for happiness and love, she keeps killing over and over again to reset her life. However, a shocking truth awaits when Fujiko’s all too pitiful, sorrowful life is revealed.

Ono Machiko as Fujiko
When she was 10 years old, her family was brutally murdered and she was adopted by a relative. After that, she committed 15 murders and is now in prison. She has a daughter called Sakiko.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Takamine Michiko
A journalist who investigates Fujiko.

Maruyama Tomomi as Wakamura Haru
Takamine Michiko’s fiance. He works in the same workplace.

Lily Franky as Mizutani
Takamine Michiko’s boss and chief editor. He is the one who proposed Fujiko’s interview.

Asada Miyoko as Kosaka Hatsuyo
A door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman. Fujiko makes good use of her.

Maya Kyoko as Shimoda Shigeko
The aunt who adopted Fujiko after her family was murdered.

Takahashi Tsutomu as Uehara Hideki
Fujiko’s husband. A wealthy businessman.

Takahashi Izumi (Yume o Ataeru, Kanata no Ko, Ningen Konchuuki)

Original Work
Satsujinki Fujiko no Shoudou by Mari Yukiko


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