Minami-kun no Koibito


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From 2.36 a.m., Tuesdays, 10 November 2015

Fuji TV

Handsome, academically-gifted Minami Shunichi and Horikiri Chiyomi, the life of a party who loves dancing, are childhood friends who live next door and were each other’s first love. However, the disappearance of Minami-kun’s father results in them barely speaking for several years. One day, Chiyomi’s friend Takagi Riku professes his feelings for her. She comes back home in high spirits, but sees Minami being intimate with a classmate Nomura Sayuri and realises that she likes Minami. That night, Chiyomi quarrels with her parents about her future course, and ends up running away from home in a storm. While she takes shelter from rain, she wishes to go back to her early childhood. Then a sudden gust of wind blows and lightning strikes. Chiyomi has somehow shrunken to a height of 16 cm! The miniature Chiyomi happens to be found by Minami. Listening to her pleas not to let anyone know, he brings her back to his house. This is the beginning of a curious life together and the two of them are gradually brought closer together … … Will Chiyomi be able to return to her original size?

Nakagawa Taishi as Minami Shunichi
A cool, handsome third year high school student. Although he is immensely popular with girls, he has built an emotional wall and barely spoken to his childhood friend Horikiri Chiyomi since his father’s disappearance. He has been living without getting too deeply involved with people and is skeptical about romance. Wanting to take a weight off his mother’s mind, he aspires to be a doctor and even gives up kendo which he liked and studies harder.

Yamamoto Maika as Horikiri Chiyomi
She belongs to the dance club because she loves dancing and is the life of a party. She likes fantasy novels and is secretly writing an online novel with the pen name Moon Rabbit Michaela. She likes her childhood friend Minami Shunichi and had always played with him, but he is completely frosty now. She considers giving up on him although the closer he gets to other girls, the stronger her attraction grows.

Akimoto Naomi as Horikiri Ritsuko
Horikiri Chiyomi’s mother. She runs the cafe ‘Hanadorobou’ with her husband. A strict realist who refused to play make-believe with Chiyomi when she was a little girl. She is, however, more of a romanticist than she lets on.

Ohori Koichi as Horikiri Jouji
Horikiri Chiyomi’s father. A mischievous character in his early days, he has now become a flower enthusiast and expert on the language of flowers.

Yoshida Riko as Horikiri Asuka
Horikiri Chiyomi’s younger sister. She adores Minami Shunichi as an elder brother and because he also treats her kindly, he became her prince charming at some point.

Suzuki Mirai as Takagi Riku
Horikiri Chiyomi’s classmate. He belongs to the handicrafts club because he is good with his hands. He realises that Chiyomi is writing an online novel and secretly assists her. He likes Chiyomi.

Nakayama Erina as Nomura Sayuri
The only daughter of the director of Nomura Hospital. She is an expert in romance and sex appeal attracts guys. Because her mother left home, she sympathises with Minami Shunichi in a way that very few people can.

Sasaki Moe as Mikimoto Ami
Horikiri Chiyomi’s good friend. She belongs to the same dance club. She develops feelings for Takagi Riku while helping him in his romantic quest.

Arimori Narimi as Minami Emiko
Minami Shunichi’s mother. She has been living every day without complaining or exhibiting frustration ever since her husband disappeared. She gets along well like mother and daughter with her mother-in-law, Jomiko. She works as a nurse at Nomura Hospital.

Miyakawa Ichirota as Minami Noboru
Minami Shunichi’s father. He excelled at sports and academics in high school, and married the local girl next door, Emiko. A competent kendo athlete who placed in the top two for his prefecture, he even taught his son kendo, but he ran away when Minami was a junior high school student.

Arai Yuka (Konkatsu Deka, Taikomochi no Tatsujin, Itazura Kiss 2 Series)

Original Work
Minami-kun no Koibito by Uchida Shungiku

#1: Pent-Up Emotions

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  1. Peggy says:

    It’s really good!!

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