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From 2 November 2015 (updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)


It started from one message … … Haruka, a stage actress in Seoul, has been in a slump ever since she broke up with her first love. She cannot forget him and keeps sending messages that go unread on LINE. Despite her emotional hurt, Haruka wants to believe in love. In Tokyo, Woo Hyun, an aspiring movie director, keeps on doing interviews concerning “love”. After being deeply hurt by his girlfriend Ji-soo who thought about getting married, he no longer believes in love. Haruka and Woo Hyun have both grown timid of love. The two of them, who live apart in Tokyo and Seoul, have a chance encounter because of a LINE message delivered to Woo Hyun’s smart phone from Haruka. They exchange messages without knowing each other’s faces, and are drawn to each other before they realise it, but … …

* Ueno Juri as Haruka
* T.O.P as Woo Hyun
* Fukuda Saki as Mariko
* Yoo Inna as Amy
* Kim Kang-Hyen as Sung Joon
* Lee Jae Yun as Lee Jae Soo
* Shin Won Ho as Choi Gang
* Kaku Kento as
* Jeong Yu-mi as Ji-soo
* Ko Su-Heui as
* Koide Keisuke as

Shin Hee-Gyung
Kim Hye-Ji
Kang Gi-Hwa
Shim Eun-Jung

#1: Was it Love?
#2: Lies
#3: Help Me
#4: Face
#5: Blackout
#6: Playing with Feelings
#7: Date
#8: We Missed Each Other
#9: Pining, and Pining
#10: A Couple Interview

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