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Hachimitsu Academy, a former private boarding school for girls which has become a co-ed school and boys can enroll too. However, Fujino Kiyoshi is one of only five male students who enter the academy. He and the other boys Morokuzu Gakuto, Wakamoto Shingo, Nezu Joji and Ando Reiji are excited by the prospect of an indulgent campus life with more than 1,000 female students, but they keep getting cold looks directed at them. They cannot even speak to the girls directly and lead agonising lives. One day, Kiyoshi promises to go together with a classmate Kurihara Chiyo to watch amateur sumo because of professional sumo writing material that his mother made him have. He is in high spirits, but ends up being imprisoned by the beautiful three-member underground student council which controls the school, as punishment for attempting to peep into a female bathroom with the rest of the guys. They are forced into a one-month confinement in a prison called the “discipline building”. Even so, Kiyoshi and the rest are undaunted and try to break out of this prison with all sorts of methods. However, the chairman Kurihara Mari, deputy chairman Shiraki Meiko and even the secretary Midorikawa Hana of the underground student council attempt to corner them into dropping out of school. Will the five boys be able to escape from prison successfully without yielding to the rule of the council?

Nakagawa Taishi as Fujino Kiyoshi
He decides to break out of prison in order to make the sumo date with his beautiful classmate, Kurihara Chiyo, come true. He also faces the underground student council with an indomitable fighting spirit and is a single-minded guy who puts his whole energy in a crisis or emergency situation.

Emoto Tokio as Morokuzu Gakuto
He is obsessed with the Three Kingdoms and is the strategist among the guys. He possesses a broad knowledge ranging from history to IT, but generally misreads female psychology.

Yano Masato as Wakamoto Shingo
He appears to be a delinquent with his blond hairstyle, but in fact, he is more conspicuous for his naivete and propensity to misunderstand or get things wrong. Once he gets peevish, it tends to drag on. He has been friends with Fujino Kiyoshi since junior high school.

Garigarigarixon as Ando Reiji (Andre)
He cares for his buddies and is genial, but he is actually the most masochistic and one of the two more curious ones regarding sex. He looks forward to being punished by Shiraki Meiko, the deputy chairman of the underground student council and gets vulnerable when neglected.

Miyagi Daiki as Nezu Joji (Joe)
A mysterious guy who constantly wears a hood. He always has coughing fits, but there is nothing particularly wrong with him. He dotes on his pet.

Yamazaki Hirona as Kurihara Mari
The chairman of the underground student council which controls the school from behind the scenes. A beauty who is slender and lovely like a model. However, she hates the existence of guys because of some situation and she will not approve of enrolling male students in the school.

Mamoru Asana as Shiraki Meiko
A beautiful guard who is the strongest in everything. She monitors the boys with her voluptuous and overwhelming physical strength, and if they try to resist, she will punish them with all possible means. She is completely loyal to Kurihara Mari and will focus her concentration on anything for Mari’s sake.

Morikawa Aoi as Midorikawa Hana
The secretary of the underground student council. Ranked fourth in the national karate championships, she has a very unsophisticated nature and appears to be a relaxed, gentle kind of girl. She makes a point of wearing a jersey under her skirt. Her pastime is to brew and drink delicious tea, but she is somewhat close to a toilet because of that.

Takeda Rena as Kurihara Chiyo
Fujino Kiyoshi’s classmate. Kurihara Mari’s younger sister. She makes friends with Kiyoshi through her love of sumo. Unlike the other girls who give the guys a cold shoulder, she is direct with everyone and has a kind character.

Takashima Masahiro as Director
Hachimitsu Academy’s director and the person responsible for making the school co-ed. He has a profound philosophy and an extraordinary enthusiasm for backsides and he is in a league of his own when it comes to the pursuit of backsides. He always conceals items relating to his fetish in the workplace.

Iguchi Noboru
Kitagawa Ayako (Onna Kudoki Meshi, Ofukousan)

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