NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2015 ~ Gattan Gattan Soredemo Go!


Date: From 10.00 p.m., 28 October 2015
Scriptwriter: Iwai Hideo (Shuuden Gohan, Last Dinner)
Cast: Tanimura Mitsuki, Machida Keita, Tsurumi Shingo, Kokusho Sayuri, Matsuo Suzuki, Yoshimoto Miyoko
Synopsis: Ito Kana (Tanimura Mitsuki), who had been working in a stage-related job in Tokyo, comes back to live in Oku Hida in Gifu Prefecture following the death of her mother Hiromi (Yoshimoto Miyoko). However, she cannot bring herself to like her hometown because of a childhood experience. On the other hand, Kana’s ex-classmate Morita Shinichi is the successor of a Japanese hot spring inn in Oku Hida. He has been trying to give up his dream of living in America as he reluctantly helps his father Tetsuji (Tsurumi Shingo) and his mother Haruko (Kokusho Sayuri) to run the inn. At that moment, Kana meets Otani Yoshio (Matsuo Suzuki), a man with slightly eccentric ideas. The boss of a woodwork studio, he appreciates Oku Hida’s treasures like its mine and railway very much. These treasures that Otani has discovered are unexpected things which no one has been the slightest bit interested in so far. It is also something that rekindles Kana’s memories of the only happy period in her childhood. Otani proposes Gattan Go which will let people ride bicycles on the railway tracks of a disused line. The encounter with Oku Hida’s treasures at the base of the Northern Alps begins to change Kana and Shinichi, and leads them to make unexpected decisions … …
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