Eikyuu Shushoku Shiken


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From 12.59 a.m., Fridays, 16 October 2015


35-year-old Morioka Kotaro is the son of a distinguished family and the next company president of Morioka Group which has annual sales of 6 hundred billion yen. He lives a life of comfort and believes marriage has no merits. In addition, he is not a good judge of a woman’s character. Because of that, he has set his mind on remaining single forever. In order to convince his parents that he will not marry, Kotaro holds an unconventional matchmaking party with the following unreasonable conditions for participation: “Never going to divorce; 500 million yen penalty for breach and no division of property too”. Contrary to his expectations that no one would apply, three women have joined: 29-year-old Shiraishi Sachiko who is aiming to turn her life, which has been a series of misfortunes for the last three years, around; 23-year-old Maekawa Aya who wants happiness and has a strong need for the approval of others; and 39-year-old Tachibana Chiemi who regards this as her last chance to get married. A battle between the women who are prepared to get married at any price and the man who does not want to marry begins. In the middle of this matchmaking party, an enigmatic Sakurai Miu shows up and says to Kotaro, “Do you remember me?” … … Who will be chosen in the end?

* Kiriyama Ren as Morioka Kotaro
* Mikura Mana as Shiraishi Sachiko
* Kojima Fujiko as Maekawa Aya
* Babazono Azusa as Sakurai Miu
* Tomita Keiko as Kotaro’s mother
* Maro Akaji as Kotaro’s father
* Yamano Umi as Yoshida Ritsuko
* Sudo Risa as Tachibana Chiemi

Watanabe Ryohei (Yume o Ataeru)

#1: Marry to the Son of A Distinguished Family in Four Days?
#2: A Strong, New Rival Shows Up!
#3: A Great Tempest! Discontinue the Matchmaking?

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