Teddy Go!


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 10 October 2015

Fuji TV

Yamase Kazuko is a 23-year-old casual part-time worker who lives in Atami. One day, while wearing a bear cartoon character costume for the part-time job she had finally been offered, she happens to see her ex-boyfriend on date fresh from their break up. She is discovered venting her anger after giving in to despair and told that she is dismissed all too soon. On the way home, emotionally battered after losing her job and being dumped by her boyfriend, Kazuko’s heart is captured by a knitted teddy bear that she had noticed in town and she buys it. When she gets back, her mother Atsuko demands living expenses. Far from able to pay, Kazuko gets upset. Sensing that Kazuko was asked to leave her job, Atsuko threatens her with the culinary training and she promptly promises to pay the next day. The next morning, Kazuko who had hugged the bear to sleep, screams when she sees her reflection in the mirror and a fierce-looking man hugging each other. She seeks Atsuko’s help, but it appears that Atsuko can neither see the man nor hear his voice. Kazuko attempts to throw away the bear which gives her creepy feelings, the bear which gives its name as Amano Yasuo asks her to search for someone on condition that he hands over his secret savings. Kazuko has no other choice but to reluctantly take it on. The former owner of the bear is a 5-year-old child whose parents were murdered. For some reason, the spirit of Amano Yasuo, a middle-aged detective who was killed in the line of duty while investigating this case, is in the bear. Kazuko and Amano quarrel, but put their minds together and set out to shed light on the case that Amano was pursuing while alive.

Morikawa Aoi as Yamase Kazuko
Although she graduated from university, she is a casual part-time worker who leads a dull life. She buys a knitted teddy bear that she had fallen in love with at first sight, but it is a talking teddy bear with the spirit of Amano Yasuo, who was killed in the line of duty, inside. Lured by Amano’s words about “secret savings before death”, she helps to investigate the case that he was pursuing while alive.

Hiraoka Yuta as Fuyuno Tadashi
A detective who is Amano Yasuo’s junior. He has continued Amano’s dying wish and becomes acquainted with Yamase Kazuko while investigating the case. He is handsome and Kazuko has a crush on him, but he is actually a weird person.

Aikawa Sho as Amano Yasuo
A hot-blooded middle-aged detective who becomes buddies with Yamase Kazuko. He was killed while pursuing some case and when he comes to himself, he has possessed the knitted teddy bear of a 5-year-old child whose parents were murdered.

Okita Haruka
Akutsu Tomoko

Original Work
Are You Teddy? by Kato Miaki

#1: Mysterious Middle-aged Man in A Bear
#2: Bear’s Greatest Crisis
#3: Bear’s Last Promise
#4: Farewell, Bear Detective

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