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Sato Ikuo, a houseman of the department of internal medicine, receives an emergency page in the middle of a downpour and heads to a luxurious private room coloured with flowers and fruits. The patient Kawamura Ryutaro is clutching his chest and in a serious condition. Ryutaro’s eldest daughter Yoko, second daughter Tsukiko, third daughter Rinko and Tsukiko’s only son Masaharu are watching over him with worried expressions. A young lady in boyish clothes rushes into the room. Her name is Kawamura Kaede. She is the granddaughter whom Ryutaro dotes on, and the only daughter of the large funeral business, Kawamura Memorial. Yoko’s husband, Kawamura Kozo comes to the hospital room after finishing his work and murmurs that they should be prepared for the worst. He was adopted into the family by marriage, took over the family’s funeral service business and holds the position of managing director. Several years earlier, he changed the company’s name from Kawamura Co to Kawamura Memorial. He has become a formidable businessman feared as the “god of death” in the industry for proposing a variety of modern funeral services that got him to the top of the industry. Rinko and the others reject Kozo’s words as bad luck. But in fact, each family member is greatly concerned about how the inheritance will be distributed after Ryutaro’s death. However, Ryutaro’s condition ends up improving, as if sneering at this family. Everyone shows relief, but watches in irritation as Ikuo leaves. Kaede secretly meets him on the rooftop of the hospital. The two of them met in Ryutaro’s hospital room and started dating in secret. Kaede tells Ikuo to come and visit once her grandfather is discharged, and Ikuo reveals his decision to propose marriage. This seems to be a promising start for the young couple, but they have no way of knowing that their marriage will actually spark a huge feud in the future. Several days later, Ryutaro is completely recovered and discharged. That night, a party is held at the Kawamura residence and Kaede attempts to introduce Ikuo to her family again. Everyone cannot hide their surprise at his sudden appearance. Furthermore, a strained atmosphere develops after they listen to Ikuo’s “uncompetitive” lifestyle as a doctor … Just as Kaede thinks she is at the end of the rope, Kozo makes a suggestion to have a meal together with Ikuo’s mother Hanako too some other day. Kozo’s words delight Kaede, but he has the look of a person scheming something. This scheme becomes clear at that meal. Kozo expresses a desire for Ikuo to marry into the Kawamura family. Both Ikuo and his mother are dumbfounded by this unexpected proposal. Happiness is beckoning, but Ikuo and Kaede are about to hampered by a tremendous high barrier … …

Mukai Osamu as Sato Ikuo
An internal medicine resident. Not wanting to burden his mother who raised him single-handedly, he immediately started working after graduating from high school. But he could not give up his dream to be a doctor. At the age of 22, he obtained a scholarship and enrolled in the medical faculty of a public university nearby. He continues his housemanship at the department of surgery and the department of obstetrics and gynaecology, and is thinking of going to a region in the world where there are insufficient doctors in the future. He has no interest in the rat race in the hospital and declares himself a doctor who does not fight. He is a straightforward young man who cares for his mother.

Eikura Nana as Kawamura Kaede
The only daughter of Kawamura Kozo, the president of Kawamura Memorial. An instructor at the equestrian club. She has been smothered with love by her father and grandfather Ryutaro. She is shrewd in endearing herself, but also naive because she was brought up protected from the world. When she was 23, she ran away from home and got married, but the marriage broke down in a few months and she came back to her family. She thought she would not fall in love again, but she meets Sato Ikuo. Touched by his pure thoughts as a doctor touch her, she becomes increasingly attracted to him and decides to get married.

Ito Shiro as Kawamura Ryutaro
Kawamura Kaede’s 80-year-old grandfather. The founder and current chairman of Kawamura Memorial. His wife passed away five years ago and he is fighting severe diabetes. He dotes on his granddaughter Kaede far more than his son-in-law Kozo. When he was young, he was a work fiend. He entered the funeral business while the industry’s regulations were being tightened. He is a man of integrity and has even boosted several companies. He favours Sato Ikuo who becomes Kaede’s husband. Maybe it is because his son-in-law Kozo is his his junior at work that he is harsh on him.

Kishibe Ittoku as Kawamura Kozo
The president of Kawamura Memorial. Sato Ikuo’s father-in-law. He married into the family himself. He is extremely stingy. After graduating from a second-rate university, he joined a big securities company. Although he became a top salesman, he is left with his clients’ bad debts and resigned. He joined Kawamura & Co which ran a funeral business. After that, he got married to Kawamura Yoko and was adopted into the family. When he became the company president, he improved the company’s performance and also renamed it Kawamura Memorial. He is a hard-nosed cost-cutter and is feared as the “god of death” by the industry.

Yo Kimiko as Kawamura Yoko
Kawamura Ryutaro’s eldest daughter and Kozo’s wife. A good, devoted wife and mother. Her younger sisters Tsukiko and Rinko stand out for being uninhibited and she appears reserved. But in fact, she is the one who has the most fortitude and pluck

Muroi Shigeru as Kawamura Tsukiko
Kawamura Ryutaro’s second daughter and a managing director of Kawamura Memorial. She married a promising company employee, who preceded her in death, on the advice of her father. She spoils their son Masaharu. She loves being showy and is a spendthrift shopaholic. She is pushy, but actually is a coward.

Itaya Yuka as Kawamura Rinko
Kawamura Ryutaro’s unmarried third daughter. A self-proclaimed photographer. She travels between Los Angeles and Japan for work with her father’s money, but the actual situation is not not clear. Although she has the affability of the youngest child, she is constantly observing her surroundings and calculating.

Suzuki Kosuke as Yabata Masaharu
Kawamura Tsukiko’s only son and an executive officer of Kawamura Memorial who is in charge public relations. He is a mother’s boy. The sudden appearance of a son-in-law Sato Ikuo makes him burn with a sense of rivalry.

Kishimoto Kayoko as Sato Hanako
Sato Ikuo’s mother. She divorced when Ikuo was 7 years old. She is very proud that her son has become a doctor. She is also the tops in sales as a life insurance agent at a small sales office. She is big-hearted, strong-minded and caring.

Inoue Yumiko (Hirugao, Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu Series)

#1: A Man who Marries into Wife’s Family where Money will Change Family Members vs A Greedy Household!!! A Family Feud over 1 billion yen
#2: I Don’t Need a Cent of Money! The True Character of the Altruistic Son-in-law
#3: Bullied Son-in-law Strikes Back … Let Me Return to My Family!!
#4: Money Destroys A Family!? The Start of the Three Sisters’ Revolt, Mother-in-law Daughter-in-law Battle
#5: Grandpa Died and Left 1 Billion Yen …!? The Disclosed Will
#6: The Objective is Money? Long Lost Father Appears! Picking on Son-in-law Reaches a Peak … Son-in-law Finally Acts!
#7: Son-in-law Turns the Tables! Trick of the Will!?
#8: The Final Decisive Battle! Son-in-law Gets to Top of Feuding Clan

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