Siren ~ Keiji x Kanojo x Kanzen Akujo


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 20 October 2015 (Episode 1 from 9.00 p.m.)

Fuji TV

Satomi Shinobu and his senior Inokuma Yuki are members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Mobile Investigation Squad. Although the two of them are partners and rivals at work, they are actually a dating with the possibility of getting married. They are keeping this under wraps because they will be immediately transferred if their relationship in the workplace is exposed. While patrolling the streets one day, Satomi and Yuki learn that the dead body of a woman who died an unnatural death has been discovered. When they rush to the scene, Hayami Sho from the Criminal Affairs Division is already there and he makes a caustic remark that irritates Yuki. Satomi finds the beautiful Tachibana Kara whom he had seen at a karaoke shop the night before among the employees who are at work. However, she lies that she was at home. He notices her odd stare at Yuki and feels a touch of uneasiness. That night, plastic surgeon Tsukimoto Kei is in a taxi. When he alights, he alerts the driver that the seat is dirty. The apologetic but angry driver takes a female passenger next and disappears into the dark. The next day, Kara shows up again in front of Satomi and Yuki. Yuki does not respond to Kara who solicits her name card. Furthermore, Kara has got in touch with Watari Kohei who lives in the apartment building opposite in order to check up Satomi’s apartment and monitor his movements. She successfully ingratiates herself and moves into Watari’s apartment. Yuki is being targeted by Kara although Kara’s objective is unknown. However, Yuki is completely unaware of this. She learns that her father Bunichi, who is also a police officer, has found out about her relationship with Satomi and she gets worried. A new case happens. Another woman who died an unnatural death is found naked and only wearing a sock. A sock has also been stuffed into her mouth. Satomi suggests to his boss Ando Minoru that this could be a serial murder, but he is ignored. That night, Satomi takes out a book with the title ‘Serial Killer’ from the bookshelf in his study and reads it. “A serial killer frequently stalks victims and tries to search for prey in the neighbourhood and familiar places. Once the prey has been determined, the killer will attempt to gain its trust … …” While Satomi is searching through the criminal profiles, a beautiful woman raises her hand on a street and stops a taxi. She is Kara … … A short while later, another dead body is discovered. Satomi and Yuki arrive to inspect the crime scene. The victim’s mobile phone has photographs of the women who were murdered. Then Satomi finds the same ‘Serial Killer’ book that he has among her possessions. That night, Satomi drops by a pub with Yuki. Detecting a scent, he remarks that he has been smelling this nice fragrance often recently. Kara who has been following them, quietly stands up after hearing these words … … Kara will bring about a significant change in the destinies of Satomi and Yuki. Satomi starts to become curious about Kara who will always appear at the crime scenes of the subsequent wave of bizarre murders. Kara mocks the police and the two of them are gradually at the mercy of her lunacy … What is the truth of the cases and Kara’s true identity?

Matsuzaka Tori as Satomi Shinobu
A detective who belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Mobile Investigation Unit which is responsible for the initial response in investigations. His partner Inokuma Yuki is his girlfriend, but their relationship is being kept under wraps because they might be transferred if they are found out. A former member of the riot police, he is proud of his physical strength. Because the Mobile Investigation Unit cannot conduct in-depth investigations, he and Yuki aspire to get into the First Investigative Division. He has misgivings about the investigation policy of the head of Criminal Affairs Division Ando Minoru, and investigates cases himself from a different point of view.

Kimura Fumino as Inokuma Yuki
A detective who belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Mobile Investigation Unit. Satomi Shinobu’s partner and older girlfriend. She is athletic and a heavy drinker. Her father Bunichi used to be Satomi’s boss in the riot police. Her mother was a policewoman. She has no blood ties with her parents. Although she and Satomi are rivals aiming to get into the First Investigative Division, she is in the lead. She has a strong sense of justice and has even challenged criminals on her own. She is partly cohabiting with Satomi.

Nanao as Tachibana Kara
A rare beauty who has done plastic surgery. The club where she works at is the scene of a murder and that is how she meets Satomi Shinobu and Inokuma Yuki. From that day onwards, she demonstrates an interest in Yuki and comes to live with the designer Watari Kohei who stays opposite Satomi’s apartment. Her true identity and reason for her interest in Yuki are shrouded in mystery.

Kitayama Hiromitsu as Hayami Sho
He belongs to Sakura Chuo Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. Ando Minoru’s subordinate who conducts investigations on murder cases that occur within the jurisdiction. He is rivals with Satomi Shinobu and Inokuma Yuki, and is eager to outsmart the two of them and get into the First Investigative Division. He has an inferiority complex about his height and is called by the nickname “short detective”.

Kaname Jun as Tsukimoto Kei
A plastic surgeon who is skilled but has bizarre tastes. He operated on Tachibana Kara and holds the key to her secrets. He is the owner of a members-only club called ‘Full Moon’. His relationship with Kara arouses the suspicion of Satomi Shinobu who is pursuing the murder cases.

Osugi Ren as Inokuma Bunichi
Inokuma Yuki’s adoptive father. He is a police officer and was Satomi Shinobu’s boss during his time with the riot police. He shuns Satomi who is dating his daughter but has not come to pay his respects. Yuki knows that he once had an affair with a policewoman.

Mitsuishi Ken as Watari Kohei
A designer in his late 40s who lives opposite Satomi Shinobu’s apartment. He hails from the countryside and is not popular with females. Tachibana Kara comes to live with him through an unexpected turn of events. He likes Kara and even fantasises marrying her, but his behavious is extreme because he has little experience in love.

Funakoshi Eiichiro as Ando Minoru
The head of Sakura Chuo Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. Hayami Sho’s boss. He is in charge of investigating murder cases within the jurisdiction. A self-made non-career police officer who emphasises on-the-job experience. He is considered a “monster” by the people around him. He puts Satomi Shinobu and Inokuma Yuki in the investigation task force for the murder cases. He is an old friend of Inokuma Bunichi.

Sato Shimako (Dokushin Kizoku, Unfair Series)

Original Work
Siren by Yamazaki Sayaka

#1: Detective Partner is Girlfriend … Completely Wicked Woman who Appeared at Bizarre Murder Scene has Made Girlfriend Prey … Pursuing the Mystery
#2: Detective vs Beautiful Murderess … Mastermind’s Shadow Exposed
#3: A Shocking New Development … The Next Target of the Beautiful Murderess
#4: A Sudden Development – Detective Counterattacks … A Fierce Battle with Completely Wicked Woman
#5: Wicked Woman’s Dwelling … True Character is Finally Exposed
#6: A Trap to Destruction … I’ll Never Forgive that Woman
#7: Wicked Woman Bares Fangs at Girlfriend … An Astounding, Forbidden Past
#8: The Fight to the Death At Last … Wicked Woman’s Demise Saves Girlfriend
#9: The End At Last … Detective vs Completely Wicked Woman’s Shocking Truth

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