Seishun Tantei Haruya

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Impoverished second-year university student Asagi Haruya earns a living doing part-time demolition work. One day, he is introduced to a risky pseudo-detective part-time job by his friend Kubodera Kazuomi. It is to protect Noumi Miu, the Miss Campus of the same university, from a male stalker who keeps following her. Blinded by the large reward, Haruya gets Shinohara Toshiki, his roommate and good friend since high school, involved and starts to investigate. However, this becomes a difficult case beyond their expectation. Haruya approaches the mystery of the case with a keen mind and gutsiness. Meanwhile, Ishida Shizue, the proprietress of the coffee shop where Haruya is a regular, also consults him about being a victim of stalking. Through this strange turn of events, Haruya starts solving difficult cases rampant nowadays with the assistance of his schoolmate, Kubodera Kazutomi.

Tamamori Yuta as Asagi Haruya
A second-year student of Tokyo Gakuin University. He has a strong sense of justice, cannot leave people in trouble alone, and prizes friendship. He came to Tokyo to attend university, but does not get allowance from his parents and is always strapped for money because his parents lavish attention on his much younger sister, Fuka. It is rumoured that he was a delinquent in the past.

Shinkawa Yua as Noumi Miu
A second-year student of Tokyo Gakuin University. She was chosen as Miss Tokyo for her straightforward personality as well as good looks. She gradually starts to develop feelings for Asagi Haruya.

Takada Sho as Kubodera Kazuomi
A second-year student of Tokyo Gakuin University. He is a frivolous ladies man, but a coward. He has wide circle of friends and is good at gathering information. He comes from a wealthy family.

Ukaji Takashi as Isobe Katsuo
Asagi Haruya’s senior at the demolition work site where he works part time. His very pure heart invites disaster, and he is a hopeless person who keeps repeating all sorts of mistakes. He is a big fan of Hanshin and would liken one thing or other to baseball.

Takashima Reiko as Ishida Shizue
The female proprietress of a coffee shop and bar. She has a refreshingly frank personality and compassion. She is like Asagi Haruya’s guardian.

Tanaka Shinichi (Kaiki Renai Sakusen, GTO (remake) Series)

Original Work
End Credit ni Saitekina Natsu by Fukuda Eiichi

#1: The Stalker With an Eye on Miss Campus
#2: Illegal Drug . Confinement … A Case Gets Shrouded in Darkness
#3: Sudden Threat from Mistress
#4: Female Dorm Peeping Outcry … Pursuit of Voyeur
#5: University Professor’s Wife’s Adultery Investigation
#6: Big Abnormality in Job Market!?
#7: An SOS from Children … Search for Missing Mother!
#8: A Sudden Suicide Notice from Beautiful Education Commentator
#9: Protect the Elderly from Fraud

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  1. 北川 says:

    Hi Jade Frost and Kazuya san,

    I’m writing on behalf of Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. We love the fact that you are publicizing our dramas, and are fans of Japanese drama in general. In this instance, however, we kindly request that you remove the visual image from the Seishun Tantei Haruya post.

    Many thanks for your cooperation.

    Yomiuri Enterprise / Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation

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